הקאסה-גרנדה (Romanized: HaKasah-Grandeh) is the Hebrew dub of The Casagrandes.


The dub premiered on Nickelodeon Israel on March 22, 2020.


Character Hebrew name (Romanization) Voice
Ronnie Anne Santiago רוני-אן סנטיאגו (Roni-An Santiago) Adi Bity
Bobby Santiago בובי סנטיאגו (Bobi Santiago) Gilan Shachaf
Carlos Casagrande קרלוס קסגרנדה האב (Karlos Kasagrandeh HaAba)
Carlos Jr. Casagrande קרלוס קסגרנדה הבן (Karlos Kasagrandeh HaBen)
Maria Santiago מריה סנטיאגו (Maria Santiago) Talya Barkai
Rosa Casagrande רוזה קסגרנדה (Roza Kasagrandeh)
Carlitos Casagrande קרליטוס קסגרנדה (Karlitos Kasagrandeh)
Arturo Santiago ארטורו סנטיאגו (Arturo Santiago) --
Hector Casagrande הקטור קסגרנדה (Haktor Kasagrandeh) Saar Badishi
Frida Puga Casagrande פרידה פוגה קסגרנדה (Frida Puga Kasagrandeh) Tami Barak
Carlota Casagrande קרלוטה קסגרנדה (Karlota Kasagrandeh) Shir Cohen
Carlino Casagrande קרלינו קסגרנדה (Karlino Kasagrandeh) Guy Zeidman
Sergio סרגיו (Sergio)
Sid Chang סיד צנג (Sid Tzang) --
Adelaide Chang אדאלייד צנג (Adalaid Tzang) --
Becca Chang בקקה צנג (Bekka Tzang) --
Stanley Chang סטנלי צנג (Stenli Tzang) --

List of episodes

Season 1

No. Episode Localized title
Air date Title Card
1a "Going Overboard" "קרלוס אקס"
("Karlos X")
March 22, 2020 Casagrandes S01E01A (Hebrew)
1b "Walk Don't Run" "לטייל עם הכלב"
("Letail am HaKaleb")
March 22, 2020 Casagrandes S01E01B (Hebrew)
2a "The Two of Clubs" "שתי חברות"
("Sheti Chebrot")
March 23, 2020 Casagrandes S01E02A (Hebrew)
2b "Vacation Daze" "יום חופש"
("Yom Chofesh")
March 23, 2020 Casagrandes S01E02B (Hebrew)
3a "New Haunts" "הלואין בעיר"
("HaLevain Bair")
March 24, 2020 Casagrandes S01E03A (Hebrew)
3b "Croaked" "יום המתים"
("Yom HaMetim")
March 24, 2020 Casagrandes S01E03B (Hebrew)
4a "Snack Pact" "טמאלה"
March 25, 2020 Casagrandes S01E04A (Hebrew)
4b "The Horror-Scope" "הורוסקופ"
March 25, 2020 Casagrandes S01E04B (Hebrew)
5a "Arrr in the Family" "הפיראט"
March 26, 2020 Casagrandes S01E05A (Hebrew)
5b "Finders Weepers" "כל הקודם בוכה"
("Kal HaKodam boka")
March 26, 2020 Casagrandes S01E05B (Hebrew)
6a "Stress Test" "מבחן הלחץ"
("Mebechen HaLechetz")
March 29, 2020 Casagrandes S01E06A (Hebrew)
6b "How to Train Your Carl" "לאלף את קרל"
("Lolep ata Karl")
March 29, 2020 Casagrandes S01E06B (Hebrew)
7 "Operation Dad" "מבצע אבא"
("Mevtza Aba")
March 30, 2020 Casagrandes S01E07 (Hebrew)
8a "Flee Market" "יום השנה הפיצתי"
("Yom HaShena HaFitzti")
March 31, 2020 Casagrandes S01E08A (Hebrew)
8b "Copy Can't" "החקיין"
March 31, 2020 Casagrandes S01E08B (Hebrew)
9a "Away Game" "ישנים אצל אבא"
("Ishnim Atzal Aba")
July 1, 2020 Casagrandes S01E09A (Hebrew)
9b "Monster Cash" "סיור מפחיד"
("Sivr Mefchid")
July 1, 2020 Casagrandes S01E09B (Hebrew)
10a "Trend Game" "הטרנד"
July 2, 2020 Casagrandes S01E10A (Hebrew)
10b "This Bird Has Flown" "הציפור הזאת עפה"
("HaTzifor Hazat Afa")
July 2, 2020 Casagrandes S01E10B (Hebrew)
11a "V.I.P.eeved" "מאחורי הקלעים"
("Machori HaKlaim")
July 5, 2020 Casagrandes S01E11A (Hebrew)
11b "Señor Class" "תלמיד מבוגר"
("Telmid Mebogar")
July 5, 2020 Casagrandes S01E11B (Hebrew)
12a "Fast Feud" "בורגר בלאסט"
("Burger Belast")
July 6, 2020 Casagrandes S01E12A (Hebrew)
12b "Never Friending Story" "חבר טוב"
("Chaber Tov")
July 6, 2020 Casagrandes S01E12B (Hebrew)
13a "Grandparent Trap" TBA TBA
13b "Miss Step" TBA TBA
14a "Slink or Swim" TBA TBA
14b "The Big Chill" TBA TBA
15a "Karma Chameleon" TBA TBA
15b "Team Effort" TBA TBA

Theme song

S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
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The Casagrandes - Opening Theme (Hebrew)

The Casagrandes - Opening Theme (Hebrew)

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