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"A Fridge Too Far" is the fifth episode of the third season and the one-hundred-sixth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln wages war after his food is filched from the refrigerator.


At school, Lincoln is taking a test while also thinking about his mac 'n' cheese bites he saved at home. At the Loud House, Lynn Sr. is getting himself ready for the arrival of a food critic/investor named Timothy McCole, and wants to make sure he gives off a good impression, because if he succeeds in impressing him, he might give Lynn Sr. an investment to let him open his own restaurant. Sometime later, Lincoln walks up to the fridge to get his mac 'n' cheese bites, but to his discovery, one of his three mac 'n' cheese bites is missing. Lincoln accuses his sisters, and they reveal that they have an occasion of stealing each other's leftovers, since they're a large family. This gives Lincoln an idea.

It's a war over leftovers...

Sometime later, Luan arrives, intending to steal one of Lincoln's mac 'n' cheese bites, but upon grabbing the container, she tugs on a string which was attached to the container that drops a large watermelon onto her left foot, breaking it. Realizing that Lincoln is playing defensive, Luan decides to get in on the action as well. Soon afterwards, whenever one of the siblings attempt to steal someone else's leftover, a prank is pulled on them, resulting in different forms of physical harm ranging from paint bombs, getting electrocuted, getting booby-trapped, or being exposed to radiation. Unhappy with all the injuries they're getting, Lincoln and Lisa propose an idea that's sure to satisfy everyone: they divided the fridge into 11 equal-sized color-coded compartments so they know whose food goes where. Approving of this system, the siblings decide on which of Lynn Sr.'s leftovers they want, and proceed to put them into their own portion of the fridge.

Lynn Sr., arriving back from the store, begins putting his ingredients into the fridge, but leaves when he forgets something. Luan and Lisa enter the kitchen, and prepare to feed themselves the leftovers they chose, but discover Lynn Sr.'s ingredients placed in their compartments, and throw them away, believing they came from one of the other siblings. As Lynn Sr. puts more and more ingredients into the fridge, the siblings toss them out as well and Cliff gets them out of the trash. While driving back home, Lynn Sr. notices that Timothy McCole is at the front doorstep, waiting for Lynn Sr.'s arrival. Upon arriving home, Lynn Sr. escorts Timothy into the house, and is prepared to make a meal, but to Lynn Sr.'s horror, all of his ingredients are gone, and the siblings admit that they threw them away because they didn't know they were his, believing they belonged to one of the other siblings. Luckily, the siblings propose that they give Timothy the leftovers they saved in favor of whatever Lynn Sr. was going to cook, and Lynn Sr. decides to go along with it. Giving Timothy the leftovers, he ends up liking it, since all of the other places where he has tried food was something fancy, like caviar, pâté, and uni which he finds boring and uninspirable while he finds Lynn Sr. food classic, original and delicious. As a result, Timothy gives Lynn Sr. a large investment, and departs.

What's wrong, Lynn? Feeling blue?

Later, as the siblings are washing the dishes, Rita decides to celebrate her husband's success by eating chocolate cake, but Lincoln informs them that there's no cake in the fridge. Rita reveals that she hid it under the couch, since she too has leftovers that she doesn't want others to touch. Lynn decides to get it herself, but gets hit by a paint bomb in the process, since Rita booby-trapped it.



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  Summer Swing - Marc Durst [Montage of the sisters trying to get food from the fridge.]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Road Tripped", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


Notice the colored lights reflecting off of them?

  • One interesting detail about the siblings' refrigerator compartments, aside from them being color-coded, is the fact that they also correspond to their heights.
    • Another noticeable detail is that each of the lights reflecting off of the sisters correspond to the color of their zones.
  • This episode reveals that Lynn Sr. dreams of opening a restaurant, and getting an investment was the first step.
  • Pranks the siblings pulled on each other (in order of appearance):
    • Luan - Took a watermelon to the foot, causing it to break (from Lincoln).
    • Leni - Hit by a spring-loaded boxing glove (from Luan).
    • Luna - Paint bomb (from Leni).
    • Lana - Got electrocuted (from Luna).
    • Lori - Arm bitten by a common turtle (from Lana).
    • Lincoln - Strung from the ceiling (probably from Lola).
    • Lily - Exposed to radiation (possibly from Lisa).
    • Lynn - Paint bomb (from Rita).
      • Lucy, Lola, and Lisa were the only siblings who fell to victim in an unknown way.
  • Lynn Sr.'s ingredients, and what the siblings mistook them as:
    • Uni (urchins) - one of Lori's health kick foods (Luan)
    • Beet juice - Lucy's homemade blood (Lisa)
    • Caviar - Lana's bait (Lori)
    • Duck liver pâté - an organ from an animal that Lisa dissected (Lola)

Production details for this episode

  • On, production details are listed for it just after the episode "Roadie to Nowhere" concludes.
  • This episode later foreshadows to the season 3 special and finale "Cooked!".
  • Irony: By getting rid of Lynn Sr.'s special ingredients, the kids actually helped him, because Timothy McCole got fed up with eating those ingredients over and over again.


  • A Fridge Too Far - The title of this episode is a pun on the 70s war film A Bridge Too Far.


  • When Lincoln is strung from the ceiling, his left foot was caught in the rope, but when Luan cuts him down, his right foot is caught.
  • When the siblings are putting their leftovers in their zones, Lola puts her container in Lisa's zone.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub of the segment, Leni's thoughts lines were said in Luna's voice.
  • In the same dub, one of Lynn Sr.'s lines wasn't voiced by Cesar Garza.

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