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A Question About Come Sale Away

In Come Sale Away, when the Loud Kids see they don't have Lily's blanket. Lincoln says "Flip fooled us all." Did he really fool all of them? Not all of them went to his store.

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A question

If Lincoln came up to you and asked you if you could help him, would you

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Predict Home of the fav and hero today gone tomorrow

these episodes have been reveled but there's no know plot

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Another Loud House Special Idea

Since “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” comes out this friday, I came up with another Loud House special idea.

It’s called “The Loud-Verse”

Here’s the plot:

Lisa invents a dimensional portal and The Louds accidentally mess with it which results in them meeting 6 different versions of The Loud Family.

Here are the versions:

1. The Genderbend Siblings

2. A Black Loud Family

3. An Age-Reversed Version of The Loud Family (Lily is the oldest and Lori is the youngest)

4. A Medieval Version of The Loud Family where Rita and Lynn Sr. are the king and queen and Lincoln and The Girls are the prince and princesses

5. An Animal Version of The Loud Family

6. A Monster Version of The Loud Family

And that is my idea.

What do you think?

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The Loud House Movie

The Loud Family, the Santiago family, and the McBride family are on a trip to New York! Lincoln and Lola Loud discover what it feels like to be together, when they fall into song. When an evil squid named Kyle plans to destroy them, Lincoln and Lola must go on a mission to stop him, along with their big sister Leni Loud, and a talking frog named Hops.

The film stars Tex Hammond, Catherine Taber, Liliana Mumy, Nika Futterman, Cristina Pucelli, Jessica DiCicco, Grey Griffin, Lara Jill Miller, Brian Stepanek, Jill Talley, Andre Robinson, Carlos PenaVega, Breanna Yde, with Channing Tatum, and James Corden.

The songs include "Loud Home", "New Day", "Comedy Song", "My Evil Plans", "One Step At A Time", "I Miss You", "We Belong Together", and "Loud Home (Reprise)".

They are in the film itself and its soundtrack album, and are written by Michelle Lewis, Doug Rockwell, and Alan Menken. The music is composed by Christophe Beck.

It's also the first film to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It's also produced by Annapurna Pictures, Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Animation, Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Jam Filled Entertainment, and New Line Cinema. The film takes place during the events of The LEGO Avengers Movie, meaning that it's connected to the LEGO Movie franchise.

This film is the rated G connection to The LEGO Movie.

It's also a rated G musical, which will spoof The Emoji Movie, which has so many bad jokes. This Loud House movie has no bad jokes, because it's rated G.

The first rated G film to be produced by Annapurna Pictures.

It features an extended clip from The LEGO Avengers Movie as a post credits scene.

It also features songs performed by Charice, Charli XCX, Kesha, JR JR, Owl City, Jordin Sparks, Jonas Blue featuring Jack & Jack, Fifth Harmony with Meghan Trainor, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Machine Gun Kelly with Camila Cabello, DNCE, and R5. 

The extra songs only included in the deluxe album are "What Have I Done" by Demi Lovato, "Best Thing Ever (Whatever)" by Taylor Swift, "Play It Loud" by Charli XCX, "That's Our Kinda Song" by Blake Shelton and Elizabeth Banks, "Get Pumped (Extended)" by Jessica DiCicco and Jonas Blue, "Lori2Leni" by Rachel Platten and Ariana Grande, "Everything Is Awesome - The Loud House Movie Version" by Shawn Patterson, Doug Rockwell, and Michelle Lewis, and "Theme From 'The LEGO Avengers Movie - Post Credits Scene'" conducted by Daniel Pemberton and Heitor Pereira, courtesy of the Warner Animation Group, creators of The LEGO Movie.

Emmet and Wyldstyle make cameos in the party scene. 

Stan Lee makes one cameo appearance. During the final battle, Stan Lee was about to open his car, but Kyle's tentacle grabs it and tries to throw it at his enemies Lincoln and Lola Loud. He then says "Well, the 60's were fun, but now I'm paying for it." This was Lee's last cameo in an animated movie prior to his death in 2018. 

Tara Strong provides Lucy's new voice at the end of the movie. 

The movie is directed by Rob Minkoff, director of Disney's The Lion King, and its executive producers are Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Chris Savino, and Kyle Marshall.

The Warner Animation Group did the post credits sequence from The LEGO Avengers Movie.

The movie is connected to the LEGO Universe.

There is "Gone - Film Version" by JR JR, Tex Hammond, and Grey Griffin.

It's the second film to have Jonas Blue, the first being Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

It has a PowerPuff Girls episode entitled "Trouble Clef", which will be used as a short film.

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"Loud Notebooks"

I've recently read a Loud House fanfic titled "Loud Notebooks", by zachlor16.

When a search for a missing item leads the Loud Sisters into Lincoln's room while the latter is hanging out with friends, they discover a collection of memoirs in the form of notebooks, each recollecting events from prior episodes, while appropriately named after each title.

I really enjoyed the story, and think that it'd make for a great special. If you wish to read for yourself, here's the link:

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The Loud House Movie Teaser Idea

Here’s my teaser idea for The Loud House Movie.

We see The Louds (only their feet) waking on a sidewalk in slow-motion while the song “Little Green Bag” is playing, but then an oil spill appears and they slip and then the camera pans up and we see them falling while the song is still going.

When the title appears, Lily is seen falling down and Lori says “Someone get her before she hits the ground” and then Lincoln grabs Lily and they all say “Whew”.

And that is my idea.

So what do you think?

Fun Fact:

This Idea is inspired by the teaser for Toy Story 4.

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Why are Lori and Leni sometimes paired up?

I saw how Lori and Leni were paired up with things they did in Potty Mouth, Future Tense, Yes Man, Rita Her Rights, and Really Loud Music. Why are they sometimes paired up?

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Loud Dreams

Okay, here’s another new trend, type a character on the show and write what kind of dream they’d have.

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human loud rabbits

do you guys think it would be cool if there was a human version of the loud rabbits? just wandering. and if so, what would happen with them? would they be in the movie? i would like to see the 15 extra sisters as humans interact with lincoln and his sisters.

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Loud House Characters - Simon Sharp

Simon Sharp. The one and only brother to Luna Loud's love interest, Sam Sharp.

According to Sam, she thinks her one sibling alone provides enough chaos for her to deal with, implying that Simon's a bit of a troublemaker.

Other than that, we know next to nothing, as the character has yet to make an actual appearance. It is for that reason that I’ve posted this. While I have already begun to construct my own fanmade profile, I’d like to hear what others think in regards to Simon Sharp’s character. And by that, I mean the specifics; age, appearance, mindset, personality traits, etc.

When posting comments, please be considerate of others, and refrain from posting anything that may instigate conflict/toxicity.

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• 12/6/2018

The Loud House Should Last As Long As SpongeBob

Aalexander put up a discussion called Confirm The Loud House for a fifth season. I think it should be confirmed for a fifth season and last as long as SpongeBob (however long that show lasts).

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• 12/5/2018

Lily's Thing

I've noticed that since Lily's still a baby, she has as of yet to take up a hobby like the rest of her siblings. Her "thing", if you will.

After seeing my fair share of fanworks where Lily takes up a hobby, I have decided to post this poll to determine which would fit the youngest Loud most.

If you think her thing should be two or more of the below combined, or if there's a different hobby you think she should take up, be sure to post in the comments below. Please, keep it friendly!

What do YOU think Lily's Thing should be?
  • Gaming
  • Photography
  • Botany
  • Painting
  • Beatnik
  • Other (Post in the Comments Below)
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• 12/5/2018

Nickelodeon City Bumpers

What if Nickelodeon had bumpers that were like the Cartoon Network City bumpers which had every Nicktoon ever in them?

If they did, what do you think the bumpers for The Loud House should be?

Share me your ideas and you can also share ideas for other Nicktoons as well and you can even share ideas for bumpers where The Louds interact with other Nicktoons.

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• 12/4/2018

What's your favorite among the most popular songs in Really Loud Music?

  • "Play it Loud" (Luna)
  • "What Have I Done?" (Luna)
  • "Lori2Leni" (Lori & Leni)
  • "Get Pumped!" (Lynn. Jr)
  • "Best Buds" (Lincoln & Clyde)
  • "Best Thing Ever" (Lily)
  • "Luan's Laugh Parade" (Luan)
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• 12/4/2018
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• 12/4/2018

Loud apocalypse

If there were an apocalypse how would all the characters be like?

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• 12/2/2018

My Loud House Special Idea.

Here’s my idea for a new Loud House special.

It’s called “20 Loud Years Later”.

In this, we see life for The Loud Family 20 years later.

Most of their talents have made them famous people.

Here’s how I picture it.

Lincoln: Now 31 years old, Lincoln has become a successful comic book writer and video game designer.

Lori: Now 37 years old, Lori has become CEO of a major phone company and of course, married to Bobby.

Leni: Now 36 years old, Leni has become a successful fashion designer and has become both a fasion and supermodel.

Luna: Now 35 years old, Luna has become a famous rock star.

Luan: Now 34 years old, Luan has become a famous comedienne.

Lynn: Now 33 years old, Lynn has become a famous olympic athlete.

Lucy: Now 28 years old, Lucy has become a successful poetic and horror writer.

Lana: Now 26 years old, Lana has become an animalologist and opened up her own pet store.

Lola: Now 26 years old, Lola still competes in beauty pageants, but has become a pageant coach and opened her own makeup store next to Lana’s pet store.

Lisa: Now 24 years old, Lisa has become famous for solving a world crisis and finding a cure for a rare disease.

Lily: Now 21 years old, Lily has become a painter in College and her paintings have made her popular.

Rita: She has become a successful novelist.

Lynn Sr: He has become a famous chef and opened up his own restaurant.

And now for some extra characters.

Clyde: Now 31 years old, Clyde has become Lincoln’s assistant in comic book writhing and video game designing and has also gotten over his crush on Lori.

Bobby: Now 37 years old, Bobby has become manager of a store.

Ronnie Anne: Now 31 years old, Ronnie Anne has become a famous skater.

And that is my Loud House special idea.

What do you think?

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