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"11 Louds a Leapin'" is the fifty-third episode, and the Season 2 premiere of The Loud House, as well as the series' first full-length episode.


As the Louds prepare for Christmas, Lincoln's sled goes into their neighbor's yard, leading Lincoln and Clyde to attempt a rescue mission.


Act I

It's Christmas Eve in Royal Woods, and Lincoln is about to head outside to ride his sled. As he gets ready, he encounters his parents and sisters, each of them doing an activity before the holiday arrives:

  • Luna is trying to come up with a new Christmas-song, but is having trouble coming up with the lyrics.
  • Luan is trying to come up with twelve Christmas-themed puns for her "12 Puns of Christmas."
  • Leni is trying to make a new Christmas outfit, but keeps taking her mom's Christmas decorations (albeit unintentionally).
  • Bobby is having trouble coming up with a good Christmas present to give to Lori, who, in turn, is trying her best to resist opening up Christmas presents early (she and the rest of the family not wanting a repeat of what happened at Christmas the previous year). Lori later gets a huge present that says to open it immediately--but believing it to be some sort of test, Lori decides not to open it until Christmas morning.
  • Lynn Sr. is making the figgy pudding and needs someone to taste test it.
  • Lynn and Lucy are searching every corner of the house, trying to find any hidden Christmas presents from their parents.
  • Lola is trying to act super nice so she can appear on Santa's nice list, but Lisa points out that with the amount of time she has left until Christmas morning, she's far less likely to succeed.
  • Lana has set up a bunch of traps around their house and home--after Lincoln accidentally falls prey to one of the traps, Lana explains to him that she wants to catch one of Santa's reindeer and keep it as a pet.
  • Lily keeps appearing in various places like from inside Christmas stockings and Leni's clothes and teasing Luan's puns.

In the backyard, Lincoln is about to ride his sled down the slide. He dashes down the slide, but within seconds, the sled hits a rock and suffers a terrible fate: it lands in Mr. Grouse's yard. Lincoln is unhappy with this, saying that anything that lands in Mr. Grouse's yard never comes back. Lincoln calls Clyde over and tells him about the sled incident, and the two immediately devise a plan to get it back. As Clyde sings Christmas carols to Mr. Grouse, Lincoln sneaks into Mr. Grouse's yard to grab the sled, but in the process, makes a loud noise that catches Mr. Grouse's attention. He walks into his backyard, and immediately takes the sled into his house.

Now that the sled is in Mr. Grouse's house, getting it back is now a harder task. Luckily for them, Mr. Grouse is leaving his house, and Lincoln could use that opportunity to get it back. As Clyde keeps an eye out for Mr. Grouse, he ends up falling for one of Lana's traps, which flings him far away.

S2E01 Linc inside Mr. Grouse's house

Lincoln is inside Mr. Grouse's House.

As Lincoln searches the house, he discovers that Mr. Grouse used to have a sled like him when he was Lincoln's age. At that moment, he manages to find his sleigh, but immediately after, Mr. Grouse arrives back home and begins to unlock his door, much to Lincoln's shock.

Act II

As Mr. Grouse enters his house, Lincoln is forced into hiding. After he successfully evades his grouchy neighbor several times, Lincoln is caught by him when he tries to escape through the back door. Lincoln, scared that Mr. Grouse caught him, accidentally tosses his sled into the air in shock, causing it to break when it hits the floor. Because Lincoln left a mess while trying to hide from him, Mr. Grouse orders him to clean up the mess. Mr. Grouse calls Lincoln's parents, but is forced to leave a message. When Mr. Grouse's phone rings later, he at first thinks that Lincoln's parents got his message from earlier, but the person calling turns out to be a relative of his (a niece of his, apparently). During Mr. Grouse's phone conversation with his niece, Lincoln finds a picture of Mr. Grouse with his family, and it turns out that Mr. Grouse comes from a large family like Lincoln does. However, from what can be gathered from the conversation between Mr. Grouse and his niece, Mr. Grouse is apparently unable to see his family as often as he would like, and it's been years since the last time he visited them during the Christmas season. When Mr. Grouse discovers that Lincoln found the photo of him and his family, Lincoln tries talking to Mr. Grouse about his family issues, but the cranky old neighbor, obviously not wanting to talk about it, escorts Lincoln out and makes him go back home.

When Lincoln arrives back home, the rest of the family is going on about their business. When Lincoln catches the attention of his sisters and explains how he just came from Mr. Grouse's house, this gets the girls to start complaining about their next-door neighbor's grumpy demeanor. While Lincoln does agree with what his sisters are saying, he reveals to them what happened at Mr. Grouse's house. After hearing about Mr. Grouse's family situation, Lincoln and his sisters have a much better understanding of why their neighbor acts the way he does and feel bad for him. They realize that because they cared about what they wanted to accomplish during Christmas, they never thought about what Mr. Grouse really wanted. This revelation causes Luna to realize why she had trouble coming up with lyrics: it didn't have the spirit of Christmas. Now that they all know this, they know how to lift Mr. Grouse's spirit.

S2E01 Loud and McBride families caroling

The Louds and McBrides caroling for a lonely Mr. Grouse.

Later that night, Mr. Grouse snoozes away, until he hears caroling outside. He walks over to the door, and sees the Loud and McBride families singing the Christmas song that Luna wrote. When they finish the song, Lincoln presents Mr. Grouse with a present: a (one-way) bus ticket to see his family. Mr. Grouse is touched by the two family's gratitude, that he invites them into his house to celebrate Christmas with him. As the two families decorate the house, Mr. Grouse decides to give back their confiscated items as a form of apology. Lori tells Clyde that he's standing under a mistletoe, and gives him a kiss, causing Clyde to blush.

The next day, on Christmas morning, the Loud family is surrounded by their recently opened gifts. Just before Mrs. Loud can take down all the Christmas decorations, and start decorating for Valentine's Day, Lori finally opens the huge present that she had gotten the day before, and the present turns out to be Bobby himself. Bobby explains that he couldn't come up with a material gift for Lori, so he decided to give himself as Christmas present to her (and immediately asks for food and water after having been in the box for so long). Lisa managed to get proof that Santa does exist, and left a present under the couch. Lynn and Lucy pull the gift out, and it's revealed to be for Lincoln. Lincoln opens it, and realizes it's a sled. However, he notices that it's similar to the one Mr. Grouse apparently owned as a kid. Curious, Lincoln exits the house, and sees Mr. Grouse packing his stuff into a taxi, before he departs to finally see his family. Lincoln thanks Mr. Grouse for the gift, but Mr. Grouse reassures that he should thank Santa. As Lincoln prepares to ride his new sled, he suffers the same accident, but this time, the sled crashes through one of Mr. Grouse's windows. As Mr. Grouse yells out Lincoln's name in anger, Lincoln quickly leaves the scene.

Luan manages to say one more Christmas related pun, and in celebration, says Merry Christmas to the viewers, when suddenly, she gets caught in one of Lana's traps, where Lana mistakenly believes that she finally caught an actual reindeer (due to the antler headband that Luan was wearing).


Mall Cop Captain and Joy have no lines in this episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House music

  The Loud House Theme (Christmas Version) - Michelle Lewis, Doug Rockwell, Chris Savino [Title card and opening.]
  Sneeky - Gregor F. Narholz [Lincoln heads for Mr. Grouse's house.]

  Sneeky - Gregor F. Narholz [Mr. Grouse starts to look for Lincoln.]

  That's What Christmas is All About - Sammie Crowley, Whitney Wetta [The Louds sing this to Mr. Grouse.]


S2E01 TLH Christmas Logo

The Christmas-themed logo for the episode.

S2E01 Loud Parents face reveal

Rita and Lynn Sr.'s faces finally revealed.

  • This is the series' first full-length episode.
  • This is the highest viewed episode in Season 2.
  • This is the last episode to air in 2016.
  • At the end of the theme song, where Lily was walking, it changes to a winter scenery, where Lily is wearing her winter clothes.
  • Instead of the usual end credits, this episode has a winter themed background, and an instrumental version of That's What Christmas is All About plays in place of the show's usual end credits theme.
  • This episode reveals Rita and Lynn Sr.'s whole faces for the first time. Their faces were hidden, until they lowered the Christmas boxes, while talking to Mr. Grouse.
    • Chris Savino confirmed that after this episode, the parents' faces will no longer be hidden.[2]
    • Since their faces are hidden in the episodes "The Old and the Restless", "Brawl in the Family", and "Making the Grade", it might mean those episodes could have been produced before this episode. Also, "The Old and the Restless" aired before this episode.
    • Prior to this episode's original airing, Nickelodeon posted a sing-along video titled "YESvember" on their website and YouTube, which included several brief clips from this episode. Most notably, when the video was originally posted, one of the clips used was of the Louds and McBrides decorating Mr. Grouse's living room, thus accidentally spoiling the reveal of Lynn Sr. and Rita's faces. The video was subsequently reposted with that particular clip replaced by one from The Thundermans episode "Winter Thunderland".
  • This is the second winter-themed story, after "Snow Bored".
    • However, unlike "Snow Bored", this episode is explicitly a holiday special.
  • Lynn and Lucy are looking for gifts, but they does not seem to realize that besides using some of them to look through the air duct of the room, there are some right next to the Christmas Tree.
  • Miguel Puga mentioned that he worked on the storyboard for this episode in a live drawing session at Nickelodeon Animation Studio.[3]
  • This is the second episode set on a holiday (Christmas), after "April Fools Rules" (April Fool's Day).
  • This is the first episode produced for the season, but is the third aired.
  • Howard's hair is light brown instead of red throughout the entire episode.
  • This is the series' very first holiday special.
  • This episode aired about a month before the date the episode takes place on.
  • This is the first episode to be written by more than two people.
  • This episode reveals that Mr. Grouse also has a large family, but isn't able to see them.
  • It's revealed that Luan tries to come up with 12 puns every Christmas.
    • Luan's 12 puns of Christmas are the following:
      • 1. "I'll say! Those lyrics make no frankincense!"
      • 2. "I've only got to come up with eleven myrrh!"
      • 3. "What's that, Mom? I can holly hear you!"
      • 4. "Lily, are you stocking me?"
      • 5. "Look at Dad getting figgy with it!"
      • 6. "Sorry, Dad. Yule have to ask someone else."
      • 7. "Oh, I just sleigh myself!"
      • 8. "Hold it! You are mistletoe-tally busted!"
      • 9. "Well, there's no time like the present!"
      • 10. "Just ribbon ya!"
      • 11. "You two definitely have the Christmas spirit!"
      • 12. "Well, I guess that just wraps things up!"
  • It is also revealed that Luna always tries to write a song to sing every Christmas.
  • This episode was produced as two separate parts.
  • This is the first episode to have an alteration to the title sequence, and also the first episode to use an alternate credits sequence.
  • During the title card, and in parts of the episode, a special instrumental holiday version of the show's theme can be heard.
  • This is the first episode in which producer Karen Malach receives a credit on the opening title card, as opposed to the closing credits.
  • This marks the first time all the Louds sing a song together.
  • Lisa is the only Loud who doesn't have a Christmas stocking.
    • This is most likely due to the fact that she didn't believe in Santa Claus.
  • The color of the Christmas stockings of each Loud sibling (except Lisa), all match the colors they appear in the theme song, and the parents' stockings match their clothes.
  • Howard and Harold were featured when singing the song, but they did not play any role in the episode until then.
  • The parts with Howard and Harold speaking were cut in Nickelodeon Southeast Asia.
  • This is the third time Luan breaks the fourth wall, the first time being in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" and the second being in "April Fools Rules".
  • In Finland, this special was split into two parts.
  • The gifts each of the Loud siblings received on Christmas day:
    S2E01 Loud family on Christmas morning

    The Loud family on Christmas Day.

    • Lincoln - A game system, and a replacement sled
    • Lori - Bobby (just Bobby)
    • Leni - Shoes
    • Luna - A banjo
    • Luan - A magic kit
    • Lynn - Sporting shoes
    • Lucy - A bust of Edwin
    • Lana - A dungeon play set
    • Lola - A castle play set
    • Lisa - A meteorite, a book, and a photo of Santa
    • Lily - A teddy bear
      • Other gifts were unclear to see, unknown who they were for, or not shown on screen.
  • Innuendo: During the third song Luna was singing, she was about to say "p***ed".


  • 11 Louds a Leapin' - The title of this episode is a parody of the lyric "ten lords a-leaping" (which can change) from the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas", and the fact that there are 11 children in the Loud family.
    • Also, Luan's "12 Puns of Christmas" is also a parody of the Christmas song "The Twelve Days of Christmas".
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Lana's dungeon play set resembles Castle Grayskull.
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog - Lincoln calls the Fearsome Flyer 8000, Big Red, which is a possible reference to Clifford's nickname.
  • Alien - The part where Lily comes out of Leni's outfit is similar to when a Face-Hugger jumps from her host.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - The part where Rita holds up Lily to put a star on top of the Christmas tree, is a nod to the scene where Bumble holds up Hermey to put a silver star on the tree.
  • Olive, the Other Reindeer - The Reindeer antlers headband Luan was wearing resembles Olive's.
  • Grumpy Cat and Hang in there, Baby - Bobby is seen holding a calendar with the words "Unamused Feline" in it. This is a reference to the Grumpy Cat meme. He also is seen holding one resembling the "Hang In There" cat meme.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas! - Clyde's antler with the mistletoe hat is similar to the Grinch's dog's reindeer antler.
  • The Bible - Luan's first 2 puns of her 12 puns include frankincense and myrrh, which is referencing the Nativity where three wise men gave gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus.


S2E01 Rita Standing on the Dresser
  • When Lana was cheering that she finally caught a reindeer (which was actually Luan), the eyelashes on her right eye were disconnected.
  • When Lincoln opens his sled, and it zooms out, Rita, Lynn Sr., and Lori are standing on top of the dresser, as opposed to behind it.
    • Also, Leni's eyelashes were missing during this.
  • When the Louds and McBrides are caroling for Mr. Grouse, when it zooms in to the right side (Lynn Sr., Lily, Leni, Lincoln, Lucy, Lori, and Lana), Lori and Leni's candles are gone.
  • When Lynn Sr. and Rita's faces are finally shown, the eyelashes are disconnected from Rita's right eye.
  • There are a couple errors in the scene where the Loud kids are admiring the gifts they got for Christmas:
    • Rita is shown wearing white slippers, but when Lincoln learns his gift from Santa is a new sled, she's wearing her usual black flats. Also, when she and the Louds said "Santa?", the top of her hair didn't turn.
    • When Leni is admiring the white high heels she got, her eyelashes are missing.
    • When Lori first comes out to open her gift, her slippers are blue, but in the next shot, they're white.
    • Lincoln can be seen wearing socks with his PJ's, yet in other episodes, he doesn't (unless it's the t-shirt with underwear; this may be because of the cold weather).
  • After caroling to Mr. Grouse, Mr. Grouse refers to everyone as Louds, even though the McBrides are with them.
  • In the flashback of last Christmas, where Lori opens all the gifts, the siblings don't change in appearance at all.
  • When the kids were in Mr. Grouse's house when he was about to say something, and all the kids move their pupils to listen to him, their pupils were a line for a second.
  • When Rita was nailing the stockings onto the wall, Lincoln's stocking was before Luan's and Lynn's, even though they're older than him.

Running Gags

  • The sisters doing Christmas-related things.
    • Lori trying not to open any Christmas presents.
    • Leni using house decorations to make outfits.
    • Luna trying to write her Christmas song.
    • Luan coming up with her 12 Christmas theme puns.
    • Lynn and Lucy searching for Christmas presents.
    • Lana testing out her reindeer traps.
    • Lola doing good deeds to be on Santa's Nice List.
    • Lisa disbelieving in Santa Claus and Lola's niceness.
  • Lily blowing a raspberry to Luan's jokes and popping out of a stocking.
  • Clyde wanting a kiss from Lori under the mistletoe.
  • Lynn Sr. wanting someone to taste test his figgy pudding.
  • Mr. Grouse saying "My yard, my property!", whenever something lands on his yard.
  • Rita asking where Christmas decorations are after Leni uses them as materials for her Christmas dress.
  • "Last year" mentions.



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