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"A Novel Idea" is the thirty-fourth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lincoln's mother offers to take him to the dental office where she works while his sisters go to work with their father.


Mr. Loud prepares to take his daughters to his office for "Take Your Daughter to Work Day", but Lincoln can't go, since he is the only son. Feeling sorry for Lincoln, his mother decides to take him to her job at the dentist's office. She encourages him to try to have fun, while she helps out Dr. Feinstein, and Lincoln manages to come up with several imaginative ideas. However, Mr. Loud's office is right across the street, and Lincoln sees his father and sisters having a more fun time than him.

Later, Lincoln notices an arcade is also across the street, where he decides to stay for 30 minutes after Rita leaves to help the doctor, and puts her notebook in his care. When Lincoln makes it back to the office after 30 minutes, he realizes that he left his mother's notebook at the arcade. To make him feel even more guilty, Rita reveals that the notebook actually contains a novel she has been working on for the past seven years. Fortunately, she has to work another half-hour, giving Lincoln enough time to get it back.

When Lincoln goes back to the arcade, he finds that the janitor had picked up the notebook and thrown it away. To get the notebook, Lincoln gives chase to the garbage truck, first on roller skates and then pulled by a horse. Soon, the chase continues with Lincoln going through a street cleaner, a hot dog stand and a construction site to get the book. Lincoln finally manages to obtain it, with his feet trapped in wet cement.

Lincoln makes it back to Rita, trekking through with his feet covered in dry cement, but the damage the notebook has taken causes it to crumble to dust the moment he gives it to her. Rita orders Lincoln to explain what happened and he shamefully tells her the whole truth. After hearing the story, Rita admits she's disappointed that he lied to her, but he actually might have done her a favor since she thought her novel was boring and that his efforts gave her inspiration for a more exciting tale. But rather than just tell her everything, Lincoln takes her on an adventure recreating his steps.

S1E17B Lincoln and Rita arrive home

Rita and Lincoln arriving home on a horse via roller blades.

Mr. Loud and his daughters return home and feel sorry for Lincoln because they think he had a boring day with their mother, until they see him and Rita returning home on roller skates pulled by a horse. They watch them go by while their jaws drop in utter astonishment due to the amount of fun Lincoln and Rita are having.


Leni has no lines in this episode, but was heard cheering. Although being casted in the credits, Luan, Lynn, Lisa, and Lily also have no lines, but they were also heard cheering.



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  The Wild West (a) - Ron Goodwin [Title card.]


  • This episode reveals a couple things of Mrs. Loud.
    • Her occupation is a dental assistant.
    • Her first name is Rita.
    • She has been working on a novel for seven years.
  • Lincoln was wearing earrings that were similar to Leni's.
  • The boy who busts the fire hydrant is a caricature of one of Chris Savino's sons. According to Savino's now deleted Instagram account, his son, Chris Jr., once voiced a character on the show.
  • It is revealed that Lincoln doesn't treat his dental hygiene properly.
  • The arcade in this episode looks like the arcade which was seen in the episode "Ties That Bind" in Lincoln's fantasy.
  • Lincoln makes a pun when he says "Just another routine job for Agent- OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!"
  • A different pair of Game Goggles are seen, but they're colored purple, whereas the ones Lincoln had in "Get the Message" are colored gray.
  • This episode reveals that Lincoln may have a fear of needles, since he looked scared when Rita pulled out the cavity drill.
  • Innuendo: Lincoln says "I can see Uranus from here, and boy, is it gassy".


  • A Novel Idea - The title of this episode is a reference to the phrase of the same name, meaning "of a new kind, different from anything seen or known before".
  • Back to the Future Part III - The song of the title card and at the end of the episode sounds similar to the western-style song of the 1990 film.
  • Steve Irwin - At one point, Lincoln does an imitation of the late Crocodile Hunter.
  • Apollo 13 - When Lincoln is about to get trapped in the closing dental chair, he exclaims "Houston, we have a problem." A reference to the famous line by Tom Hanks' character, Jim Lovell.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The cover of Teddy Toothbrush vs The Evil Ninjavitis are possible references to Raphael (Ninjavitis with a purple bandit mask wielding a pair of sai), and Leonardo (Ninjavitis with a green bandit mask wielding a katana).
  • Batman - Lucy is seen wearing a Batman mask and cape while zip lining with Leni.
  • Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day - Take Your Daughter/Son to Work Day is a take-off of the famous US program.
  • Dilbert - The way Lynn Sr.'s office has silly and fun things not suitable in an office is like that of the office of the comic strip by Scott Adams.
  • Nerf - The toys the kids and Lynn Sr. used look similar to the popular toy gun brand.


  • During Lincoln's pretend jewel heist, he pulls down the surgical mask he's wearing, and the straps fall with it. This is impossible as the straps are tucked behind his ears, and one of them is behind the dental tool used for his microphone.
Lynn Sr.'s blank face error - Smaller

How are we supposed to recognize your face if you still have a nose?

  • While playing in the office with his daughters, Lynn Sr.'s whole face was blank when he was sneaking over as a few papers were blocking it. Also, his nose is visible.
S1E17B the jaw-dropper

Luan, where's your ponytail?

  • When the sisters were left with their jaws hanging after seeing Lincoln and Rita roller-skating while being pulled by the horse, Luan's ponytail is missing.

Running Gags

  • Mr. Grouse saying "Nice (insert object), Loud!".
  • Lincoln thinking of different ways to pass the time while at the dental office, only to screw up at something, and become disappointed when he sees his sisters having a blast while at their father's office.
  • Rita jotting down notes in her notebook.
  • Fisher frowning at Lincoln for his incompetence.
  • Lincoln struggling to get Rita's journal back.
  • The journal becoming more and more dilapidated.
  • Characters giving lollipops to people.

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