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"12 Days of Christmas" is a musical short based on the The Loud House.


It’s the 12 Days of Christmas… Loud House style!


Sung in the style of the Christmas song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," each of the Loud family members list off what they got for Christmas.

  1. Lori - "A phone plan for me and Bobby."
  2. Leni - "Two turtlenecks." (she doesn't like either one)
  3. Luna - "Three French horns."
  4. Luan - "Four awesome pranks." (a whoopee cushion, a joy buzzer, a squirt flower, and a pie in the face)
  5. Lynn - "Five goals to score." (for hockey)
  6. Lincoln - "Six new Ace Savvys."
  7. Lucy - "Seven bats a-flying."
  8. Lana - "Eight yummy mud pies."
  9. Lola - "Nine pageant sashes."
  10. Lisa - "Ten beakers mixing."
  11. Lynn Sr. (with Lily) - "Eleven smelly diapers."
  12. Rita - "Twelve Louds a-looking." (peeking in their stockings)



  • This is the last short released in 2017.
  • This is the first musical short.
  • This is the first short not to be adapted from any of Chris Savino's comics of the series.
  • Despite not being on the title card, the white wreath with the orange bow counts as Lincoln's appearance, given his white hair and orange polo shirt.
  • This is the first short to be holiday themed.
  • This is the first short to show the parents' faces.
  • Luan's "four awesome pranks" are Lori sitting on a whoopee cushion, Luna getting joy buzzed, Leni being sprayed by a squirt flower, and Lincoln getting a pie in the face.



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