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• 10/19/2016

Continue The Story! 2

The last one was getting out of hand.


No chaotic topics, a simple plot. 


Lincoln woke up on a school morning. "We gotta get moving!" He ran out of bed and got dressed.

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• 11/9/2016
OrangeBird2013 wrote:
"Why are we in this dimension where there is a weird watermelon headed white haired boy?", said Stewie

"Must be cartoon logic.", said Daffy, who appeared out of nowhere

No Outside Characters or OCs.

• 11/12/2016

As a prize for defeating Larry, the whole family goes to Walls and Stuff Supermarket.

• 11/16/2016

(Linc then goes to the movie section)

"That's weird..

The whole entire section is filled with DVD's of Blarney Teaches You About Terrorists..", said Linc

• 11/16/2016

Lynn then finds Lora the Explora: The Complete Series (get my reference?) and shows it to Linc.

• 11/16/2016

"That show is for babies!", said Linc

• 11/16/2016

Lynn says, "I know. That's why I showed you."

• 11/16/2016

(Linc then sees the DVD of "Blarney Has (expletive) With Kids! Family Friendly Edition!")

"GAH!", said Linc

"What's the matter, Loud?

You've never seen a man stocking DVD's before?", said Mr. Grouse

• 11/19/2016

Lincoln then finds a DVD called Super Bull Horn-io Brothers

"This is interesting..", said Linc

• 2/1/2017
luan: wow
• 2/2/2017

The geometry portal suddenly disappears.

Then the sisters except for Leni, Luna, Lana, Lisa, and Lily fight with Lincoln.

"What was that for?" Lincoln said. Then Luan apologized to Lincoln by saying sorry. She dropped out of the fight.

"All girls that fought with Lincoln," said Lynn Sr. Rita then continued, "Except Luan since she apologized" Lynn Sr. Continued again, "Are grounded for a-" Lynn interrupted beating up her mother. 

"Lori, Lucy, and Lola, you're grounded for a week," Rita said, "And for you Lynn Jr, you are grounded for two weeks. The girls that I grounded, go to your rooms!"

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