Кућа Бука/Kuća Buka (English: Loud House) is the Serbian dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on August 29, 2016 in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and North Macedonia on Nickelodeon Central & Eastern Europe. Since 2017, it also airs on B92 TV (formerly O2.TV from 2017-2020).


Character Serbian name Voice
Lincoln Loud Линколн Бука/Linkoln Buka Marijana Živanović
Luan Loud Луен Бука/Luen Buka
Lori Loud Лори Бука/Lori Buka Iva Stefanović (Season 1-2)
Marija Stokić (Season 3-present)
Leni Loud Лени Бука/Leni Buka Iva Kevra
Luna Loud Луна Бука/Luna Buka Jelena Petrović (S1E1a-S2E15a)
Jovana Gavrilović (S2E15b-present)
Lynn Loud Лин Бука/Lin Buka Nataša Popović
Lucy Loud Луси Бука/Lusi Buka Sofija Juričan
Lana Loud Лана Бука/Lana Buka Ana Popović
Lola Loud Лола Бука/Lola Buka Anastasija Vidaković
Lisa Loud Лиса Бука/Lisa Buka Snežana Jeremić Nešković (S1E1a-S3E11b)
Jelena Đorđević Popović (S3E11b-present)
Lily Loud Лили Бука/Lili Buka Jovana Čurović
Lynn Loud Sr. Лин Бука старији/Lin Buka stariji Marko Marković
Rita Loud Рита Бука/Rita Buka Marija Vidaković (Season 1)
Ana Mandić (Season 2-present)
Clyde McBride Клајд МекБрајд/Klajd MekBrajd Nikola Todorović
Howard McBride Говард МекБрајд/Govard MekBrajd --
Harold McBride Гаролд МекБрајд/Garold MekBrajd --
Bobby Santiago Боби Сантјаго/Bobi Santjago Lako Nikolić
Ronnie Anne Santiago Рони Ен Сантјаго/Roni En Santjago Mina Nenadović
Additional voices Valentina Pavličić

List of episodes

Season 1

No. Episode Localized title Air date
1a "Left in the Dark" TBA August 29, 2016
1b "Get the Message" TBA August 29, 2016
2a "Heavy Meddle" TBA August 30, 2016
2b "Making the Case" TBA August 30, 2016
3a "Driving Miss Hazy" TBA August 31, 2016
3b "No Guts, No Glori" TBA August 31, 2016
4a "The Sweet Spot" TBA September 1, 2016
4b "A Tale of Two Tables" TBA September 1, 2016
5a "Project Loud House" TBA September 2, 2016
5b "In Tents Debate" TBA September 2, 2016
6a "Sound of Silence" TBA September 5, 2016
6b "Space Invader" TBA September 5, 2016
7a "Picture Perfect" TBA September 6, 2016
7b "Undie Pressure" TBA September 6, 2016
8a "Linc or Swim" TBA September 7, 2016
8b "Changing the Baby" TBA September 7, 2016
9a "Overnight Success" -- BANNED
9b "Ties That Bind" TBA December 20, 2016
10a "Hand-Me-Downer" TBA September 8, 2016
10b "Sleuth or Consequences" TBA September 8, 2016
11a "Butterfly Effect" TBA September 9, 2016
11b "The Green House" TBA September 9, 2016
12a "Along Came a Sister" TBA September 12, 2016
12b "Chore and Peace" TBA September 12, 2016
13a "For Bros About to Rock" TBA December 5, 2016
13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" TBA December 5, 2016
14a "Toads and Tiaras" TBA December 6, 2016
14b "Two Boys and a Baby" TBA December 7, 2016
15a "Cover Girls" TBA December 8, 2016
15b "Save the Date" TBA December 9, 2016
16a "Attention Deficit" -- BANNED
16b "Out on a Limo" TBA December 12, 2016
17a "House Music" TBA December 13, 2016
17b "A Novel Idea" TBA December 14, 2016
18a "April Fools Rules" TBA December 15, 2016
18b "Cereal Offender" TBA December 16, 2016
19a "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" -- BANNED
(Nickelodeon CEE)
June 8, 2019
(Nicktoons CEE)
19b "Come Sale Away" TBA December 19, 2016
20a "Roughin' It" -- BANNED
20b "The Waiting Game" TBA TBA
21a "The Loudest Yard" TBA December 30, 2016
21b "Raw Deal" TBA December 30, 2016
22a "Dance, Dance Resolution" TBA January 2, 2017
22b "A Fair to Remember" TBA January 2, 2017
23a "One of the Boys" TBA January 3, 2017
23b "A Tattler's Tale" TBA January 3, 2017
24a "Funny Business" TBA January 4, 2017
24b "Snow Bored" TBA January 4, 2017
25a "The Price of Admission" TBA April 11, 2018
25b "One Flu Over the Loud House" TBA April 11, 2018
26a "Study Muffin" TBA January 5, 2017
26b "Homespun" TBA January 5, 2017

Season 2

No. Episode Localized title Air date
27 "11 Louds a Leapin'" -- BANNED
28a "Intern for the Worse" TBA March 15, 2017
28b "The Old and the Restless" TBA March 15, 2017
29a "Baby Steps" -- BANNED
29b "Brawl in the Family" TBA April 5, 2017
30a "Suite and Sour" TBA April 7, 2017
30b "Back in Black" TBA April 6, 2017
31a "Making the Grade" TBA April 11, 2017
31b "Vantastic Voyage" TBA April 10, 2017
32a "Patching Things Up" TBA April 2, 2018
32b "Cheater by the Dozen" TBA April 2, 2018
33a "Lock 'n' Loud" TBA April 3, 2018
33b "The Whole Picture" TBA April 3, 2018
34a "No Such Luck" TBA April 4, 2018
34b "Frog Wild" TBA April 4, 2018
35a "Kick the Bucket List" -- BANNED
35b "Party Down" TBA April 5, 2018
36a "Fed Up" TBA April 5, 2018
36b "Shell Shock" TBA April 6, 2018
37a "Pulp Friction" TBA April 6, 2018
37b "Pets Peeved" TBA April 9, 2018
38a "Potty Mouth" TBA April 9, 2018
38b "L is for Love" -- BANNED
39 "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" TBA July 14, 2018
40a "Out of the Picture" TBA April 10, 2018
40b "Room with a Feud" TBA April 10, 2018
41a "Back Out There" TBA June 13, 2018
41b "Spell It Out" TBA June 13, 2018
42a "Fool's Paradise" TBA June 14, 2018
42b "Job Insecurity" TBA June 14, 2018
43a "ARGGH! You for Real?" -- BANNED
43b "Garage Banned" TBA June 15, 2018
44a "Change of Heart" TBA June 15, 2018
44b "Health Kicked" -- BANNED
45a "Future Tense" TBA July 28, 2018
45b "Lynner Takes All" TBA July 28, 2018
46a "Yes Man" TBA June 20, 2018
46b "Friend or Faux?" TBA June 20, 2018
47a "No Laughing Matter" TBA June 21, 2018
47b "No Spoilers" TBA June 22, 2018
48a "Legends" TBA June 26, 2018
48b "Mall of Duty" TBA June 25, 2018
49a "Read Aloud" TBA June 19, 2018
49b "Not a Loud" TBA June 19, 2018
50 "Tricked!" TBA June 18, 2018
51a "The Crying Dame" TBA June 27, 2018
51b "Anti-Social" TBA June 28, 2018
52a "Snow Way Down" -- BANNED
52b "Snow Way Out" TBA June 29, 2018

Season 3

No. Episode Localized title Air date
53 "Tripped!" TBA September 3, 2018
54a "White Hare" TBA July 31, 2018
54b "Insta-gran" TBA July 30, 2018
55a "Roadie to Nowhere" TBA August 2, 2018
55b "A Fridge Too Far" TBA August 1, 2018
56a "Selfie Improvement" TBA August 6, 2018
56b "No Place Like Homeschool" TBA August 3, 2018
57a "City Slickers" TBA August 7, 2018
57b "Fool Me Twice" TBA August 8, 2018
58a "Net Gains" TBA September 4, 2018
58b "Pipe Dreams" TBA September 5, 2018
59a "Fandom Pains" TBA September 6, 2018
59b "Rita Her Rights" TBA September 7, 2018
60a "Teachers' Union" TBA September 10, 2018
60b "Head Poet's Anxiety" TBA September 11, 2018
61a "The Mad Scientist" TBA November 12, 2018
61b "Missed Connection" TBA November 12, 2018
62a "Deal Me Out" TBA September 13, 2018
62b "Friendzy" TBA September 12, 2018
63a "Pasture Bedtime" TBA September 14, 2018
63b "Shop Girl" TBA September 17, 2018
64a "Gown and Out" TBA November 13, 2018
64b "Breaking Dad" TBA November 13, 2018
65a "Ruthless People" TBA November 14, 2018
65b "What Wood Lincoln Do?" TBA November 15, 2018
66a "Scales of Justice" TBA November 16, 2018
66b "Crimes of Fashion" TBA November 19, 2018
67a "Absent Minded" TBA November 20, 2018
67b "Be Stella My Heart" TBA November 21, 2018
68a "Sitting Bull" TBA November 22, 2018
68b "The Spies Who Loved Me" TBA November 23, 2018
69 "Really Loud Music" TBA February 4, 2019
70a "House of Lies" TBA February 7, 2019
70b "Game Boys" TBA February 6, 2019
71a "Everybody Loves Leni" TBA February 8, 2019
71b "Middle Men" TBA February 11, 2019
72a "Jeers for Fears" TBA February 12, 2019
72b "Tea Tale Heart" TBA February 13, 2019
73 "The Loudest Thanksgiving" TBA February 5, 2019
74a "Predict Ability" TBA February 15, 2019
74b "Driving Ambition" TBA February 14, 2019
75a "Home of the Fave" TBA August 11, 2019
75b "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" TBA April 9, 2019
76a "The Write Stuff" TBA April 10, 2019
76b "Racing Hearts" -- BANNED
77a "Stage Plight" TBA April 11, 2019
77b "Antiqued Off" TBA April 12, 2019
78 "Cooked!" TBA April 8, 2019

Season 4

No. Episode Localized title Air date
79 "Friended! with the Casagrandes" TBA September 23, 2019
80a "Power Play with the Casagrandes" TBA September 25, 2019
80b "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes" TBA September 24, 2019
81a "Roll Model with the Casagrandes" TBA September 27, 2019
81b "No Show with the Casagrandes" TBA September 26, 2019
82a "Face the Music with the Casagrandes" TBA October 1, 2019
82b "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes" TBA September 30, 2019
83a "Store Wars with the Casagrandes" TBA October 3, 2019
83b "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes" TBA October 2, 2019
84a "Washed Up" TBA October 28, 2019
84b "Recipe for Disaster" TBA October 28, 2019
85a "Present Tense" TBA October 30, 2019
85b "Any Given Sundae" TBA October 29, 2019
86a "Can't Hardly Wait" TBA November 1, 2019
86b "A Mutt Above" TBA October 31, 2019
87a "Love Birds" TBA January 14, 2020
87b "Rocket Men" TBA April 29, 2020
88a "A Grave Mistake" TBA January 14, 2020
88b "Leader of the Rack" TBA January 15, 2020
89a "Tails of Woe" TBA January 16, 2020
89b "Last Loud on Earth" TBA April 30, 2020
90a "Stall Monitor" TBA May 1, 2020
90b "A Pimple Plan" TBA January 17, 2020
91 "Kings of the Con" TBA January 13, 2020
92a "Good Sports" TBA June 29, 2020
92b "Geriantics" TBA TBA
93a "Exchange of Heart" TBA June 29, 2020
93b "Community Disservice" TBA June 30, 2020

Theme song

The Loud House Theme song - Serbian

The Loud House Theme song - Serbian

Lyrics (Cyrillic script)

Избегавам по ходнику
Моје сестре блесаве
Морам до купатила
Скачем преко брда веша
Пелена се свуда меша
Морам некако да преживим ја!
Кућа Бука! Кућа Бука!
Горе, доле, гурај се
Љубав се показује!
Кућа Бука! Кућа Бука!
Десет сестри, један брат
Хватају га све за врат!
Кућа! Бука! Кућа! Кућа Бука!
"Кућа Бука"
Лили: Пу-пу!

Lyrics (Latin script)

Izbegavam po hodniku
Moje sestre blesave
Moram do kupatila
Skačem preko brda veša
Pelena se svuda meša
Moram nekako da preživim ja!
Kuća Buka! Kuća Buka!
Gore, dole, guraj se
Ljubav se pokazuje!
Kuća Buka! Kuća Buka!
Deset sestri, jedan brat
Hvataju ga sve za vrat!
Kuća! Buka! Kuća! Kuća Buka!
"Kuća Buka"
Lili: Pu-pu!


In the hallway I avoid
My silly sisters
I've got to go to the bathroom
I jump over the laundry pile
The diaper interferes everywhere
I've got to survive somehow!
The Loud House! The Loud House!
Push, go up and down
Got to show your love!
The Loud House! The Loud House!
Ten sisters, one brother
They're all grabbing him by the neck!
House! Loud! House! Loud House!
"Loud House"
Lily: Poo-poo!


  • Episodes featuring Howard, Harold (prior to Season 4) and Sam are not aired due to a shared feed with Russia.

Background information

  • The Louds' surname is translated as Бука/Buka.
  • When Lori and Leni appear in the theme song, the lyrics "Hey! Hey! Hey!" are not sung.


  • Nataša Popović (Lynn) and Ana Popović (Lana) are daughters of the Serbian voice actor Jelena Đorđević Popović. They have been many times credited with their mothers' maiden name "Đorđević" by mistake. This happened in The Loud House, too.

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