The following is a transcript for the episode "A Pimple Plan."


[It's early morning in the Loud house, a rooster crows, in her room Luan opens her eyes, and the throws the covers away.]
Luan: [To her still sleepy dummy] "Good morning Mr. Coconuts."
Mr. Coconuts: "Wow, you're extra chipper today. What's the occasion doll?"
Luan: [Looks at a calendar next to her bed.] "Today is my first official date with Benny. Remember?"
Mr. Coconuts: "Oh, right, how could I forget."
[Today's date has a photo of Benny with a heart drawn around it.]
[Luan puts Mr. Coconuts down and gets her prop box.]
Luan: "What should I wear?" [Sees something] "Maybe these gag glasses, always a classic." [Puts them on and the eyes spring out, knocking Mr. Coconuts over, Luan helps him up, and tries something else.] "Or what about this mini top hat?"
[She takes out a mirror and confidently looks, but gasps, there's a giant pimple on her face, she yelps and wraps herself in her covers.]
Mr. Coconuts: "Jeez, the hat doesn't look that bad."
Luan: "No, look, I have a huge pimple, I can't let Benny see me like this, oh..." [Looks angrily at Mr. Coconuts.] "Why didn't you say anything?"
Mr. Coconuts: "I didn't notice, but I can certainly see it now, yowzers." [Picks up a banana, using it as a phone.] "Hello, operator, get me NASA, I just discovered a new planet."
Luan: "Not helping Mr. C."
[She takes off, Mr. Coconuts shrugs and follows. Luan lays down on Lori's bed.]
Lori: "Okay, take a deep breath, pimples are literally no big deal, and plus, Benny should like you for who you are, not what you look like."
Luan: [Feeling better] "Maybe you're right."
Luna: [Horrified] "Good Golly, Miss Molly! That thing's a monster!"
Luan: [Worried] "It is?"
Lana: [Runs in with a net] "Monster? Where?" [Sees; disappointed] "Awe, it's just a zit, but man is it huge." [The rest of the siblings gather in the door, gasp, and come in.] "Can I pop it? Can I pop it? Please?"
[Lori stops Lana.]
Lisa: "Uh, popping that beast will spread the bacteria."
Leni: [Remembering] "Wait, isn't your date with Benny today?"
Luan: "Yes! So I've got to get rid of this. Can you guys help me?" [Everyone except Luna, Lucy and Lori nod, Lucy gives a thumbs up, and Luna shakes her head in disgust; to Lori.] "Please?"
Lori: "I still don't think you should worry about it, but if it's literally that important to you, I'll help."
[Luan hugs her.]

[Later, they are all in the bathroom.]
Lori: "According to sixteen and a half magazine, this pimple patch should vanish your zit in five seconds or less."
Luan: "Hit me."
[Puts the patch on Luan.]
Lynn: "Three! Two! One! Rip it!"
[Lori takes the patch off, sees the pimple is still there and throws it away.]
Luan: "Did it work?"
Lisa: "Of course it didn't work," [looks at the magazine] "we in the scientific community refer to these ludicrous claims as... malarkey." [Luan groans] "But don't fret, I've got your back."
[Later, Luan is on Lisa's table, wearing goggles, Lisa, also wearing goggles, presses a button on her tablet, and Luan finds herself at laser point.]
Mr. Coconuts: "Aah."
Luan: [Scared and gasps] "Is this safe?"
Lisa: "In the hands of a skilled professional like me, you have nothing to worry about."
[Lisa fires the laser, it bounces off Luan's braces, Lisa's beaker, Mr. Coconuts' forehead, the floor, just as the skilled professional ducks in cover, and finally takes Luan's scrunchy off and vaporizes it.]
Luan: [Seeing that she still has the blemish.] "Dang it."
Lisa: "Whoopsy daisy, this skilled professional owes you a scrunchy." [Shrugs]
Mr. Coconuts: "And some lumber for a new mug." [Points at his burn.]
[Next, The shower is on high, as Luan is with Lynn, jogging in the steam-filled bathroom, wearing sweats, Lynn blows her whistle, and Luan switches to push-ups, Lynn blows it again and Luan goes back to jogging.]
Lynn: "Faster, wanna sweat that nasty pimple out or what?"
[Blows her whistle, and Luan has switched to spandex and does aerobics.]
Luan: "Are you sure this is gonna work?" [Stops]
Lynn: "Margo's older cousin said it does, so it has to be true." [Luan goes to the mirror, cleans off the steam, and is horrified that her zit is bigger now.] "Wait, Margo's cousin also said the jaguars were gonna win the title this year and they beefed it again, yeah, sorry."
[Next, an array of candles light.]
Lucy: [In a slow tone] "Spirits of skincare, take this cookie, I mean, human heart in exchange for the removal of Luan's pimple." [Lucy leaves the heart on a pillow on the table, Luan, who is holding her cheek, looks around for a few moments, and looks in the mirror, and puts it down moaning.] "Sorry Luan, the spirits seem to be busy."
Luan: "Yeah, it must be zit season."
[Starts eating the "human heart". Later, she is in the living room, with a frozen steak tied to her blemish.]
Lincoln: "Rip Hardcore says that frozen meat reduces swelling for bug bites, so maybe it works for pimples too." [Suddenly, Charles sees a steak, Lincoln tries to stop him.] "No Charles, that's not for you."
[But Charles completely ignores him and starts chasing Luan, she runs, tries to jump over the ottoman, but falls, and the steak comes off her face, which still has a huge pimple, and Charles enjoys the steak. Eventually, Luan is just looking in the mirror, at her even bigger pimple.]
Mr. Coconuts: "Yowzers, that things taking up so much real estate on your face, you might wanna think about charging it rent."
Luan: [Sighs] "What am i gonna do? My date's in a half an hour, and I'm no closer to getting rid of this thing."
Lori: "Guess you'll just have to trust he likes you, zits or not."
Leni: "Wait, if we can't get rid of it, maybe we can cover it up."
[Later, at Reiningers, Luan is in a makeup chair, and Miguel spins her around, Lola gets in between them to watch.]
Miguel: "Mmm, I'm gonna need you to back up sweetie."
[Lola joins her other siblings.]
Leni: "Miguel is the makeup master, you should have seen how he transformed Scoots for the Sunset Canyon Formal."
[A before and an after shot come on the screen, meanwhile, Miguel is just finishing.]
Miguel: "A little finishing spray, and voila!" [spins her back around] "Dazzling and date ready, how much do you love it?"
[Gives her a mirror, and Luan sees that her zit can't be seen, everyone agrees that it's perfect.]
Luan: [Gasps] "Thanks Miguel, you really are the master."
Miguel: [Touched] "Awe, thank you for providing the canvas. Here are some samples in case you need a touch up during your date." [Gives her a bag]
Mr. Coconuts: "Hey, you think you could do something about this burn? Her sweetheart might be bringing my sweetheart along for the date." [Shows Miguel a heart-shaped locket with a photo inside of him and Benny's marionette Mrs. Appleblossom.]
Miguel: "Love a girl who can rock a petticoat; I think we can fix up your noggin."
[Starts filing Mr. Coconuts head, much to his discomfort.]

[Later in Vanzilla, Lola sprays a perfume bottle.]
Lincoln: [Gags on the perfume] "Lola, how many perfume samples did you take?"
Lola: "What? The sign said 'help yourself'."
Luan: [Looking out the window, gasps.] "We're here." [They stop in the parking lot, and Luan jumps out.] "You guys are the best," [runs off] "thanks again for your help."
Lincoln: "You got this."
Leni: "Have a great date."
Luna: "Benny's a lucky dude."
Mr. Coconuts: "Wait." [Returns] "Anyone got a breath mint?" [Lola sprays another perfume sample at Mr. Coconuts; everyone gags. He and Luan walk along the path.] "So, what's on the agenda? I saw a photo booth back there, we should jump in and give it a go."
Luan: "And memorialize this gross thing forever? I don't think so." [Gasps] "There he is." [On the dock, with his marionette in one hand and a bouquet in the other, Luan's beloved turns around and sees his date, the two approach each other.] "Hey Benny."
Benny: "Hi Luan," [regarding the bouquet] "these are for you," [Gives her the flowers] "they're from our garden."
Luan: "Wow, daisies." [Smells them] "Ah, they smell so fresh."
Mr. Coconuts: "And this is for you milady."
[Gives Mrs. Appleblossom a little gift.]
Mrs. Appleblossom: [Gasps] "Oh wow, wood polish." [Smells] "Mmm, smells so musky."
Benny: "So, Luan, you ready for a fun day?"
Mr. Coconuts: "Are you kiddin' me? She's been countin' down the seconds."
[Luan covers his mouth, and laughs sheepishly.]

[Later, the two lovers are riding a paddleboat.]
Benny: "Whew, oh, paddleboats are way harder than I thought, I'm getting a little sweaty here."
Luan: [Getting nervous, whispers to Mr. Coconuts.] "Oh no, am I sweating too?" [She looks into the water, and sees that her pimple has reemerged, she gasps and stands up.] "Uh, don't go anywhere, I'll be back in a splash."
[Laughs, then dives off the boat and backstrokes to shore.]
Benny: [Laughs and takes out Mrs. Appleblossom.] "Luan's hilarious, you just never know what she's going to do next."
Mrs. Appleblossom: "Indeed, Benjamin, she's a keeper."
[Benny puts her away and paddles on.]
Luan: [Hiding behind a tree, takes out her phone.] "Oh, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up."
Leni: "Hey Luan, are you having the best time ever?"
Luan: [Frantic] "No, the worst, I sweated all my makeup off. Can you bring me those makeup samples from Miguel? And meet me in the park bathroom?"
[Leni looks towards the bag, which they left next to the wrong person, everyone gasps when they see Lola putting it on her teddy bear.]
Lincoln: "Lola used up all the makeup!"
Lola: "What! Mr. Sprinkles wanted to see what he'd look like as a princess." [Whispers to Mr. Sprinkles] "Dashing I might add."
Luan: "Ugh! Just grab my emergency clown bag in the trunk, and hurry."
[At the park entrance, Luan is hiding just outside the bathroom.]
Mr. Coconuts: "Look, the photo booth is open, we could snap a few."
Luan: "Ugh! Not now Mr. C."
[Vanzilla pulls up, and Lincoln comes out with a duffle bag.]
Lincoln: "Hey Luan, is this the right bag?" [Opens it, and gets a pie to the face; aggravated.] "Yup."
Luan: [Takes the bag] "Sorry Lincoln, now where's my face paint?"

[Under a tree, Benny starts a vinyl record, and sees Luan the Clown strut up to him.]
Benny: [Laughs] "Love the new look."
Luan: "Oh, you know me, always clowning around." [Sits on the blanket, and puts Mr. Coconuts down.] "Wow Benny, this picnic is so nice."
Benny: [Hold up a plate] "Care for a macaron? My Mom and I made them last night."
Luan: "Yes, please."
[She and Mr. Coconuts each take one.]
Mr. Coconuts: "And he bakes, hang on to this one."
Park kid: [Offscreen] "Look, a clown."
[Luan looks, and sees some kids after her.]
Luan: [Takes off] "Umm, I'll be right back." [The kids chase Luan and trample Benny, Luan dives into a bush and the kids run right past her. Luan calls her siblings again.] "Turns out it wasn't a great idea to dress like a clown in a park full of small children, I need a new cover for my zit."
Lincoln: "Copy that." [Vanzilla turns around, and later pulls up at the park, Lincoln looks around.] "Cover, cover, cover." [Suddenly he sees Flip]
Flip: "Get your flippees here! Now also serving hotdogs! And for a limited time; cotton candy!"
[Lincoln snaps his fingers getting an idea. Later, Luan walks up to Benny with a cotton candy beard.]
Luan:: "Ho ho ho, got any more of those cookies for Santa?"
Benny: "Wow, all the way from the North Pole. Wanna play some chess?"
[Luan nods. Later, Benny is trying to decide on his first move. Meanwhile, a bee lands on Luan's beard and she gets nervous, suddenly a swarm shows up and eats the cotton candy beard off Luan, who gasps, tries to hide her zit, and picks up a discarded newspaper, she nervously laughs.]
Benny: [To himself] "If I move my bishop here..."
[A wind comes and blows Luan's newspaper away, and Benny's hair over his face.]
Mrs. Appleblossom: "And just leave your rook flappin' in the breeze?"
[Luan grabs a branch from above and uses it to cover her zit, but a bird swoops in and grabs it away.]
Benny: "But then Luan will probably move her queen there."
Flip: [To someone dressed as a unicorn giving out balloons right in front of his cart.] "Hey scram, would you?! This is my turf."
Luan: [Stands up] "Sorry, gotta pee real quick." [Takes off]
Benny: "Oh, okay, we'll be here." [Makes his move]
Luan: [Returns wearing the unicorn head.] "What do you think of my new look? Too corny?"
Benny: [Laughs] "No I love it. Okay, I finally made my move, it's your turn."
Luan: "Hmm..." [Hears a horse] "Huh?"
[The park ranger's horse makes lovey eyes at Luan and runs after her, dropping the ranger.]
Mr. Coconuts: "Looks like somebody's got a crush."
Luan: [Gets up] "Uh-oh, sorry I uh, gotta go, uh, charge my phone."
Benny: [Growing despondent] "But you just got back," [looks at his watch] "and we don't have that much time left."
Luan: [Takes off] Won't be long." [Benny sits there, while the horse gallops past him, and he doesn't see Luan behind him, running from the horse screaming. She dives into a bush again and the horse passes her, she runs back, but hers stuck in the knothole of a tree.] "Oh-no." [She tries to free herself, but she can't so she calls her siblings again.] "Mayday! I need your help."

Lynn: "Okay everybody, on the count of three. One, two, three."
[They all pull a rope tied to Luan, and they get her out, but the unicorn head falls off, Lynn helps her up.]
Leni: "Are you okay?"
Luan: "I've been better."
Benny: [Offscreen, looking for his date.] "Luan?!"
Lola: [Sees Benny heading their way.] "Benny at six o'clock." [Throws mud on Luan's face to cover her zit.]
Lynn: "Everybody, form a wall."
[The siblings lock elbows and hide Luan. Benny walks up to them.]
Benny: "Uh, hey Luan," [observing] "and all of Luan's siblings. Is everything okay? I'm really sorry but my mom is on her way o pick me up."
Luan: "No, I'm sorry, today was supposed to be about spending time together, but now our date is almost over, and I've spent the whole time hiding from you."
Benny: "Why have you been hiding?"
Luan: "Oh, I'll show you." [Her siblings, except Lori, protest.] "Guys, it's okay." [She moves them aside, and walks up to Benny.] "I've been hiding this." [Wipes the mud off, exposing her zit, Mr. Coconuts is horrified by it.] "I understand if you don't wanna hang out with me anymore, I mean; who wants to date a girl with a gross pimple on her cheek? Right?"
Benny: "Umm, I do, I don't care if you have a pimple, you're still you, you're sweet, you crack me up, and you're so much fun to hang out with."
[Luan is so flattered, but the moment is broken up when Lola comes up to Benny.]
Lola: "So romantic, you wouldn't happen to have a little brother would you?"
Lori: [Takes her and the other siblings away.] "Alright, let's go." [Winks at Luan.]
Benny: "Pimples are no big deal, they're just a part of life."
Luan: "You're right, thanks for making me feel better, I'm sorry I wasted our whole date obsessing about this."
Benny: [Takes Luan's hand.] "Well, we still have five minutes before my mom gets here."
Luan: "Ooh, I know what we should do."

[Later, they take a photo of themselves looking cool, and another of them being goofy, and one making it clear that Luan has a pimple. They laugh outside the photo booth.]
Benny: "These turned out great, I'm gonna hang a copy in my locker."
Luan: "I was thinking the same thing."
Benny: [Gives Luan her copy.] "I had a really nice time with you today."
Luan: "Me to."
[They blush at each other when suddenly another slip comes out of the photo booth.]
Benny & Luan: "What the?"
[The photos are of Mr. Coconuts and Mrs. Appleblossom holding each other romantically. Benny grabs the curtain with one hand, Luan grabs his other arm, and they look. Mr. Coconuts and Mrs. Appleblossom are indeed inside the booth, and the two human lovers gasp, blushing when Mrs. Appleblossom falls onto the ground headfirst.]

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