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My Fanfic Idea

I came up with some scene ideas for a Loud House fanfic idea of mine.

It’s called A Lobby Moment.

You can look it up on my message wall.

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• 3h

alternate universes

ok, so we have seen superhero, rabbit, and male versions of the loud siblings. what other alternate universes would you like to see featuring the loud siblings in?

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• 1d

The Loud House Movie Credits

How do you think the credits of The Loud House Movie will be like?

What songs should they put in?

Should there be scenes during and after the credits?

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• 1d

My Loud House Episode Idea

Here’s a Loud House episode Idea I came up with.

Lincoln and Clyde meet a group of kids who believe in ghosts and join them on their ghost hunting trips.

Guest Stars: Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Wyatt Oleff as the ghost believing group of kids.

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• 2d

Loud House Version of “If I Didn’t Have You”

Think of a Loud House version of the song, “If I Didn’t Have You” from Monsters. Inc.

Comment your version of the lyrics.

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• 2d

What do you think the main 12 characters of The Loud House's favorite colors are?

Here's what i think:

Lincoln: Orange

Lori: Cyan

Leni: Mint Green

Luna: Purple

Luan: Yellow

Lynn: Red

Lucy: Black

Lana: Blue

Lola: Pink

Lisa: Dark Green

Lily: Violet

Clyde: Navy Blue

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• 2d

The Animation Of The Show

Did you guys saw that they made the animation of The Loud House into a form of a comic book?

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• 2d

anyone notice this?

there could be some hope in the futre...

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• 3d

"Lock 'N Loud" Aftermath Fighting Scene

Do you also think that there might be a shocking aftermath with the Loud siblings, fighting and arguing over locking the front door thanks to Lynn Sr. too? What else do you think what might happen in that aftermath also?

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• 3d

"Cheater By The Dozen" Aftermath

Do you think that the episode "Cheater By The Dozen" should have an aftermath involving the damage the Loud siblings caused at Giovanni Chang's?

Here's what might happen in that aftermath.

Lincoln and his sisters (minus Lori) blame each other for the stakeout they've done and they brawl each other at Giovanni Chang's causing everyone including Clyde at the restaurant to panic and hide. Then, Giovanni comes in and tells them to break it up. And after the brawl from interrupting Lori and Bobby's date, they're all covered in bandages and bruises after the police demanded everyone to leave Giovanni Chang's. The parents saw the damage the Louds caused because of the stakeout and they demand an explanation. So Lincoln tells the whole story about what really happened, then he and the sisters realized that it was all a big misunderstanding. Then Bobby and Lori had a great time at Giovanni's.

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• 3d

Ruthless People Extended Version Suggestions

Do you guys think that the staff of The Loud House might add more to the episode Ruthless People? I'd really like to see what Lynn Sr. and the five of the eleven siblings (Lynn Jr., Lincoln, Lola, Luna, and Lori) are confronting and blaming each other about, then get into a massive brawl. Then, Lynn Sr. hid with Luna somewhere in Aunt Ruth's bedroom from the damage they've done from the sufferable misery and the feeling good part. What do you think?

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• 3d

If they ever parodized 'The Wizard of Oz' who would play who

I'm not entirely sure why I'm starting this discussion, I just watched the movie today and...

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• 3d

Metal Gear Crossover - Revolver Ocelot

In a Metal Gear Crossover, which Loud House character would be the best candidate to play one of the most crucial and complex characters from the Metal Gear saga, the enigmatic gunslinger, Revolver Ocelot?

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• 3d

"Rogue One" Crossover

Jynn Erso - Ronnie Anne Santiago

Cassian Andor - Lincoln Loud

K-2SO - Clyde McBride

Bodhi Rook - Liam

Chirrut Imwe - Rusty Spokes

Baze Malbus - Zach Gurdle

Orson Krennic - Chandler(?)

Galen Erso - Bobby Santiago

Lyra Erso - Lori Loud

Saw Gerrera - (?)

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• 3d

Hector Casagrande's Age

After watching the recent episode of TLH (i.e. The Loudest Thanksgiving), Hector Casagrande, Bobby's grandfather, said that "he was an old man" as well as coughed; can anyone theorize how old he possibly is?

If I can speculate, I would say that he's probably in the ages of 70s or 80s; my grandmother surpassed those ages.

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• 3d

"Irony or coincidence?" related

Which episodes have irony or coincidence? People misuse the word irony when it's not irony. I did remove the irony section in "Scales of Justice", but it was reverted.

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• 4d

Top 10 Favorite Songs

Since the next upcoming episode of The Loud House, "Really Loud Music," is going to be all musical, I thought it would be the perfect time to make a video where I rank all the songs from the show leading up to it. I hope you enjoy it. ;) (Wanted to upload this on YouTube, but of course, Viacom blocked it.)

Also, this is just my opinion, so don't get upset if you don't agree with me.

Credit to LoudHouse! 728 for footage of #9

What's your top 10? Let me know!

Macoy Cunningham
Macoy Cunningham
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• 4d

4th wall breaks

There have been many 4th wall breaks mostly from Lincoln and just talking to us. But in Loudest Thanksgiving, Flip was being the narrator and this one was a new kind of break.

What kind of 4th wall break would you like to see?
  • refer to us as the audience
  • Interacting with the camera
  • Talk about cartoon logic
  • Address the studio people
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• 11/14/2018

What would it be like if the Loud family could take a trip to Hawaii for summer vacation?

Just think if the Louds can take a vacation to Hawaii at the end of Season 3 or at the beginning of Season 4. Would that be pretty cool for an episode like that?

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• 11/14/2018

Songs that remind you of The Loud House

There’s something I have been wondering from you guys, what songs remind you of The Loud House?

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