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Ένα Θορυβώδες Σπίτι is the Greek dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on May 21, 2018 on Nickelodeon Greece.[1] Also, the first five episodes of the show, would eventually re-air for the first time, in a marathon of them, in May 27, 2018.

The three last episodes of Season 1 premiered in a single-day marathon on June 15, 2018, on 10:00 PM (local time), as the show would get replaced, with premieres of the third season of the live-action series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, starting June 18, 2018.

Reruns of the show, along with ones of Make It Pop, started airing on weekdays, starting September 10, 2018, a month prior the premiere of Season 2, on October 10. New episodes would air on weekdays, much like the Season 1 ones.

The week after the premiere of the first three episodes (episodes with Howard and Harold McBride are banned), these episodes re-aired once, instead of the network continuing airing new episodes. After that, new episodes continued airing on October 18, with "Patching Things Up" and "Cheater by the Dozen". The episode "Tricked!" premiered on October 31, out of production order, and alongside airings of other Halloween-themed specials of Nicktoons and Nick Jr. shows.

The episodes "For Bros About to Rock", "House Music", "Hand-Me-Downer" and "A Fair to Remember" re-aired on December 17, 2018, as part of the Nickelodeon music-themed holiday event, Xmas Tunes.

Season 3 premiered on January 21, 2019. There were formerly also marathons of the show airing on Sunday nights.

As of October 2019, segments paired with ones featuring Howard and Harold, are shown as, instead, paired with others (f.e. "Ties That Bind" with "Out on a Limo").


Character Voice
Lincoln Flag of Greece.svg Ria Apergi
Flag of Greece.svg Tania Palaiologou
Flag of Greece.svg Chrysoula Papadopoulou
Flag of Greece.svg Maria Zervou
Flag of Greece.svg Pinelopi Skalkotou
Flag of Greece.svg Sofia Kapsabeli
Hunter Spector
Lynn Sr.
Flag of Greece.svg Christos Thanos

List of episodes

Season 1

No. Episode Airdate
1a "Left in the Dark" (Ξεχασμένοι στο Σκοτάδι) May 21, 2018
1b "Get the Message" (Πιάσε το Μήνυμα) May 21, 2018
2a "Heavy Meddle" May 22, 2018
2b "Making the Case" May 22, 2018
3a "Driving Miss Hazy" (Οδηγός Επιτυχίας) May 23, 2018
3b "No Guts, No Glori" (Μελόρι Μπελάδες) May 23, 2018
4a "The Sweet Spot" May 24, 2018
4b "A Tale of Two Tables" May 24, 2018
5a "Project Loud House" (Επιχείρηση Οικογένεια Λάουντ) May 25, 2018
5b "In Tents Debate" May 25, 2018
6a "Sound of Silence" (Ο Ήχος της Ησυχίας) May 28, 2018
6b "Space Invader" (Ο Εισβολέας) May 28, 2018
7a "Picture Perfect" May 29, 2018
7b "Undie Pressure" May 29, 2018
8a "Linc or Swim" May 30, 2018
8b "Changing the Baby May 30, 2018
9a "Overnight Success" N/A
9b "Ties That Bind" October 29, 2019
10a "Hand-Me-Downer" (Άγρια Επανάχρηση) May 31, 2018
10b "Sleuth or Consequences" (Ντετέκτιβ με Συνέπειες) May 31, 2018
11a "Butterfly Effect" June 1, 2018
11b "The Green House" June 1, 2018
12a "Along Came a Sister" (Άλλη μια από τις Αδερφές) June 4, 2018
12b "Chore and Peace" (Εργασία και Χαρά) June 4, 2018
13a "For Bros About to Rock" June 5, 2018
13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" June 5, 2018
14a "Toads and Tiaras" (Οι Πριγκίπισσες και ο Βάτραχος) June 6, 2018
14b "Two Boys and a Baby" (Δύο Αγόρια και Ένα Μωρό) June 6, 2018
15a "Cover Girls" (Κορίτσια για Κάλυψη) June 7, 2018
15b "Save the Date" (Άδραξε τη Μέρα) June 7, 2018
16a "Attention Deficit" N/A
16b "Out on a Limo" October 29, 2019
17a "House Music" (Χαρούμενη Μουσική) June 8, 2018
17b "A Novel Idea" (Ιδέα για Μυθιστόρημα) June 8, 2018
18a "April Fools Rules" June 11, 2018
18b "Cereal Offender" June 11, 2018
19a "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" N/A
19b "Come Sale Away" N/A
20a "Roughin' It" N/A
20b "The Waiting Game" N/A
21a "The Loudest Yard" June 12, 2018
21b "Raw Deal" June 12, 2018
22a "Dance, Dance Resolution" (Χορός στο Ταψί) June 13, 2018
22b "A Fair to Remember" (Ένα Μεγάλο Πανηγύρι) June 13, 2018
23a "One of the Boys" (Ένας από τα Αγόρια) June 14, 2018
23b "A Tattler's Tale" (Η Ιστορία μιας Κουτσομπόλας) June 14, 2018
24a "Funny Business" (Αστείες Υποθέσεις) June 15, 2018
24b "Snow Bored" (Χιονο-βαρεμάρα) June 15, 2018
25a "The Price of Admission" June 15, 2018
25b "One Flu Over the Loud House" (Στη Φωλιά της Γρίπης) June 15, 2018
26a "Study Muffin" (Η Ομορφιά της Μελέτης) June 15, 2018
26b "Homespun" (Σπιτικές Ιστορίες) June 15, 2018

Season 2

No. Episode Airdate
1 "11 Louds a Leapin'" N/A
2a "Intern for the Worse" October 10, 2018
2b "The Old and the Restless" October 10, 2018
3a "Baby Steps" N/A
3b "Brawl in the Family" October 30, 2019
4a "Suite and Sour" October 11, 2018
4b "Back in Black" October 11, 2018
5a "Making the Grade" October 12, 2018
5b "Vantastic Voyage" October 12, 2018
6a "Patching Things Up" October 18, 2018
6b "Cheater by the Dozen" October 18, 2018
7a "Lock 'n' Loud" October 19, 2018
7b "The Whole Picture" October 19, 2018
8a "No Such Luck" October 22, 2018
8b "Frog Wild" October 22, 2018
9a "Kick the Bucket List" N/A
9b "Party Down" October 30, 2019
10a "Fed Up" October 23, 2018
10b "Shell Shock" October 23, 2018
11a "Pulp Friction" October 24, 2018
11b "Pets Peeved" October 24, 2018
12a "Potty Mouth" November 1, 2019
12b "L is for Love" N/A
13 "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" October 25, 2018
14a "Out of the Picture" October 26, 2018
14b "Room with a Feud" October 26, 2018
15a "Back Out There" October 29, 2018
15b "Spell It Out" October 29, 2018
16a "Fool's Paradise" October 30, 2018
16b "Job Insecurity" October 30, 2018
17a "ARGGH! You for Real?" N/A
17b "Garage Banned" November 1, 2019
18a "Change of Heart" November 4, 2019
18b "Health Kicked" N/A
19a "Future Tense" November 1, 2018
19b "Lynner Takes All" November 1, 2018
20a "Yes Man" November 2, 2018
20b "Friend or Faux?" November 2, 2018
21a "No Laughing Matter" November 5, 2018
21b "No Spoilers" November 5, 2018
22a "Legends" November 6, 2018
22b "Mall of Duty" November 6, 2018
23a "Read Aloud" November 7, 2018
23b "Not a Loud" November 7, 2018
24 "Tricked!" October 31, 2018
25a "The Crying Dame" November 8, 2018
25b "Anti-Social" November 8, 2018
25a "Snow Way Down" N/A
25b "Snow Way Out" November 4, 2019

Season 3

No. Episode Airdate
1 "Tripped!" January 21, 2019
2a "White Hare" January 22, 2019
2b "Insta-gran" January 22, 2019
3a "Roadie to Nowhere" January 23, 2019
3b "A Fridge Too Far" January 23, 2019
4a "Selfie Improvement" January 24, 2019
4b "No Place Like Homeschool" January 24, 2019
5a "City Slickers" January 25, 2019
5b "Fool Me Twice" January 25, 2019
6a "Net Gains" January 28, 2019
6b "Pipe Dreams" January 28, 2019
7a "Fandom Pains" January 29, 2019
7b "Rita Her Rights" January 29, 2019
8a "Teachers' Union" TBA
8b "Head Poet's Anxiety" TBA
9a "The Mad Scientist" TBA
9b "Missed Connection" TBA
10a "Deal Me Out" N/A
10b "Friendzy" November 5, 2019
11a "Pasture Bedtime" TBA
11b "Shop Girl" TBA
12a "Gown and Out" TBA
12b "Breaking Dad" TBA
13a "Ruthless People" (Τερμίτες και Περιπέτειες) November 5, 2019
13b "What Wood Lincoln Do?" N/A
14a "Scales of Justice" TBA
14b "Crimes of Fashion" TBA
15a "Absent Minded" TBA
15b "Be Stella My Heart" TBA
16a "Sitting Bull" N/A
16b "The Spies Who Loved Me" N/A
17 "Really Loud Music" October 28, 2019
18a "House of Lies" TBA
18b "Game Boys" TBA
19a "Everybody Loves Leni" February 21, 2019
19b "Middle Men" February 21, 2019
20a "Jeers for Fears" TBA
20b "Tea Tale Heart" TBA
21 "The Loudest Thanksgiving" TBA
22a "Predict Ability" TBA
22b "Driving Ambition" TBA
23a "Home of the Fave" TBA
23b "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" TBA
24a "The Write Stuff" TBA
24b "Racing Hearts" TBA
25a "Stage Plight" TBA
25b "Antiqued Off" TBA
26 "Cooked!" TBA

Season 4

No. Episode Airdate
1 "Friended! with the Casagrandes" (Νέοι Φίλοι) September 16, 2019
2a "Power Play with the Casagrandes" September 17, 2019
2a "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes" September 17, 2019
3a "Roll Model with the Casagrandes" September 18, 2019
3a "No Show with the Casagrandes" September 18, 2019
4a "Face the Music with the Casagrandes" September 19, 2019
4a "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes" September 19, 2019
5a "Store Wars with the Casagrandes" September 20, 2019
5a "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes" September 20, 2019
6a "Washed Up" November 26, 2019
6a "Recipe for Disaster" November 26, 2019
7a "Present Tense" November 27, 2019
7a "Any Given Sundae" November 27, 2019

Theme song

The theme song is performed by Chrístos Thános.


Τρέχει και ζορίζεται
Δεν αντέχει, πρήζεται
Θέλει τουαλέτα να πάει (Πάει, πάει, πάει!)
Πάνω από σορούς πηδάει
Και τις πάνες τις πατάει
Πίσω του δεν κοιτάει
Και προχωράει!
Μεσ΄ το σπίτι, τόσοι ήχοι
Με σπρωξίματα
περνάμε μια χαρά
Μεσ' το σπιτι, σπάνε οι τοίχοι
Ένα χάος, ποτέ δεν σταματά!
Χάος, χάος ναι, τι χάος!



He's running and struggling
He doesn't withstand, and gets annoyed
He wants to go to the toilet (Go, go, go!)
He jumps over obstacles
And he presses the diapers
He doesn't look behind him
And he goes on!
In the house, so many voices
With thrusts
We're fine
In the house, the walls are breaking
One mess, it never stops!
Mess, mess, what a mess!



  • Episodes featuring the McBride parents, "L is for Love" and "Racing Hearts" are not aired as homosexuality and same-sex marriage are not well seen in Greece.


  • Prior the premiere of the show in Greece, Nickelodeon released a 5-minute exclusive preview clip of "Left in the Dark", the first episode of the show, on March 18, 2018.[2]
  • Ενα Θορυβώδες Σπιτι
    The original Greek name of the show was Ένα Θορυβώδες Σπίτι (Éna Thoryvódes Spiti; English: A Noisy House), as the original logo depicts.
    • Although there is a Greek logo for the show, the English one is used instead on Nickelodeon Greece promos.
      • The Greek one is used in promotions for Nick+ on the streaming service Vodafone TV.



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