The Loud House Fanfic: Part One: A Starting Breeze

This fanfiction is inspired by the Loud House episode "Homespun." I know this is the wrong forum category but I was too lazy.

Lincoln's POV

I walked outside and it was one sunny heck of a day. There was a steady breeze outside. I wanted to get away from Lori talking on the phone, Lisa's explosions... "I heard that," Lisa yelled. It was a cloudless morning but it was incredibly hot and humid especially at 8 AM. I walked down the street looking down at the road and sidewalk. Royal Woods had some pretty odd weather recently. The air felt both hot and cold. I walked to Clyde's house but I couldn't get that thought out of my head. Something wasn't right. I knew something was coming. I just didn't know what was gonna happen. I walked into Clyde's room. I looked on the walls.

Of course. I forgot about Clyde's Lori Wall of Fame. It's basically just a wall covered with candids of Lori. I don't even know how he got that one of her skydiving with Bobby. I looked all over the house for Clyde but I didn't find him anywhere. I walked over to Ronnie Anne's house and I rang the doorbell. Nobody answered. I looked in the window and saw Ronnie Anne and Bobby. I knocked on the window. Ronnie Anne opened the door and she was carrying a disaster kit. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Look at the weather," she said. I turned on my phone and looked on the words scrawled across the phone screen. It said "TORNADO WATCH FOR ROYAL WOODS UNTIL 9 AM TOMORROW." "I gotta go," I told Ronnie Anne. "I'll be back." I ran to my house. I ran into the house completely exhausted. Everyone was still asleep. At least except for Lori and Lisa. "Did you hear?" I said. "About what?" Lori replied. "Apparently no," I said. "There's a tornado watch for Roy-" I said. I was interrupted. "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Lisa said. "Did you say tornado?" Lisa said ecstatically. "We never get tornadoes here," Lisa continued. I ran up to my computer and checked the radar. I looked at the window. There was a wall of dark clouds. I ran down to the living room. "It's here," I said.

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