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"A Star Is Scorned" is the forty-first episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-ninetieth episode of The Loud House.


When Lola realizes that double the cuteness could help her break into show business, she teams up with Lily.


Lola is getting herself ready for a photo shoot, and is being dropped off by Lori, who also has to babysit Lily. At the dentist's office, Lola does her photo shoots for Dr. Feinstein's Dental Practice. During one shoot, Lily waddles over to Lola, and when Lola attempts to get her out of the way, the director states that them being together is the cutest thing she has ever seen and states that stuff like that would be perfect for big-time projects. Hearing of these opportunities, Lola decides to let Lily be her partner.

At Gus' Games and Grub, Lola and Lily prepare themselves for a commercial shoot. Upon entering, the two begin filming their commercial, where Lola plays a customer, and Lily plays a genie called the Teeny Genie. As they film, Lily begins doing her own thing, much to Lola's frustration. When Lola tries to reason with Lily, the director states that she loved Lily's bit so much, she is planning on cutting out some of Lola's parts so they can get to Lily faster. At the Royal Woods Spa, Lola and Lily attempt to do another commercial by relaxing in a mud bath, but the director tells Lola to move back until she is completely out of sight. At Burpin' Burger, Lola learns, to her horror, that the director has completely cut her from the commercial, as she wants Lily to have center stage. As Lola expresses her anger of being shafted towards her dolls, Leni arrives and says that she is heading off to work because Reininger's is holding an event called the Cutest Kid Competition, where the winner gets to be the face of the store's children's clothing department. Realizing this could be her opportunity to get her glory back, Lola decides to participate.

At Reininger's, Lola does an extravagant ribbon dance that wows the judges enough to declare her a finalist. Suddenly, Lola discovers that Lori and Lily are present. Lori explains that the store had personally called Lily, having heard of Lily's growing success, and Ms. Carmichael says that Lily is the other finalist. This announcement makes Lola angry, and on the way home, she tries to figure out how she can win the competition. Suddenly, when Lily poops her diaper, Lola gets the idea to expose Lily's non-cute moments. Through the day, Lola records Lily doing naughty acts like throwing her food at the dinner table, riding on a mud-covered Charles, unrolling the toilet paper roll, and screaming and kicking while being put in her crib.

The next day, Lola and Lily get ready for the finals. The moment Lori leaves, Lola walks up to Ms. Carmichael and presents a flash drive to show that Lily is not always the cute face she is. As Lola sits back down and puts on her makeup, Lily reveals a drawing she made, showing her and Lola being surrounded by hearts. This causes Lola to realize that Lily never intended to upstage her, and was only doing it for fun. Moved by this act of kindness, Lola tells Ms. Carmichael that she wants the drive back, but Ms. Carmichael refuses, saying that all details are considered in choosing the right child. This causes Lola to explode in fury and proceeds to chase down and beat up Ms. Carmichael and get the drive back. This results in Lola being disqualified (something she is completely fine with), and Lily being declared the winner.

On the ride home, Lori asks Lola if she is upset that she lost the competition, but Lola says she doesn't mind, as her attack on Ms. Carmichael got her a commercial gig she is perfect for: being a master fighter at the karate dojo.


Luna, Lucy, Lana, and Lynn Sr. have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 2" DVD.


  • The plot is similar to "Kings of the Con", in both episodes main characters lose spotlight to sisters/friends and resort to sabotage.

Happy 100 episodes!

  • This and its sister episode hold the title of being the 100th episode of the series.
    • Prior to this episode's airing, a press photo was released to commemorate The Loud House reaching its 100th episode, which depicts the main characters and many secondary characters drinking Flippees at a park.
    • However, if individual segments count as their own entities, this would be "Snow Way Out".
  • This is the sixth episode to feature only four voice-actors, following "Toads and Tiaras", "Patching Things Up", "Frog Wild", "Snow Way Down", and "What Wood Lincoln Do?".
    • This is the first episode with four voice-actors in which Lincoln is absent, and the first since "Frog Wild" in which Clyde is absent.
    • This is, thus far, the only episode with this criteria in which Lori and Leni have lines.
    • This is the first episode with this criteria since "Patching Things Up" and "Frog Wild" in which Lola and Lana are present, respectively (although only the former had dialogue).
    • This is also the first episode in which all voice actresses are female.
      • Coincidentally, the first episode in which all voice actors are male, "Snow Way Down," also had four voice actors.
  • This episode features the most amount of Lincoln's sisters while Lincoln himself is absent, with a total of seven, beating out "Good Sports," which had four.
  • This episode shares its title card music ("All The Rage (Happy Forest)") with "Read Aloud."
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the emblem on Lola's bag.
  • This episode premiered on Jessica DiCicco's 40th birthday.
  • It's revealed that Leni rides a bus to her job at the Royal Woods Mall.
  • When grouping this episode with its sister episode, it is the second episode outside of the Casagrande story arc where Lincoln is absent from both segments, with the first being "Good Sports"/"Geriantics".


  • A Star is Scorned - The title of this episode references the 1937 film A Star Is Born and (possibly) its remakes.
  • Dumb and Dumber - Lola ripping out a dummy's fake heart is similar to how Lloyd rips out a chef's heart in a dream in this 1994 screwball comedy.
  • Inside Out - Lola burning in fury is similar to Anger burning in fury in this 2015 film.


  • After Lily has the fake eyelashes taken off by Lola, her real ones disappear.
  • Lola asks to borrow Lori's phone so she can record Lily not being so cute. But when Lola is recording Lily, she uses her own phone, not Lori's. It is possible that she did this because Lori refused.
  • Lola lies to Lori that she did not audition for anything, but then she tells another lie to Lori, saying that she will record her audition, and Lori does not notice.


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