S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
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The following is a transcript for the episode "A Dark and Story Night".


[It's a snowy night at the Loud House]
Lincoln: [Bored] "Lana, change the channel."
[The kids are sitting around the TV, bored out of their heads]
Lori: "This show is so boring."
Lola: "Ugh! There's nothing on TV."
[Lana changes the channel again when suddenly the power goes off. The siblings gasp]
Lana: "Oh-no, what'd I do?"
Rita: "Uh, I think the powers out, wonder if it's the whole neighborhood."
Lynn Sr.: [checks his phone] "Let's see, yup, a tree knocked down a powerline in Oak Street." [The kids shrug and take out their phones] "Ah-ah, put those down. Who knows how long this blackout could last, we need to preserve the battery life on our phones. You to, Lily."
[Lily takes her toy phone out of her mouth. Everyone starts complaining]
Rita: [Turns on a flashlight] "I'm sure you'll think of another way to entertain yourselves, just use your imaginations. Come on Honey, let's take a quick walk around the block and check in on the neighbors."
Lynn Sr.: "Good idea. Alright, kiddos, your mom and I'll be back in just a bit."
[They leave]
Lola: "Ugh! We're doomed!"
Lynn: "Yeah, this is gonna be the most boring night of our lives."
Lincoln: [Gets an idea] "Not necessarily, Clyde thought me a cool game we could try, one of us starts telling a story, then we pass it off to the next person, and they can do whatever they want with it." [The girls are intrigued] "Great! I'll go first." [Clears his throat] "Once upon a time, there was an awesome space cowboy..." [A spaceship is flying through space] "...flying around the galaxy. His name is Triton, he's been away from his planet for months, he's finally heading home, but all of a sudden, the ship begins to shake."
[The ship starts shaking, and Triton looks at the monitor]
Triton: "Out of power? Dang it, I gotta find somewhere to land, fast."
[He goes for the nearest planet]
Lincoln: "Triton lands on a foreign planet," [The ship lands, rather hardly] "looking for something to power his ship, when he sees..." [Back to the real world] "Okay Lola, now it's your turn."
Lola: [Excited] "Ooh, yay." [Back to the story] "So the weird space guy..." [Triton is slightly offended]
Triton: "He's not weird Lola he's cool." [Triton's confided]
Lola: "Ugh, whatever. So the space guy looks around to see..." [Triton gasps] "A lovely young lady sitting by a pretty pond, her name is..."
DeLola: "...Princess DeLola"
Triton: "Hi DeLola, I'm Triton."
DeLola: "What brings you to my planet?"
Triton: "Well, my ship ran out of power and I had to make an emergency landing. Does your planet have anything I can use to recharge my ship?"
DeLola: "Well, we used to. We had a power crystal that was strong enough to charge just about anything," [Flashback to when the crystal existed] "but it was shattered into five shards when a mystical tree fell on it." [A tree pops up out of nowhere and breaks the crystal] "and the wind scattered them across the land." [End of flashback] "As princess, it is my duty to find the five missing shards and reform the crystal, so I can bring power back to my kingdom."
Triton: "I'll help you reform the crystal, then we can both use the power from it."
DeLola: "Oh great, I don't have any shards yet, but I think I saw one in the bottom of this pond."
[Triton and DeLola check]
Lola: "They look into the water when..." [Back to the real world] "Lana, your turn."
Lana: "Ooh, okay, they look into the water..." [The water starts to bubble, Triton and DeLola gasp] "When a big frog jumps out and splashes them." [The frog stands in front of them as they shake the water off] "He's got, a... cool hat, a red one." [A hat resembling Lana's appears on the frog's head] "And his name is Rib... bon. [The characters are confused] Yeah, Ribbon the Frog. Triton and DeLola ask..."
DeLola: "Did you see a crystal down their?"
Ribbon: "Oh, that really shiny rock?" [Triton and DeLola nod] "I ate it, now I glow in the dark." [The lights go out and Ribbon does glow. Triton and DeLola groan] "But I know where another shard is, I can lead you there, and when this one, uh, works its way through my system, you can have it too." [Triton and DeLola retch] "Follow me."
[Ribbon scampers off. Later, the three arrive at a forest]
Lana: "Ribbon leads them into a forest." [Back to the real world] "But just then, they hear... Okay Lunes, it's all you."
Luna: "Awesome, so..." [Back to the story] "the gang heads deeper into the forest," [they gasp] "all of a sudden, they hear the jamming of an electric guitar."
[A rock goddess appears in front of them, jamming out on a guitar, which has a crystal shard in it]
Triton: "Wow, she's incredible."
DeLola: "Look at her guitar," [gasps] "it's powered by a crystal shard, we have to get it from her." [DeLola goes to her] "Hello there, that guitar sure is... guitary, but, would you be interested in trading it for an even better instrument?"
Rock Goddess: [Interested] "A better instrument? Sure dude, I'd like to see that."
DeLola: [Nervous] "Ha, great, give us one moment." [Backs away]
[Back to the real world]
Luna: "DeLola, Triton and Ribbon, head back into the forest, where..."
[Elbows Luan]
Luan: "Hmm? Oh, right. So they head into the forest where..." [Back to the story] "they spot a strange tree and hanging off the branches are all kinds of wacky instruments."
[The group takes the instruments off the branches. They return to the rock goddess]
DeLola: "Okay rock god lady, try playing this."
[Hold out all of the trees instruments put together into one crazy instrument, the rock goddess takes it and blows into it, making a rather unusual sound. The trio gets nervous]
Rock Goddess: "Woah! This is incredible, sounds even better than my guitar."
Luna: "Dude, she would never say that." [The rock goddess is confused]
Luan: "Hey! It's my turn, no interrupting."
Rock Goddess: "Alright, I'll honor the trade, here's the crystal my dudes."
[The rock goddess gives the crystal to DeLola]
Delola: "This is great. Come on, we'd better keep searching for the rest."
Luan: "They head back into the forest when they hear a creature flailing." [There's a rustling in a bush, the group gasps. Back to the real world] "And then... Lisa, your turn."
Lisa: "So they hear a creature..." [Back to the story] "and wearily approach a rustling bush." [Triton goes to look] "But then, discover that the creature is in fact... a robot." [There's a little robot tangled in the bush] "Triton jumps into action." [Triton pulls the robot free]
Robot: "Thanks for the assist, I was in search of crystal shards, when I stumbled into this bramble patch."
DeLola: "You're looking for them too?"
Robot: "Indeed I am, my batteries run down, and if I don't get a recharge before sunrise tomorrow, I will cease to operate."
Triton: "You should join our quest, we already have two crystal shards, if you count the one in Ribbon's stomach." [Ribbon glows in the dark again] "Once we find the rest and reform the crystal, we can all use it."
Robot: "Excellent! Tally ho!"
[Back to the real world]
Lisa: "Alright, that concludes my contribution. Lynn?"
Lynn: "Awe yeah! Thinks are about to get real." [Back to the story] "Suddenly, the group find themselves on a basketball court in the sky, something comes crashing down, so fast they can't even tell what it is."
[It's a large alien, who dribbles her basketball and dunks at an immense speed]
Trixie: "Awe yeah!"
Ribbon: [Gasps] "Woah, that was crazy! How are you so fast?"
Trixie: "I've got a secret weapon."
[Trixie points to her feet, revealing two shards tied to her shoes]
Robot: "Crystal shards, we are in desperate need of those. Is there any way you might surrender them?"
Trixie: [Scoffs] "These crystal kicks give me the speed I need to succeed, no way I'm giving them up."

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