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RGL Victor The Great
• 10/1/2016

Middle name sourcing

I made a middle names page but it apparently got deleted so I'm wondering if we could use this thread to collect evidence of middle names since some people post "L." as the middle initial of characters like Luna/Lincoln/Lola without supporting evidence listed on their pages.

We do see Lori/Leni having L. as a middle initial in Driving Miss Hazy on their licenses and in Making the Case we see L. listed as the middle initial for Lynn/Lily on their trophy cases, and Marie is the middle name mentioned by Rita in April Fools Rules.

Hashing this out on character articles in the comment section would be tedious and disorganized so I think having a thread here to argue about middle names is good for resolving that.

Can anyone provide evidence for anyone besides Lori/Leni/Lynn/Lisa/Lily having middle names? Besides "Anne" being Ronnie's, that is.

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RGL Victor The Great
• 10/1/2016
Or you could do a referencing using ref tags.
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