Ang Arcade or Bust! ay ang ikalawang kwentong libro batay sa The Loud House na ipinalabas ng Random House noong Hulyo 3, 2018.[1]


Mula sa websayt ng publisher:

Lincoln and Clyde have been waiting for this day for months: their favorite video game, Marshmallow Martian Blasters, is finally arriving at the arcade, and nothing will keep them from being first in line. Nothing, that is, except a houseful of sisters who all seem to need something from their one brother. This Saturday is supposed to be all about blasting puffy Martians, not running errands or being everyone's handyman. Lincoln has a plan--until one of his younger sisters needs help that only he can give, and he decides that no matter how demanding they can be, family always comes first. Fans of Nickelodeon's The Loud House and readers ages 6 to 12 will love this laugh-out-loud original chapter book adventure with full-color insert.[2]


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