Loud House flashback episodes?

So what do you think should the Loud House have flashback episodes or prequel episodes once in a while and go back to when Lincoln and the older sisters were younger? I would like to see it.

If We Bare Bears can do it, why not. I would love to see little chibi Lori, Leni, Luan, Luna, Lynn, Lincoln, etc.

Perhaps like the episode of the Simpsons when Maggie said her first and so far only word, it setup a flashback to Lisa first words, so perhaps Lily is on the verge of a milestone like talking, walking, her first tooth, etc., and sets up to reminisce about when they achieved that milestone.

I would be interest to go back to when Lincoln was born, and the shock to his older sisters that they were getting a little brother instead of a little sister, which I am sure by than they were used to.

I knew will complain about losing about the half cast, don't have it, if you set up flashbacks instead of what We Bare Bear does, they just have episodes take place in the past without any setup.