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A Loud House Christmas (working title, The Loud House: A Very Loud Christmas!) is an upcoming live-action made-for-TV Christmas film based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series.


A Loud House Christmas follows Lincoln Loud (Schaeffer) as he gears up for the ultimate Christmas, until he finds out that most of his sisters have plans to be elsewhere for the big day. Determined to remind his family that they all need to be together, Lincoln and his best friend Clyde McBride (Bruno) embark on a mission to preserve the family’s holiday traditions.




The Loud House: A Very Loud Christmas. A live-action holiday movie based on the long-running animated series will find Lincoln Loud gearing up for the ultimate Christmas, only to find out most of his 10 sisters have plans to be elsewhere. Lincoln and best friend Clyde go on a mission to sabotage their plans and preserve the family’s holiday traditions. Casting is underway, with production set for summer and a holiday-season premiere.

—Rick Porter, The Hollywood Reporter[4]
  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, the special is currently in the process of finding its cast.

Nick has also extended the first season of All That by 10 episodes, bringing its total to 36, and renewed The Casagrandes (season two), Blues Clues and You (season three), Paw Patrol (season eight), Blaze and the Monster Machines (season six), Bubble Guppies (season six), holiday competition Top Elf (season two) and anthology Are You Afraid of the Dark? (season two). It’s also set a Feb. 29 premiere date for Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, starring the 10-year-old rapper.

—Rick Porter, The Hollywood Reporter[4]
  • When this special was announced, it was also confirmed that a second season of The Casagrandes has been greenlit.

Nickelodeon is set to begin production this April on The Loud House: A Very Loud Christmas! (working title), an original live-action holiday TV movie based on the Emmy Award-winning animated series, The Loud House.

—Business Wire[5]
  • Production for the special began in April 2021, where it will be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and aim for a November release.


  • This is the first piece of Loud House media to be in live-action.
  • Brian Stepanek is the only voice actor to reprise their role.
  • Four of the actresses playing the sisters are sisters in real-life. Lana and Lola are played by twin sisters Mia and Ella Allan, and Luan and Lucy are played by sisters Catherine and Aubin Bradley.




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