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"15 Candles" is the tenth episode of the third season, eighty-fifth episode of The Casagrandes.


Already planning Ronnie Anne's quinceañera, Rosa decides to train Ronnie Anne - for the next 3 years.


Today is girl's day out between Ronnie Anne and Rosa. They first go over to a fancy restaurant called El Palacio, which has a dance floor, excellent meals and dessert served via chandelier. Later, at Margarita's beauty salon, Ronnie Anne is given a glow up by Margarita. When Ronnie Anne says that they should do this more often, Rosa reveals one more surprise: her hair has been done to shape like the number 15 and announces her plans of planning for her quinceañera. Ronnie Anne states that she has 3 1/2 years left until her quinceañera, but Rosa is undeterred, stating that she plans on spending every Saturday for the next 3 1/2 years planning the party, much to Ronnie Anne's horror.

Later, in Sid's room, Ronnie Anne is telling Sid about the situation she's in, and states that she doesn't want to spend every Saturday planning for a party that won't happen in several years. What follows afterwards is Ronnie Anne trying to prevent Rosa from planning the party, only for Rosa to come up with an excuse to keep on planning.

  • First, Nico, a monkey from the zoo, overhears their conversation and offers his assistance to keep Rosa distracted. Later, as Rosa goes through her binder for planning the quinceañera, she suddenly gets calls from several tenants asking for her help in fixing things. When Rosa remarks that needing to fix the problems will take all weekend, Ronnie Anne states that they should just cancel their plans, but Rosa instead calls in for the next best plumber she knows: Lalo.
  • Second, Ronnie Anne tells Sid that she managed to convince the driver of the tamale truck to hire Rosa for making tamales on Saturdays. However, Rosa decides to multitask by not only serving tamales to customers, but also using the tamale husks to make her dress.
  • Third, Ronnie Anne assigns Carl to pretend to be Ernesto Estrella to deliver a "fortune" that Saturdays are bad luck and that no party planning should take place on that day. Rosa falls for the trick, but instead of cancelling her plans of planning the quinceañera, she decided to move the planning to Sundays (and also Friday nights). Realizing she's now in an even worse situation, Sid makes the suggestion to Ronnie Anne that she should give Rosa a taste of her own medicine.
  • Following Sid's words, Ronnie Anne attempts to discourage Rosa from planning the quinceañera by subjecting her to the same obnoxious plans to show her how it feels to be in her shoes. This ranges from blaring mariachi music while she sleeps, styling her hair into the shape of the number 15, and having her wear a big poofy dress.

Later, Rosa enters Ronnie Anne's room, and tells her that because of her "enthusiasm" for her quinceañera, she had cancelled her plans for skateboarding camp and made a brand-new binder for her to read regarding her quinceañera. This proves to the be the final straw for Ronnie Anne, as she decides to confront Rosa and tell her she's done with planning for her quinceañera. As she attempts to haul the hulking binder, she accidentally drops it onto Maria's foot, where she asks what's happening. When Ronnie Anne tells her mother that Rosa is going overboard with planning her quinceañera, Maria confesses that she knows exactly what she's going through, as Rosa did the same thing to her when she was younger. She explains that Rosa was never given a quinceañera because her family couldn't afford one, so she believed that planning quinceañeras for her family years in advance would fill in the empty hole. Now knowing the whole story, Ronnie Anne says that she has an idea.

Sometime later, Ronnie Anne guides a blindfolded Rosa to El Palacio, and reveals to her that they have thrown her a belated quinceañera, with the Casagrandes and the Changs as guests. Moved by her act of act of kindness (and after a brief dance with Hector), Rosa thanks Ronnie Anne for filling in the empty hole, and to show her thanks, she declares that she no longer has to deal with planning her quinceañera anymore, to which Ronnie Anne is thankful for. Afterwards, everyone begins to enjoy the rest of the quinceañera.


Bobby, Frida, C.J., Carlitos, Adelaide, Becca, and Stanley have no lines in this episode, although Frida is heard crying during Rosa's belated quinceañera.


  • This episode confirms that Ronnie Anne is 11½ years old.
  • This and "Rook, Line, & Sinker" are the first pair of episodes to be written by the same writer, that being Alec Schwimmer.
  • This episode reveals that, prior to the events of this episode, Rosa never had a quinceañera because her parents could not afford to celebrate it, and as a result, she bombarded Maria and Ronnie Anne with planning their respective quinceañeras years in advance to supposedly make up for missing hers.
    • According to Rosa, Frida spent two years planning Carlota's quinceañera, and as a result, the cake came out dry.


  • 15 Candles - The title of this episode is a reference to the 1984 coming-of-age comedy film Sixteen Candles.
  • Old Faithful - Mr. Nakamura describes his erupting toilet as this famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park in the state of Wyoming.

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