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Got kicked out, A Loud House Christmas?
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A Loud House Christmas (working title, The Loud House: A Very Loud Christmas!) is a live-action made-for-TV Christmas film based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series. It premiered on TV and on Paramount+ on November 26, 2021.


It's Christmas time, and Lincoln Loud is super excited! It's the one day of the year the entire Loud family comes together. However - this year, Lori, Luna, and Luan make their own Christmas plans. With three of the sisters on different holiday schedules, Lincoln's parents decide they should take a family trip to Miami with their remaining children. But Lincoln feels if they all miss the family's favorite traditions, the entire holiday will be ruined! With help from his best friend Clyde, Lincoln's got 24 hours to come up with the perfect plan, change his family's mind, and - you guessed it - SAVE CHRISTMAS!

—Paramount+ description

Plot Summary

It's the holiday season in Royal Woods, and everyone is getting themselves ready for the festivities ("Loud Christmas"). At the Loud House, Lincoln explains to the viewers that he just bought a special gift for his entire family. As heads to the door to retrieve it, he encounters his family getting in the mood for the holiday, like Luan with her 12 pranks of Christmas, Lynn getting ready for a football game, Lucy collecting dead timbers from the tree, Lisa working on a snow-based experiment, Luna getting a song ready, Leni making a sparkly dress, Lana dressing Hops as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Lola getting ready for a pageant, Lily expressing desire to light up the Royal Woods tree, Lynn Sr. making figgy pudding, and Rita setting up decorations outside the house. Exiting the house, a delivery truck arrives, and the driver, Bill, gives Lincoln his package.

After heading back in, Lynn Sr. calls for his family that breakfast is ready, and as everyone starts eating, Rita gets a video call from Lori. Answering the call, Lori tells her family that this year, she's skipping out on coming over to visit, as she feels it's too much of a hassle to go visit and come back when she has many things to do at college. The family accepts her decision to stay, but Lincoln protests, saying that without her, Christmas won't feel the same. Suddenly, Luna and Luan, inspired by Lori announcing her plans, reveal that they too have made plans for the holiday; Luna is going skiing with Sam, and Luan will be hosting a comedy gig at Sunset Canyon. As the family continues to support their decisions, Lincoln gets upset, and his moment of tantrum causes him to accidentally launch Rita's phone into a jug of orange juice, prompting Rita to hold a family meeting.

With the family in the living room, Rita and Lynn Sr. tell their kids that with Lori, Luna and Luan out of the picture for the holiday, they make a change in plans. After some thinking, Rita and Lynn Sr. suggest that they take a trip to Miami, Florida, to which the sisters agree with. Lincoln once again protests this decision, saying that they have traditions to fulfill this year, and tries to support his claim that Lily gets to light up the tree. Although understanding where he's coming from, Lynn Sr. tells his son that in their current situation, they need to try and make the most of what they can. In a last-ditch effort to appeal to his family, he reveals that the package he got earlier was a 13-person toboggan so they can slide down the hill at Tall Timbers Park together. However, when he opens up the package, the toboggan is revealed to be broken. Because of that, along with the fact that there's no snow, the family tells him that they can fulfill those plans next year, and make it official that they're going to Miami this Christmas.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Woods Mall, the McBrides are standing in line to meet Santa. As Clyde gets his wishlist ready, his gets a call from Lincoln over his walkie-talkie, and excuses himself to talk to him. Upon answering, Lincoln reveals that his Christmas plans are ruined because Lori isn't coming home, Luna is going skiing with Sam, Luan is going to be telling jokes at Sunset Canyon, while he and the remaining family are going to Miami. Shocked about this, he agrees to help with Lincoln's plan on sabotaging their plans so that they can spend the holiday together.

At the Loud House, Lincoln and Clyde get to work on trying to get Lori, Luna and Luan to stay with their family. First, Lincoln tells Clyde that they need to make Lori homesick so that she will force herself to come home, and they proceed to do that having a box of Lynn Sr.'s figgy pudding delivered to her dorm overnight. Second, Lincoln and Clyde use audio from Mick Swagger's autobiography to doctor an announcement on Luna's phone that he'll be performing in Royal Woods, and Luna, not wanting to miss this opportunity, tells Sam that she's changing her mind on going skiing with her and will go on another day, much to the latter's dismay. The next day, Lincoln is informed that his delivery has just arrived to Lori. At Fairway University, Lori receives the delivery, and opens it up to see her father's figgy pudding, where it reminds her too much of home and realizes she's making a mistake by not being with them for the holidays. Calling up Bobby, Lori asks him to drop her off in Royal Woods, but Bobby says that the mercado van isn't working, but realize that he can still drop her off with the mercado's moped.

At Clyde's house, Lincoln gets a phone call from Lori telling him that she'll be coming home. After hanging up, Lincoln explains that all that's left to do in their plan is to stop Luan from doing her comedy fest, and try to convince the Louds not to go to Miami. Using props in the McBrides' theater workshop, Lincoln and Clyde need on making a creature so scary, that his family will be convinced that it's not safe to be on land or sea. Using the head of a shark and the back half of a crocodile, they settle on the creature being a "sharkodile", while being powered by the McBrides' tandem bicycle. When it comes to a victim needing to be "attacked", they settle on a mannequin Leni likes to converse with at Reininger's called Tanya. After getting Tanya from Leni, Lincoln and Clyde first have to stop Luan from performing at Sunset Canyon. They disguise themselves as elderly people and proceed to secretly pull pranks on the elders like Pop-Pop sitting on a whoopee cushion, a squirt flower spraying water onto Gayle, and having the pudding machine malfunction on Scoots, all while they tell them that those pranks were set up by Luan. Angered over getting pranked, the elders suggest firing Luan from performing, but Pop-Pop argues back that she wouldn't stoop to that low, since he's her grandfather, but after getting a pie to the face (courtesy of Lincoln), Pop-Pop immediately changes his mind and says that Luan must be fired from performing. Meanwhile, Lori and Bobby, riding the mercado's moped, are on their way to Royal Woods.

With Luan taken care of, Lincoln and Clyde get to work on their video with the sharkodile. After filming the scenes they need, Clyde, after altering the footage to make the scenes look more convincing, sends the footage to Katherine Mulligan and broadcasts it on the news, to which the Louds watch. Because of the "creature's" presence, Katherine introduces Rip Hardcore, who suggests that the sharkodile is not to be reckoned with, and while he demonstrates on how to fight the creature, Katherine tells the viewers to not go to Miami for their safety, much to the dismay of the sisters, who were so eager to go, but Rita and Lynn Sr. state that they can still make things work by attending the tree-lighting ceremony, to which they begrudgingly agree with. After Lincoln excuses himself to get dressed, he calls up Clyde to tell him that the plan succeeded. Back at Lori and Bobby, who are traveling down a freezing cold road, Bobby realizes that the moped has ran out of gas, and the two come to a complete stop.

At the Loud House, Lincoln has gotten himself dressed up for the tree-lighting ceremony. After exiting his room, he discovers that each of his sisters are completely down in spirits: Leni is suffering from creative block after she has been fired from Reininger's (again) for losing Tanya, Luna is depressed because Sam broke up with her for choosing Mick Swagger over her, Luan is considering giving up on comedy (again) and refusing to speak to Pop-Pop after he fired her from performing, the other sisters are upset over not being able to go to Miami, and Rita and Lynn Sr. fear that they won't be able to make a trip out of state until they retire. Suddenly, Lisa enters and reveals that she has created a sharkodile repellent. However, when everyone tries to grab it so they can examine it or see if it's safe, Lincoln accidentally sprays some of the stuff onto his father's face. The repellent's effects cause Lynn Sr. to go completely loopy; his vision goes blurry, his speech becomes unintelligible, and is incapable of staying still. As the kids try to stop him from hurting himself, Rita gets a call from Lori and Bobby, saying that they were heading home and their mode of transportation ran out of gas, leaving them stranded on an empty road. This prompts Rita to immediately leave the house so she can pick them up. After leaving, Clyde calls up Lincoln to tell him to turn on the news. He does so and, with the sisters joining in, learn that footage of the "sharkodile" has been captured (it is revealed two hours earlier, that Lincoln and Clyde were pedaling the fake monster into the woods to hide it, and Scoots, who happened to be just there, spotted the creature and captured footage of it). Because of the "monster's" sighting, Rip Hardcore and Katherine Mulligan order the citizens of Royal Woods to stay in their homes for the own safety, and announce that the tree-lighting ceremony is cancelled as a result. This proves the final blow to Lincoln, as he was looking forward to Lily lighting the tree. Calling up Clyde, Lincoln suggests that they confess to Katherine that the sharkodile isn't real, but Clyde fears that it will result in Lincoln becoming a pariah. Undeterred, Lincoln calls up Katherine to confess that the sharkodile is a hoax he created, but Katherine ignores him, believing him to be a prank caller.

Going into the woods, Lincoln and Clyde come across their sharkodile prop and intend to show it to Katherine at the mall. However, Rip Hardcore, hiding nearby, sees the "sharkodile" lurching through the woods and proceeds to chase after it, much to the two boys' horror. Lincoln and Clyde try to take a shortcut through Franklin Avenue, inadvertently snagging and taking down the decorations from the Loud House. When the sisters see the "sharkodile" passing through their yard, Lisa begins to chase after it, wanting to capture the creature and study it for science. The other sisters, fearing for Lisa's safety, rush out after her. Lynn Sr., having gotten over the effects of the sharkodile repellent, proceeds to give chase as well.

Lincoln and Clyde bring the "sharkodile" to the parking lot of the Royal Woods Mall, but can't stop with Rip still chasing after them. They end up driving the prop all the way inside the mall and cause a lot of property damage in the process, during which Lincoln stops to let Clyde get out and read his wish list to Santa. Eventually, after Lincoln crashes the "sharkodile" into Santa's meet-and-greet area, the other members of the Loud family, Rip, Katherine and the McBrides arrive just in time to see Lincoln climbing out of the prop. Lincoln finally confesses to his family that he created the sharkodile hoax and sabotaged his sisters' Christmas plans, admitting that he was afraid they were all growing apart. Knowing that his intentions weren't malicious, Lincoln's family forgives him, and Katherine Mulligan declares that the tree-lighting ceremony is back on. After Lily lights the tree, Luna performs her new song.

The next morning, the Loud family is opening their presents. As everyone opens their gifts, Lincoln explains to the viewers that he has been sentenced to 300 hours of community service due to the property damage he caused; but on the upside, Luna and Sam have gotten back together and are going to go on their ski trip after all, Leni has been rehired at Reininger's and gotten her creative spark back, Luan has reconciled with Pop-Pop and has been re-booked for her Sunset Canyon gig, and the family's going to go to Miami after all. Lincoln's parents and sisters then surprise him by revealing that they fixed up the giant toboggan (now christened with the name "Sledzilla") and, thanks to some cloud-seeding, Lisa manages to make it snow above their house. Because of this, the Louds proceed to run outside and have a snowball fight, and after finishing their fight, proceed to take Sledzilla to Tall Timbers Park and sled down the hill.



The Loud House: A Very Loud Christmas. A live-action holiday movie based on the long-running animated series will find Lincoln Loud gearing up for the ultimate Christmas, only to find out most of his 10 sisters have plans to be elsewhere. Lincoln and best friend Clyde go on a mission to sabotage their plans and preserve the family’s holiday traditions. Casting is underway, with production set for summer and a holiday-season premiere.

—Rick Porter, The Hollywood Reporter[3]
  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, the special is currently in the process of finding its cast.

Nick has also extended the first season of All That by 10 episodes, bringing its total to 36, and renewed The Casagrandes (season two), Blues Clues and You (season three), Paw Patrol (season eight), Blaze and the Monster Machines (season six), Bubble Guppies (season six), holiday competition Top Elf (season two) and anthology Are You Afraid of the Dark? (season two). It’s also set a Feb. 29 premiere date for Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, starring the 10-year-old rapper.

—Rick Porter, The Hollywood Reporter[3]
  • When this special was announced, it was also confirmed that a second season of The Casagrandes has been greenlit.

Nickelodeon is set to begin production this April on The Loud House: A Very Loud Christmas! (working title), an original live-action holiday TV movie based on the Emmy Award-winning animated series, The Loud House.

—Business Wire[4]
  • Production for the special began in April 2021, where it was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and aimed for a November release.


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Background information

  • Brian Stepanek (as Lynn Loud Sr.) and Catherine Taber (as Katherine Mulligan) are the only voice actors to reprise their roles.
    • Jahzir Bruno, who portrays Clyde in this film, would later replace Andre Robinson as the voice of Clyde in Season 6.
  • Four of the actresses playing the sisters are sisters in real-life. Lana and Lola are played by twin sisters Mia and Ella Allan, and Luan and Lucy are played by sisters Catherine and Aubin Bradley.
  • This film makes The Loud House the third Nicktoon to be adapted into live-action, after Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Fairly OddParents.
    • Coincidentally, like the live-action Fairly OddParents films, the main character's father is portrayed by his voice actor (Daran Norris as Mr. Turner).
  • Due to state laws on how long child actors can work each day, Lily ended up having to be played by two actresses: Charlotte Ann Tucker and Lainey Jane Knowles.
  • After this film premiered on TV, a new episode of The Loud House premiered afterwards called "The Loudly Bones".
  • Wolfgang Schaeffer loved Lincoln's sneakers so much, he was allowed to keep them after filming wrapped.
  • Since Mia and Ella Allan aren't missing their two front teeth like the sisters they play, they had to create the illusion of them being missing by applying black makeup on them.
  • Wolfgang Schaeffer, Jahzir Bruno, Brian Stepanek, Sophia Woodward, Catherine and Aubin Bradley, Mia and Ella Allan, and Lexi Janicek would reprise their roles in the live-action Loud House series.

General trivia

  • This movie takes place in 2025, as it begins on December 23 and Lincoln mentions at the start that Christmas Day is on a Thursday.
  • Clyde seems to be aware that Mr. Coconuts is secretly sentient (as has been implied in a few episodes of the show, such as "Stage Plight", "A Pimple Plan", and "Feast or Family"), as he expressed concern for the dummy's ability to breathe inside Lincoln's duffel bag.
  • Irony: When Lori decides to head home after getting her father's figgy pudding, she claims she is strong and independent, and doesn't need anyone's help, only for her to immediately call up Bobby to drive her home.
  • Foreshadowing: The package that holds Lincoln's sled has a "fragile" sticker on it. The sled takes lots of hits before Lincoln opens the package, and once he finally opens it, the sled is broken to pieces.


  • A Christmas Carol - Lincoln's codename, Christmas Humbug, references Ebenezer Scrooge's catchphrase, "Bah humbug!"
  • Miami Dolphins - Lynn expresses desire to see this football team play during her family's trip to Miami.
  • Each of the McBride's theater props are from musical productions of some iconic movies. These include:
    • a shark head from Jaws
      • Lincoln's line, "We're gonna need a bigger bike," references the film's famous line, "You're gonna need a bigger boat."
    • the back half of a crocodile from Lake Placid
    • Although not having a prop, Clyde mentions that Katherine Mulligan once auditioned for his dads' musical reimagining of Wonder Woman
  • Mark Ronson - The song "Dangerous" resembles the song "Uptown Funk."
  • Paul McCartney - The score "Reindeer Clyde Saves Christmas" samples the song "Wonderful Christmastime."
  • Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - The title of the score "Sharkodile Is Comin' To Town" parodies this Christmas song.

Product Placement

  • Apple Inc. - Numerous characters are shown using iPhones and Lincoln uses an iPad.
  • Microsoft - Lincoln's laptop runs on the Windows 10 operating system.
  • IKEA - When a disoriented Lynn Sr. falls onto a table, several bottles of MÅLA-labeled paint are shown.


  • Geo can be seen on the poster for the film, even though he never appears.
  • Plot hole: It is never mentioned why Lori does not use her own car to travel to Royal Woods.
  • When Lincoln and Clyde leave the Royal Woods Mall with Tanya, Clyde is wearing a green scarf. When Clyde catches Tanya, he is wearing a pink scarf. In the next shot, Clyde is wearing a green scarf again.



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