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Got kicked out, A Flipmas Carol?
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"A Flipmas Carol" is the twelfth episode (thirteenth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-eleventh episode of The Loud House.


A Scrooge-like Flip is visited by three ghosts in a special take on A Christmas Carol.


Flip as he seems to take advantage of his last minutes.

On Christmas Eve, Flip is having a last minute holiday sale at his store. In usual fashion, he proceeds to take advantage/swindle his customers, like having Mr. Grouse purchase an entire bin of Christmas lights for $500, selling Cheryl and Meryl a cheap, flimsy tree by dangling an air freshener to fool them about its freshness, and having the McBrides buy a set of inflatables at full price by telling them their coupon expired a few seconds ago. At that moment, Vanzilla arrives, and Flip, knowing that the Louds are his best target, runs into his store to help them. Lisa explains to Flip that Lynn Sr. is in need of a whole Christmas dinner, since he forgot to make it due to working at his restaurant. Lynn Sr. proceeds to buy as many ingredients as possible, and despite Lisa observing the low quality of the food, Lynn Sr. buys it regardless and hurries out back home. The moment they leave, Lynn, wearing an elf costume, arrives and tells Flip she's done with his present deliveries (as to make up for some damage she did to his bathroom door). However, Flip tells her that she's not done, and says that she needs to deliver more presents tonight and tomorrow (Christmas Day). After Lynn angrily leaves, Cheryl and Meryl, carrying their flimsy tree, warn Flip that his actions have consequences, but Flip laughs this off.

In his bedroom, Flip puts all of the money he earned into his stash and falls asleep. The moment he falls asleep, a ghost taking on the form of Lisa arrives, and wakes Flip up. The ghost present herself at the Ghost of Christmas Past and warms Flip that he'll be visited by three ghosts to show him the errors of his ways. Flip initially denies coming along with her, but relents after being offered cash. The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Flip back to his middle school's Christmas dance, where Flip says that he wanted to join the party because he finally got the courage to ask Tammy Gobblesworth, a girl he had a crush on, to dance with him. However, Flip was denied entry into the party due to having lost his ticket. After the bouncer tells him he can't be let in, a younger Scoots, hiding behind some bushes, tells Flip that she has a ticket, but must pay her first. After buying the ticket, Scoots tells him that she has some other things to sell, and Flip settles on a bouquet of flowers. Going back to the party entrance, the bouncer reveals that the ticket he has is a fake (to add insult to injury, the bouquet of flowers immediately wilt, and Scoots tells him that all sales are final). Seeing his opportunity to dance with Tammy dashed due to not being let in (as well as seeing another boy dancing with her), Flip gets angry, grows his signature mustache, and storms off, where Flip elaborates that ever since that day, he vowed to never be tricked again, with the Ghost of Christmas Past stating "This is when the swindled became the swindler."

Flip wakes up, realizing the events he went through was just a dream. Suddenly, he hears somebody laughing outside. Coming out of his room, he discovers two ghosts taking on the forms of Lincoln and Clyde drinking Flippees. The two introduce themselves as the Ghosts of Christmas Present, and proceed to show Flip the consequences of his actions. Carrying Flip around Royal Woods, they show him what his customers from the gift sale are going through, like Cheryl and Meryl's tree collapsing when decorating it, the inflatables the McBrides bought deflating, Mr. Grouse struggling to hang his lights, and the Loud family's dinner being ruined by the food's questionable quality (while a tired and cranky Lynn arrives back home, unaware of what happened). Seeing these consequences, Flip suddenly feels guilty and the Ghosts of Christmas Present warn him that it'll only get worse unless he changes his ways.

Flip wakes up again, determined to not let ghosts tell him what to do. At that moment, he hears another ghost. The third ghost, taking on the form of Lucy, introduces herself as the Ghost of Christmas Future, but discovers a fake body underneath his blanket, as she witnesses Flip trying to get away in his van. Despite Flip's attempted escape, the Ghost of Christmas Future appears in his van and proceeds to show Flip his future. Arriving to the future, Flip discovers to his horror his store abandoned and boarded up, where the Ghost of Christmas Future reveals that because of his swindling, his customers eventually lost their faith in him and stopped shopping there, leaving Flip penniless. To make matters worse, the Ghost of Christmas Future takes him to a cemetery to reveal that he eventually died after a tragic accident alone, and that no one bothered to come to his funeral (save for Scoots, who left as soon as she arrived after seeing no food service). Realizing the severity of his actions, Flip wishes for a second chance before being shoved into an open grave. Waking up for real this time, Flip realizes that he can still make up for his selfish actions.

Flip gets a hug from the Louds.

Going around town, Flip proceeds to make good for all those he swindled last night, like giving Cheryl and Meryl a sturdy Christmas tree, offering to inflate the McBride's inflatables himself, and hanging up Mr. Grouse's Christmas lights. Arriving to the Loud House, Flip tells Lynn that she doesn't have to his deliveries today, and offers the whole family with gifts and a genuine Gobblesworth turkey for Lynn Sr. (where he discovers that Tammy has become the front face of the turkey company). As the kids play with the goodies given to them from Flip (which include one of his Flippee machines), Flip, after being hugged by them, wishes them all a Merry Christmas.


Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lana, Lily, Rita, Harold, and Tammy Gobblesworth have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the last episode to premiere in 2020.

Jules Bridgers revealing the episode when it was known as Episode 224.

  • This episode was revealed by Jules Bridgers on Instagram.
  • This and its sister episode are the first episodes to premiere in December and to be winter-themed since the Season 2 finale.
  • This and its sister episode are the first episodes since the Season 4 finale to not premiere on a Friday.
  • This and its sister episode make The Loud House the fifth Nicktoon to get a second Christmas episode, after The Ren & Stimpy Show, Rugrats, The Fairly OddParents, and SpongeBob SquarePants (sixth if counting Doug, which got its second Christmas episode under Disney).
  • This episode reveals why Flip became the swindler he is now. Back in middle school, he was denied entry into his school's Christmas dance due to losing his entry ticket and got scammed by Scoots into buying a fake ticket and wilting flowers, which further cost him his chance of joining the dance to dance with a girl he loved.
    • It is also shown that because he got tricked, he got angry to the point that his mustache grew spontaneously.
  • Flip's full name is revealed to be Phillip Phillipini.
  • Flip is revealed to live in his own store, as his bedroom is the store's security room.
  • This episode reveals that broccoli gives Flip nightmares.
  • Scoots is revealed to have needed her mobility scooter even in her youth, and that she used to be a swindler.
  • Irony: Lisa, the least likely Loud to believe in the supernatural, plays the Ghost of Christmas Past.
  • Cartoon biology: Teenage Flip's mustache grows instantly as he got angry.


  • A Flipmas Carol - The title and premise of this episode parodies Charles Dickens' famous novella A Christmas Carol. Here are the roles the characters take on:
    • Ebenezer Scrooge - Flip
    • The Ghost of Christmas Past - Lisa
      • She seems to pay an homage to this character and to Jacob Marley.
    • The Ghost(s) of Christmas Present - Lincoln and Clyde
    • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (referred to as "The Ghost of Christmas Future") - Lucy
    • Bob Cratchit - Lynn
    • Tiny Tim - The Loud siblings
    • Belle - Tammy


"A Flipmas Story"

  • Possible plot hole: Grant works at Burpin' Burger despite the fact that since "Cooked!" he started working at Lynn's Table. However, it's also possible that Grant works both jobs, just on different days and shifts.
  • In the end credits this episode is called "A Flipmas Story", which is also a parody of A Christmas Story.
  • At the beginning, Howard is seen with brown hair. Later on, he has his usual red hair.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past refers to herself as the first of three ghosts, and Flip refers to the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come as the third ghost. However, as the role of the Ghost of Christmas Present is divided into two characters, there are technically four ghosts.
    • This may be because the story is based on A Christmas Carol, in which there are three ghosts.
  • Some of Lincoln's schoolmates can be seen in the flashback of Flip's Christmas dance, even though they weren't even born yet.
  • When Flip sees his store shut down in the future, he's wearing socks. However, when he's in the cemetery, he's wearing his shoes. Then before he gets pulled underground, he's wearing socks again.
  • When the giant dinner slime comes out of the kitchen, Luan's ponytail is missing.


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  1. Likely banned due to a shared feed with Central and Eastern Europe, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is seen as taboo. Same-sex marriage is legal in Germany.

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