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"A Fair to Remember" is the forty-fourth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


When Lincoln and Bobby become friends, Lori sets out to make Bobby jealous by spending time with Clyde.


Lori is waiting for Bobby to show up for their date, and is anxious to be with him. When Bobby shows up, he says they are going to a monster truck rally but Lori says it isn't romantic, and suggests Lincoln goes in her place. Neither is too fond of the idea at the start, saying they won't have much to talk about, but when they return home, Lori is pleased to see them doing a bro handshake because they hit it off.

It seems that Lori is displeased that Bobby and Lincoln are hanging out with each other.

Lori then becomes a little angered when Bobby begins inviting Lincoln out on their dates, making her feel like a third wheel. She then gets enraged to hear that Bobby and Lincoln are enjoying themselves without her at the arcade. She heads down to the arcade ready to confront them, but decides not to after Bobby claims how happy he is hanging with Lincoln, and Lori gets ecstatic when she hears Bobby promising they'd ride the tunnel of love, only to get upset again after hearing Lincoln will be tagging along.

Lori is intent on taking Bobby back from Lincoln. Rather than take Leni's suggestion of hanging out with Ronnie Anne, Lori decides to do so by taking an unconscious Clyde to the fair as her date. Bobby is oblivious to the fact that Clyde is passed out, but after Lori pretend flirts with Clyde, he begins feeling jealous. Lincoln, not wanting to lose his bro, begins inviting Bobby to ride extreme rides, which successfully keeps him away from Lori.

Lori expressing gratitude towards Lincoln for being a great brother.

Lori then prepares to ride the tunnel of love with Clyde, but Bobby is so caught up in riding a toilet themed ride that he doesn't really seem to care. Lori ends up talking with the unconscious Clyde, who falls into the stream. Clyde is sent to an emergency medical tent, while Lori is sobbing uncontrollably because she has lost Bobby forever. Lincoln feels bad and gives up his bro time with Bobby for Lori's sake, claiming he still has Clyde as a bro, but Clyde is in the tunnel of love. Later on, Lori is grateful to Lincoln for his kind gesture, and says that "he's the greatest bro." Back at the Loud house, Lucy shows pictures of Lori to Clyde, and the latter ends up passing out after seeing pictures of him on a date with Lori, as Lincoln makes a joke about it, and he, Lucy, and Bobby laugh at it.


Flip and Billy's father have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder" and "The Complete First Season" DVDs.


  • This episode was originally paired up with "Snow Bored," as episode 24a, but it is now paired up with "Dance, Dance Resolution," and is now episode 22b.
    • Despite the TV guides for YTV airing the aforementioned episode, it actually aired "Funny Business" instead.
  • At the start of this episode, there is a newspaper on the living room table entitled "Crowd loves Loud" from "The Loudest Yard."
  • Howard and Harold are indirectly mentioned when the carnival manager asks to see Clyde's parents over the loudspeaker.
  • This is the last episode where Grant Palmer voices Lincoln.
  • In this episode, Bobby's first name is revealed to be "Roberto."
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Lucy, besides smiling, also laughs.
  • Lori's Filipino voice actress, Mariz Mendoza, has stated that this is her favorite episode because she had fun dubbing this episode.[citation needed]
  • Irony: When Lori explains that Bobby is like the brother Lincoln never had, Leni suggests that Lori should hang out with Ronnie Anne, because she could be like the sister Lori never had, despite the fact that Lori already has nine younger sisters. What Leni really should have said instead was that Lori could be like the sister Ronnie Anne never had.
  • In this episode Billy's father, his wife and daughter are used as background characters in the same pose as in "House Music".

House Music

A Fair to Remember


  • A Fair to Remember - The title is a reference to the 1957 film An Affair to Remember, and a play on this episode taking place at a fair.
  • Apocalypse Now - The monster truck rally that Bobby and Lincoln go to, A-Truck-alypse Now, references this 1979 film.
  • American Patrol - On the Tilt-a-Whirl ride, this traditional American musical composition plays.
  • The Three Stooges - The Tunnel of Love operator says "Join hands, you lovebirds," which references Emil Stika' line "Hold hands, you lovebirds" from the short "Brideless Groom."
  • Weekend at Bernie's - Lori is fooling Lincoln and Bobby into thinking Clyde is actually conscious in the same manner as Larry Wilson and Richard Parker in this movie pretending Bernie is still alive.


  • Lincoln uses the bike he got from Lynn, despite the fact that he gave it to Lana in the episode "Hand-Me-Downer."

Bobby doesn't have any donuts with sprinkles.

  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, Lola (Lhays Macêdo), Lana (Jessica Vieira), and Lily (Hanah Buttel) were credited, even though they did not appear in the entire episode.
  • Throughout the episode, Lori has 2 sets of eyelashes, but when she is covered in sand, she has 3 sets of eyelashes.
  • When Bobby said, "Last one in the water is a loser!", both his and Lincoln's noticeable bags were missing.
  • At the end, where Lincoln, Lucy, and Bobby laugh at Clyde, Lucy has Lori's laugh.
  • Bobby buys a doughnut with sprinkles on it for Clyde, but when the doughnut is given to Clyde, it is shown to not have any sprinkles at all.

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