Къщата на Шумникови (English: House of the Louds) is the Bulgarian dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on August 29, 2016 in Central & Eastern Europe on Nickelodeon Central & Eastern Europe.

Theme song


В коридора бутам се
Като състезание
С десетте ми малки сестри (Хей, хей, хей!)
Да стигна аз до банята
То за мен не е шега
Налага се да мога да оцелея!

В тази къща! В тази къща!
Бием се до край
Това любов е май
В тази къща! В тази къща!
Едно момче с момичета
Няма други на света!

Шумни, Шумникови!
"Къщата на Шумникови"
Lily: Ако!


V koridora butam se
Kato sŭstezanie
S desette mi malki sestri (Heĭ! Heĭ! Heĭ!)
Da stigna az do banyata
To za men ne e shega
Nalaga se da moga da otseleya!

V tazi kŭshta! V tazi kŭshta!
Biem se do kraĭ
Tova lyubov e maĭ
V tazi kŭshta! V tazi kŭshta!
Edno momche s momicheta
Nyama drugi na sveta!

Shumni, Shumnikovi!
"Kŭshtata na Shumnikovi"
Lily: Ako!


I'm running in the hallway
Like a race
With my ten little sisters (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
To get to the bathroom
That's not a joke to me
I have to survive!

In this house! In this house!
We will fight to the end
This might be love
In this house! In this house!
One boy with ten girls
There are no others in the world!

Loud, the Louds!
"The House of the Louds"
Lily: Poo-poo!


  • Howard and Harold are not shown, as Nick CEE is broadcast in Russia (among other countries) where the promotion of LGBT content among minors is not allowed. They must not have aired "L is for Love" or "Racing Hearts" because of Luna having a crush on Sam.


  • The Loud surname is dubbed as Шумникови (Shumnikovi).


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