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"A Dark and Story Night" is the forty-fifth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-ninety-fourth episode of The Loud House.


When the lights go out in the Loud House, the kids entertain themselves by taking turns telling parts of a story.


NOTE: The colored text indicates which sibling is telling their respective part of the story.

On a particularly snowy day, the kids sit in the living room, looking for something good to watch on TV. Suddenly, the power goes out. Looking at his phone, Lynn Sr. says that the power outage was caused by a tree knocking down a power line. The kids proceed to pass the time by looking at their phones, but Lynn Sr. tells them not to, saying that, if the outage were to last longer than expected, they need at least one phone with some power so they can make contact with someone. After the kids put their phones away, Rita and Lynn Sr. proceed to walk around town to check on their neighbors. The moment they leave, Lincoln tells his sisters that they can pass the time by taking turns telling a story where they can tell it in any way they want. Lincoln decides to go first.

After a power outage, the siblings decide to tell a story.

The story begins with a space cowboy named Triton, who is flying through space heading back home. Suddenly, he is warned that his ship is running out of power, forcing him to land on a nearby planet. While looking around, he spots something behind a bush. He discovers it's a woman named Princess DeLola. Triton asks DeLola if her planet has anything to power his ship, and DeLola explains that her kingdom used to have a crystal that could power anything, but then a tree fell on top of it, breaking it into five pieces, and scattering all over the land. After she tells the story, Triton and DeLola decide to team up and find the five pieces. DeLola believes that she found one of the missing shards in the pond. As Triton and DeLola look into the pond, a frog named Ribbon jumps out. Triton and DeLola ask Ribbon if he saw a shiny rock nearby, and Ribbon says that he ate it so he can glow in the dark. Despite this setback, Ribbon explains that he knows where another crystal shard is, and advises the two to follow him.

Triton, DeLola and Ribbon head into a forest to find a piece of the crystal.
As they continue onward, the group suddenly encounters the Rock God, where they discover that her guitar has one of the crystal shards. DeLola asks the Rock God if she would like to exchange her guitar for an even better instrument, and the Rock God agrees. Looking around the forest, the three discover a tree housing several instruments ranging from different drums and horns. After plucking the instruments from the tree, the three make a makeshift instrument that, despite its discordant sounds, the Rock God ends up loving, so she decides to give the trio her crystal shard. As they continue on their adventure, they suddenly hear a creature rustling in a nearby bush. Looking in the bush, they discover that it's a robot tangled in brambles. After being freed by Triton, the robot explains that she was in search of crystal shards, saying that her battery power is low, and will cease to function if she doesn't get charged by sunrise. At Triton's suggestion, the robot agrees to join the three on their journey.

Suddenly, the four find themselves on a basketball court in space, and something quickly comes crashing down. It turns out to be an alien athlete named Tricksy, who has two crystal shards attached to her shoes, which allow her to play her sports really fast. When Tricksy refuses to give up the shards, Triton makes a deal: if they can score three points before her, they get her shards, but if she wins, they can have the shards they acquired. Tricksy accepts the wager, believing to be an easy win. The four decide to call up the spirit of the greatest basketball player ever, Dominic Dunkster, to help them. Upon being summoned, the game officially starts. As the group plays against Tricksy, the two manage to score two points each. As Tricksy tosses the ball to make her third goal, the ball suddenly bounces off the backboard, and Dominic quickly tosses the robot to ricochet the ball into the net, giving the group the win, and forcing Tricksy to surrender her crystal shards. Seeing Tricksy so down, Triton decides to make her feel better by giving her his shoelaces, since they're anti-gravity.

As the group continues looking, they suddenly encounter a mermaid. They discover that she has the last crystal shard, as she's using it to have her phone constantly charged. DeLola asks the mermaid is she's willing to give her crystal shard to the group, and the mermaid states that while she'd love to, she fears that if her phone were to run out of power, she won't be able to talk to her boyfriend. As the group tries to figure out what to give in exchange, the robot states that if the mermaid wants her phone to constantly be charged, they just simply need to give her an alternate source of electricity. Looking around, the robot decides to use some pieces of wood to build a water wheel to put right under the waterfall, where the wheel will spin endlessly, thus giving the mermaid all the electricity she wants. Seeing how much good they did for her, the mermaid proceeds to give the group her crystal shard. As for the crystal shard that Ribbon ate, Ribbon proceeds to excrete it out, much to Triton and DeLola's disgust. With all five pieces of the crystal recovered, the gem reforms itself and starts sending out beams of energy, allowing the robot to recharge her battery, and allowing Triton to recharge his ship.

Even with the power back on, the siblings decide to continue storytelling.

Suddenly, the power comes back on, and Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive back just in time. As the siblings proceed to go back to watching TV and using their phones, they express disinterest in what's on TV and state that they want to tell another story.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Bienvenue chez les Loud: Saison 4: Partie 2" DVD.


  • This is the last episode to be written by Sammie Crowley before her departure from Nickelodeon.
  • Leni, Luan, and Lily are the only siblings who told their own part of the story without adding themselves into it.
  • When the flow of the story gets interrupted, the characters can be seen reacting to these sudden halts. Here are the known occurrences:
    • When Lola starts to tell her part of the story, she calls Triton weird, making an offended Lincoln (and by extension, Triton) remind her that he's cool.
    • When Lana introduces her character, she almost names him Ribbit, before settling with Ribbon.
    • When the characters give the Rock God their mishmash instrument, Luna complains that her character would never accept it, and Luan argues that she's telling the story, so she can tell it how she wants.
    • When Triton gives Tricksy his anti-gravity shoelaces, Lincoln points out cowboys don't have shoelaces (as he's wearing boots), but is told by Lynn to let Lucy tell the story.
  • Lily is shown to have gotten a new phone after Lori broke her other one in "Room with a Feud".
  • The siblings' self-inserts:
    • Lincoln - Triton; a space cowboy.
    • Lori - An unnamed mermaid.
    • Luna - The Rock God; a goddess who plays rock music.
    • Lynn - Tricksy; a sports-playing alien.
    • Lucy - The ghost of a basketball player named Dominic Dunkster (opposite gender of creator).
    • Lana - Ribbon; a talking humanoid frog (opposite gender of creator)
    • Lola - DeLola; a princess.
    • Lisa - An unnamed robot.
  • Lola was the only sibling who put her own name into her character's name.
  • Innuendo: Triton and DeLola are disgusted when Ribbon tells them that he will give them the shard that he ate once it "works its way through his system".


  • A Dark and Story Night - The title of this episode is a pun of the phrase, "it was a dark and stormy night," a line frequently used to set up a dark/scary story.
  • Star Wars - Triton's spaceship resembles an X-wing from the same franchise.
  • Inuyasha - The story of Triton and his partners travelling the planet to find the shards of a broken power crystal is similar to the quest of this manga series, in which a half demon, a girl from the future, a cursed monk and a demon slayer travel all over feudal Japan to retrieve shards of the Shikon Jewel.
  • Space Jam - Lynn's character Tricksy partially resembles one of the Mon-Stars from this 1996 film.
  • Pac-Man - Lucy's character Dominic Dunkster resembles a ghost from this video game franchise.
  • Transformers - The robot imagined by Lisa transforms into its bigger version with torso resembles Optimus Prime.


  • When Ribbon the frog jumped out of the pond, Triton and DeLola are already wet one second before they got splashed on.
  • As the Rock God is blowing into the strange instrument, the crystal shard's position changed on the guitar. Then it goes back to its original position in the new shot.
  • When Lola was about to tell her part of the story, Lynn is shown non shaded compare to everyone else as if light is shining on her.


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