"10 Headed Beast" is a short, based on The Loud House.


A brave white-haired warrior and his companion fight a giant ten-headed monster to cure his boredom.


Linc, a white-haired warrior, is suffering from boredom. After sitting down in a marsh, he suddenly hears something rustling. After picking up his sword, a new warrior arrives and introduces himself as Ka-Lyde of the McBride Clan. Ka-Lyde explains that somewhere is a mystical artifact that has the ability to change whatever the Black Mirror can show. Thinking that this could cure his boredom, Linc and Ka-Lyde proceed to go find it.

The dreaded 10-headed beast!

Linc and Ka-Lyde arrive to the Stairs of Doom, where the artifact is believed to be found. After entering, they discover that the artifact is being used by a giant 10-headed monster. Linc attempts to reach for it, but he accidentally farts, giving away his presence. As the monster begins to attack, Linc and Ka-Lyde attempt to fight off the monster's many heads. After some fighting, one of the heads has had enough and calls for her mother.

In reality, Lincoln and Clyde were playing make-believe in only their underwear, and the 10-headed beast was actually the sisters just watching TV. When Lola tattles out on Lincoln and Clyde, Rita tells the two that if they're going to play make-believe, they should play outside. As the two mope that they couldn't cure their boredom, they decide to go on another adventure, running past a grouchy wizard mowing his lawn.


Leni, Luna, Luan, Lucy, and Lisa have no lines in this short.


  • This premise of this short is based on the comic "The 10-Headed Beast" from the graphic novel There Will Be More Chaos. Jared Morgan also happens to be the writer for both the comic and the short.
  • The title of this short is what Lincoln mentioned in "Project Loud House".
  • This is the first short where Andre Robinson voices Clyde.
  • On June 25, 2020, Katrina Zemrak released the soundtrack for this short.[1]
  • On July 25, 2020, the short was released for free on The Loud House's Instagram account.[2]


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