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Мой шумный дом (English: My Noisy House) is the Russian dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on May 28, 2016 in Russia on Nickelodeon Russia, and August 29, 2016 in Central & Eastern Europe on Nickelodeon Central & Eastern Europe.


Character Voice
Lincoln Flag of Russia Lina Ivanova
Maria Santiago (in City Slickers)
Officer Schoffner
Lori Flag of Russia Anastasiya Lapina
Luna Flag of Russia Natalia Frankova
Lucy Flag of Russia Larisa Brokhman
Lola Flag of Russia Anastasiya Lapina
Lisa Flag of Russia Larisa Brokhman
Lily Flag of Russia Anastasiya Lapina
Clyde Flag of Russia Larisa Brokhman
Lynn Sr. Flag of Russia Radik Mukhametzyanov
Rita Flag of Russia Anastasiya Lapina
Bobby Flag of Russia Radik Mukhametzyanov
Ronnie Anne Flag of Russia Anastasiya Lapina (Save the Date and April Fools Rules)
Flag of Russia Natalia Frankova (Dance, Dance Resolution - present)
Agnes Johnson Flag of Russia Larisa Brokhman (Project Loud House)
Flag of Russia Anastasiya Lapina (The Green House - present)
Flip Flag of Russia Radik Mukhametzyanov
Bud Grouse
Mick Swagger
Coach Pacowski (in Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru)
Park Ranger
Police Officer
Jay Rock
News Man Tucker
Colonel Crackers
Patchy Drizzle
The Royal Woods Roosters Coach
Hunter Spector
Wilbur Huggins
Carlos Casagrande (in The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos)
Steak Stankco
Hawk (in The Loudest Yard)
Rusty Flag of Russia Natalia Frankova
Girl Jordan
Bratty Kid
Teen Girl
Carlota Casagrande
Carlino Casagrande
Bumper Yates Jr.
Ms. Shrinivas
Haiku (in Fandom Pains)
Giggles Flag of Russia Larisa Brokhman
Mrs. Jelinsky (Driving Miss Hazy and Linc or Swim)
Maria Santiago (in The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos)
Rosa Casagrande
Beatrix Yates
Beau Yates
Scoots Flag of Russia Anastasiya Lapina
Scout Leader
Mrs. Jelinsky (in Intern for the Worse)
Frida Puga Casagrande
Jancey Yates
Belle Yates
Steve (in Vantastic Voyage) Flag of Russia Dmitry Filimonov
Sergei (in Vantastic Voyage)
Bumper Yates Sr.
Darin McGowan Flag of Russia Diomid Vinogradov
Bill Buck
Hector Casagrande
Coach Pacowski (Out of the Picture - present)
Vito Filliponio
Sergei (in Job Insecurity)
Stan Stankco
Kirk Fogg
Albert (in Insta-gran)
Flip (in Roadie to Nowhere)
Timothy McCole
Carlos Casagrande (City Slickers - present)
Lincoln's Double
Blake Bradley
Jerry Kling
Loki Flag of Russia Alexey Kostrichkin
Hawk (in Tricked!)
Chunk (in Roadie to Nowhere)
Olmec Flag of Russia Sergey Chikhachev
Steve (in Legends)
Rip Hardcore

List of episodes

Season 1

No. Episode Airdate
1a "Left in the Dark" (Одни в темноте) May 28, 2016
1b "Get the Message" (Вот что я скажу) May 28, 2016
2a "Heavy Meddle" (Сестрошторм) May 29, 2016
2b "Making the Case" (Попасть на полку) May 29, 2016
3a "Driving Miss Hazy" (Блондинка за рулем) June 4, 2016
3b "No Guts, No Glori" (Без риска нет славы) June 4, 2016
4a "The Sweet Spot" (Милое местечко) June 5, 2016
4b "A Tale of Two Tables" (Столовые приколы) June 5, 2016
5a "Project Loud House" (Проект «Дом Лаудов») June 11, 2016
5b "In Tents Debate" (Палаточный парламент) June 11, 2016
6a "Sound of Silence" (Звук тишины) June 12, 2016
6b "Space Invader" (Пришельцы в комнате) June 12, 2016
7a "Picture Perfect" (Совершенный снимок) June 18, 2016
7b "Undie Pressure" (Бельевое безумие) June 18, 2016
8a "Linc or Swim" (Заплыв Линкольна) June 19, 2016
8b "Changing the Baby" (Меняем ребёнка) June 19, 2016
9a "Overnight Success" N/A
9b "Ties That Bind" (Семейные узы) June 25, 2016
10a "Hand-Me-Downer" (Дарёный конь) June 26, 2016
10b "Sleuth or Consequences" (Преступление или наказание) June 26, 2016
11a "The Green House" (Зеленый дом) July 2, 2016
11b "Butterfly Effect" (Эффект бабочки) July 2, 2016
12a "Along Came a Sister" (А вот и сестра) July 3, 2016
12b "Chore and Peace" (Уборка и мир) July 3, 2016
13a "For Bros About to Rock" (И грянул рок) October 2, 2016
13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" (Этот громкий, громкий, громкий дом) October 2, 2016
14a "Toads and Tiaras" (Жабы и тиары) September 4, 2016
14b "Two Boys and a Baby" (Два мальчика и младенец) September 4, 2016
15a "Cover Girls" (Сёстры под прикрытием) September 11, 2016
15b "Save the Date" (Спасти свидание) September 11, 2016
16a "Attention Deficit" N/A
16b "Out on a Limo" (На лимузине) September 12, 2016
17a "House Music" (Домашний концерт) September 25, 2016
17b "A Novel Idea" (Свежая идея) September 25, 2016
18a "April Fools Rules" (Правила первого апреля) September 26, 2016
18b "Cereal Offender" (Охотник за хлопьями) September 26, 2016
19a "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" (Линкольн Лауд: Гуру по девчонкам) October 16, 2016
19b "Come Sale Away" (Большая распродажа) October 16, 2016
20a "Roughin' It" N/A
20b "The Waiting Game" (Выжидательная тактика) October 23, 2016
21a "The Loudest Yard" (Гол Лауда) November 6, 2016
21b "Raw Deal" (Чистая сделка) November 6, 2016
22a "Dance Dance Resolution" (Танцуй, брат, танцуй) November 13, 2016
22b "A Fair to Remember" (Памятная ярмарка) November 13, 2016
23a "One of the Boys" (Один среди мальчиков) November 20, 2016
23b "A Tattler's Tale" (Ябеда-корябеда) November 20, 2016
24a "Funny Business" (Цирк, да и только) November 27, 2016
24b "Snow Bored" (Уставшие от снега) November 27, 2016
25a "The Price of Admission" (Цена билета в кино) October 30, 2016
25b "One Flu Over the Loud House" (Чума на дом Лаудов) October 30, 2016
26a "Study Muffin" (Учитель просто класс) December 4, 2016
26b "Homespun" (Дом вверх дном) December 4, 2016

Season 2

No. Episode Airdate
27 "11 Louds a Leapin'" N/A
28a "Intern for the Worse" (Хорошему не научат) March 19, 2017
28b "The Old and the Restless" (Старики-разбойники) March 19, 2017
29a "Baby Steps" N/A
29b "Brawl in the Family" (Скандал в семействе) March 11, 2017
30a "Suite and Sour" (Беда в отеле) March 12, 2017
30b "Back in Black" (Чёрный цвет возвращается) March 12, 2017
31a "Making the Grade" (Вундеркинд рулит) March 18, 2017
31b "Vantastic Voyage" (Фургзилла против Вероники) March 18, 2017
32a "Patching Things Up" (Нашивки и печеньки) March 25, 2017
32b "Cheater by the Dozen" (Всех обманул) March 25, 2017
33a "Lock 'n' Loud" (Лауды в осаде) March 26, 2017
33b "The Whole Picture" (Вся жизнь в альбоме) March 26, 2017
34a "No Such Luck" (Талисман неудачи) June 11, 2017
34b "Frog Wild" (Побег из лягушатника) June 11, 2017
35a "Kick the Bucket List" N/A
35b "Party Down" (Да будет вечеринка!) June 18, 2017
36a "Fed Up" (Сборная солянка) June 25, 2017
36b "Shell Shock" (Яичные войны) June 25, 2017
37a "Pets Peeved" (Питомцы не промах) July 2, 2017
37b "Pulp Friction" (Криминальные комиксы) July 2, 2017
38a "Potty Mouth" (Испорченный ребёнок) July 9, 2017
38b "L is for Love" N/A
39 "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" (Чумовые родичи) July 16, 2017
40a "Out of the Picture" (Не в фокусе) July 23, 2017
40b "Room with a Feud" (Комнатный передел) July 23, 2017
41a "Back Out There" (Пережить расставание) October 8, 2017
41b "Spell It Out" (Заклинание семейства) October 8, 2017
42a "Fool's Paradise" (С первым апреля!) October 15, 2017
42b "Job Insecurity" (Карьерный скачок) October 15, 2017
43a "ARGGH! You for Real?" N/A
43b "Garage Banned" (ОтГАРАЖивание) October 22, 2017
44a "Change of Heart" (Сердечный дрейф) October 29, 2017
44b "Health Kicked" N/A
45a "Future Tense" (Будущее бремя) November 5, 2017
45b "Lynner Takes All" (Чемпион всего на свете) November 5, 2017
46a "Yes Man" (Мастер убеждения) January 15, 2018
46b "Friend or Faux?" (Друг или двойка!) January 15, 2018
47a "No Laughing Matter" (Это вам не шутки) January 16, 2018
47b "No Spoilers" (Без спойлеров) January 16, 2018
48a "Legends" (Легенды) January 17, 2018
48b "Mall of Duty" (Охота на сестёр) January 17, 2018
49a "Read Aloud" (Читай, шуми) January 31, 2018
49b "Not a Loud" (Как не родной) January 31, 2018
50 "Tricked!" (Сладкая гадость) January 18, 2018
51a "The Crying Dame" (Плакса) January 19, 2018
51b "Anti-Social" (Выпал из жизни) January 19, 2018
52a "Snow Way Down" N/A
52b "Snow Way Out" (Снежный плен) August 8, 2019

Season 3

No. Episode Airdate
53 "Tripped!" (Путешествие) August 26, 2018
54a "White Hare" (Белый кролик) May 13, 2018
54b "Insta-gran" (Бабуля на гастролях) May 13, 2018
55a "Roadie to Nowhere" (Дорога в никуда) May 20, 2018
55b "A Fridge Too Far" (Холодильнее, чем нужно) May 20, 2018
56a "Selfie Improvement" (Как улучшить селфи) May 27, 2018
56b "No Place Like Homeschool" (Домашнее обучение) May 27, 2018
57a "City Slickers" (Городские пижоны) June 3, 2018
57b "Fool Me Twice" (Двойной обман) June 3, 2018
58a "Net Gains" (Бросок в никуда) July 9, 2018
58b "Pipe Dreams" (Медные трубы) July 9, 2018
59a "Fandom Pains" (Фандомные боли) July 10, 2018
59b "Rita Her Rights" (Право на отдых) July 10, 2018
60a "Teachers' Union" (Учительский профсоюз) July 11, 2018
60b "Head Poet's Anxiety" (Поэтическое волнение) July 11, 2018
61a "The Mad Scientist" (Чокнутый учёный) June 9, 2019
61b "Missed Connection" (Утерянная связь) June 9, 2019
62a "Deal Me Out" (Исключите меня) July 12, 2018
62b "Friendzy" (Дружеское безумие) July 12, 2018
63a "Pasture Bedtime" (Ночёвка на пастбище) July 13, 2018
63b "Shop Girl" (Девушка на распродаже) July 13, 2018
64a "Gown and Out" (Не твой уровень) October 25, 2018
64b "Breaking Dad" (Во все папские) October 25, 2018
65a "Ruthless People" (Жестокие люди) October 22, 2018
65b "What Wood Lincoln Do?" (Что бы сделал Линкольн?) October 22, 2018
66a "Scales of Justice" (Весы правосудия) October 26, 2018
66b "Crimes of Fashion" (Преступление против моды) October 26, 2018
67a "Absent Minded" (За неимением лучшего) October 23, 2018
67b "Be Stella My Heart" (Стань звездой моего сердца) October 23, 2018
68a "Sitting Bull" (Супернянька) October 24, 2018
68b "The Spies Who Loved Me" (Шпионы, что меня любили) October 24, 2018
69 "Really Loud Music" (Наша громкая музыка) January 13, 2019
70a "House of Lies" (Дом вранья) January 14, 2019
70b "Game Boys" (Игроки) January 14, 2019
71a "Everybody Loves Leni" (Все любят Лени) January 15, 2019
71b "Middle Men" (Среднеклассники) January 15, 2019
72a "Jeers for Fears" (Ужас) January 16, 2019
72b "Tea Tale Heart" (Кукла-обличитель) January 16, 2019
73 "The Loudest Thanksgiving" (Шумный День благодарения) January 17, 2019
74a "Predict Ability" (Приступ непредсказуемости) January 18, 2019
74b "Driving Ambition" (Ударные амбиции) January 18, 2019
75a "Home of the Fave" (Дом любимчиков) June 16, 2019
75b "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" (Герой на час) June 16, 2019
76a "The Write Stuff" (Писательские штучки) June 23, 2019
76b "Racing Hearts" N/A
77a "Stage Plight" (Сценическая лихорадка) June 23, 2019
77b "Antiqued Off" N/A
78 "Cooked!" (Жестокая реальность) June 30, 2019

Theme song

В коридорах шум и гам (There is noise in the hall)
Надо биться по утрам (We have to fight)
Чтобы в душ забраться успеть (To get into the bathroom)
(Эй, эй, эй!) (hey, hey, hey!)
Горы стирки по углам (Dirty laundry is everywhere)
Здесь горшок, подгузник там (Diapers are here too)
Ты попробуй только тут выжить суметь! (Try to survive here!)
В нашем доме! В нашем доме! (In our house! In our house!)
Шум и гам, беготня (Noise and turmoil)
Называется семья (That's our family)
В нашем доме! В нашем доме! (In our house! In our house!)
Ты один, десять их (You are one, they are ten)
Но мы не сдаем своих (But we're not traitors)
Дом, дом, дом! Наш дом! (House, house, house! Our house!)
Кака! (Poop!)


  • Like in the original version, Lola and Lily are dubbed by the same actress. However, she doesn't voice Lana, even though she is Lola's twin.
  • Several episodes of the show did not air, for example the episodes where Howard and Harold appear are not aired. This is due to Nickelodeon Central & Eastern Europe being broadcast in Russia (among other countries), where homosexual relationships are deemed illegal. They probably also cut the episode "L is for Love", because Luna has a crush on a girl (Sam) at the end of the episode.
  • In Job Insecurity, Sergei says "nyet", Leni thought he said yes but Lisa corrected her. This was probably modified for this dub.


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