4th of July Guide 🎇 The Loud House TryThis-0

4th of July Guide 🎇 The Loud House TryThis-0

4th of July Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on July 2, 2019.


The Louds want to make their Independence Day the best EVER! Watch along and help us find the perfect patriotic job for each person.

Characters and Their Jobs

  • Lincoln - Taking photos because he took a family photo successfully after a few tries. Rejected as a beach trip planner because of the time they thought taking him to the beach was unlucky.
  • Lori - Brings Bobby to the party because she's his girlfriend and is put in charge of planning the trip to the beach because she's the oldest. Rejected as a photographer because she's better at taking selfies.
  • Leni - Designing the red, white, and blue clothes due to her affinity for fashion.
  • Luna - Singing the National Anthem due to her singing talent.
  • Luan - Pyrotechnic because she has experience with lighting up the dark due to having eaten Lisa's Gloweo.
  • Lynn - Put in charge of games because she's an athlete.
  • Lucy - Conducting a seance for the founding fathers due to being a goth. Rejected from being the fashion designer because she doesn't make red or blue clothes.
  • Lana - Making sure Vanzilla works because she's the expert on car repair.
  • Lola - Leading the parade because she's into beauty pageants.
  • Lisa - Letting everybody know when the pool is safe to swim in because she invented a solution that removes urine. Rejected as a pyrotechnic because she has bad luck with explosions.
  • Lily - Dancing because she's the best dancer.
  • Rita and Lynn Sr. - Cooking due to Lynn Sr.'s being a chef and supervising Luan when she's letting off the fireworks due to them being her legal guardians. Rejected from singing the National Anthem due to their lack of musical talent.
  • Bobby - Being a lifeguard because he's worked as one before.
  • Everyone - Decorating Vanzilla.

Episodes shown

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