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"A Tattler's Tale" is the forty-sixth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club, but her siblings are reluctant to let in a tattle tale.


The kids (except Lola) and their secrets' secret club.

At nighttime, the Loud kids are having a secret meeting in Lori and Leni's room, discussing their deepest, darkest secrets to each other. Lincoln explains to the viewers that each of them has secrets, and they need to let them loose somewhere, so they started a secret secrets club to tell each other, since they could always trust each other... except for a certain someone. On cue, Lola enters and says she wants to join their club, but the siblings refuse, as she has a reputation of being the family tattle tale. Lola claims she has changed, but her siblings still refuse. Angered, Lola tosses her tiara away and storms out of the room to go their mother. The moment she leaves, the siblings go back to telling secrets.

The next day, Lola proceeds to force her siblings into doing her bidding lest she reveal their secrets to their parents. She has Lincoln be her personal butler, Lucy her chauffeur, Luna into giving her the middle of the couch and Lori to scratch her head. Sometime later, Lola has forced everyone into being a part of her tea party; Lincoln is still her butler, Luna is singing her medieval songs (in a clearly frustrated voice), Luan is her jester (by telling even worse jokes), Lynn is painting her nails, Lana is her tea party partner, and Lisa is doing her homework. At the end of the day, the siblings are upset that Lola knows their secrets and is using them to blackmail them. Eventually, everyone begins to argue when they suspect someone is ratting them out. During the fight, Lincoln is flung out and lands on top of Lola's tiara. Realizing something, he tells them to stop, saying that Lola is snooping on them; she attached a microphone to her tiara and used it to learn all of their secrets from the night before. Now knowing the truth, the siblings question how they could possibly get back at her. Lincoln suggests that they try to find a secret of her own, but Lynn believes it's impossible, since she's always one step ahead. However, Lincoln assures them that everyone, including Lola, makes mistakes.

The next day, as some of the sisters cater to Lola, Lincoln uses this opportunity to snoop around Lana and Lola's room in an attempt to find any dirt on Lola, but as Lynn suspected, Lola is one step ahead of them and has left notes saying that she's not that dumb to reveal her secrets in easy-to-find locations. As Lincoln questions how Lola is one step ahead of them, he is warned that Lola approaching her room, forcing him to jump out the window, where he lands on a potted cactus (which was placed by Lola). The Louds' neighbor, Mr. Grouse, sees Lincoln wearing Lola's tiara, and sarcastically asks him if he's going to participate in a beauty pageant. This gives Lincoln the idea to go to the pageant hall and ask Lola's competitors if they know any dirt on her. Unfortunately, the competitors are too scared to tell him anything, but one of Lola's competitors, hiding in a closet, says that she knows a secret about Lola and is willing to help Lincoln due to her deep animosity towards her. She tells the secret to Lincoln, who is flabbergasted upon hearing it, as do the other sisters when he tells it to them. They confront Lola and let her know they know her secret. Lola is shocked that her siblings managed to find a secret of hers, and they all make it clear that if she ever tells their parents their secrets, they will rat hers out in return, leaving Lola at a stalemate.

The next night, as the siblings hold another secrets meeting, Luan arrives and tells them that she saw Lola entering their parents' room. Fearing she's telling them their secrets, they quickly rush down to rat her out in return. Upon arriving to the parents' bedroom, they witness Lola sadly exiting, and Rita telling her she's grounded for a month. The siblings ask her what happened, and Lola sadly tells them that she took the fall for all the things they did, and admitted that the reason why she threatened to blackmail them into doing her bidding was because she assumed it was the only way to get them to spend time with her. Now understanding she went out about it the wrong way, Lola proceeds to spend the 30 days in her room to try and come up with a way to earn their trust, making the siblings to feel bad for her.

Lola is finally in the secrets club.

As Lola lies on her bed (in a similar fashion to a jail cell), Lincoln enters and says that after he and the other sisters talked it out, she's allowed to be in the club. This causes Lola to jump off her bed in excitement. As the other sisters enter the room to initiate their meeting, Lola looks on happily, knowing that she's finally one with the group. Later, as Lincoln and the sisters leave, Lola proceeds to tell her stuffed dolls her siblings' secrets (since they are not alive, and won't be able to tell anyone), reminding the viewers that given the type of person she is, she has to spill some secrets somehow.


Lynn Sr. and Lola's rivals have no lines in this episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Title card.]
  Funeral Procession (a) - Dick Walter [Lucy's bethrothal to Edwin.]
  ? [Transition to the next morning.]
  ? [Lola appears in front of Lincoln.]
  ? ["I'd hate for dad to find out what happened to his precious disco ball!"]
  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Rondo - Allegro - Wolfgang Mozart [Lincoln as Lola's butler.]
  ? [Transition to next scene.]
  Evil Mind 6 - Dick De Benedictis [Lucy looks up from her book.]
  ? ["Because someone ruined it!"]
  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Rondo - Allegro - Wolfgang Mozart [Lucy drives Lola around.]
  The Shower - Gregor Narholz [Lola grins wickedly.]
  ? [Transition to Luna singing.]
  ? [Transition to that night.]
  Vibe Link (b) - Richard Myhill ["Guys, stop!"]
  ? ["Even Lola!"]
  ? [Luna playing cello.]
  Extreme Measures - William Brown, Mikael Sandgren [Lincoln sneaks into Lola's room.]
  Dead Drop - Christopher Lennertz [Lincoln hears Lola coming.]
  ? [Note on cactus.]
  Café Royale - Werner Tautz [at Miss Liza's.]
  The Shower - Gregor Narholz [the girls scream.]
  Sneeky - Gregor Narholz [Lindsay calls over Lincoln.]
  ? [the sisters cheer.]
  ? [the siblings leave Lola's room.]
  ? [everyone rushes to the parents' room.]
  Woe Time - Toby Knowles [Lola gets grounded.]
  Magic By Candlelight - Marian McPartland [Lola apologizing to everyone.]
  ? [Harmonica music.]
  ? ["Oh, yes yes yes yes!"]
  ? [Lola feels happy.]
  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Rondo - Allegro - Wolfgang Mozart [Lola tells the secrets to her plushies.]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Rock sting at end.]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder" and "The Complete First Season" DVDs.

International edits

  • In the Hebrew dub, Lola corrects Luna by saying that Old MacDonald had a duck, rather than a pig.


  • The way Lola made her siblings do menial things for her is similar of how the girls made Lincoln do menial things for them in "Sound of Silence", which was also started by Lola.
  • It is revealed that the neighbor's name from "Chore and Peace" and "A Novel Idea" is Mr. Grouse.
  • This episode reveals that Lola has won so many beauty pageants that her competitors fear her. In fact, one of Lola's competitors downright despises her, due to always coming in second to her. It's hinted that it is Lindsay Sweetwater, who was previously mentioned in "Making the Case".
  • The newspaper Lynn Sr. holds is call Morgan News, which references Jared Morgan, a staff member of the show.
    • Also, there are various smaller headlines that reference others members of the show's staff, including "Savino trial takes a turn", "Rynda Quarantined", "One too many Jordan defenders claim", and "Freilich finished burrito in record time".
  • In addition to spiders, it is revealed that Leni also dislikes rats.
  • Lola choosing to take the blame for all the bad things her siblings did so they do not get in trouble is similar to what Lincoln did for Lucy in "Sleuth or Consequences".
  • The hat Lincoln wears when he's snooping around is the same hat he wore in "Get the Message".
  • The scene of Luna turning her amp up to max and preparing to strum is reused from "No Guts, No Glori".
    • In addition, the scene of the power going out in town was reused from "Overnight Success".
  • The siblings' known secrets:
    • Lincoln - Smashed Lynn Sr.'s disco ball with his remote control plane.
    • Lori - Scratched the side of the van with her rhinestone purse.
    • Luna - Caused a citywide blackout by setting her amp to "super max" when jamming.
    • Lucy - Painted Rita's wedding dress black to use for her play in her dark betrothal to Edwin.
    • Lana - Chewed Lynn Sr.'s boots, and pinned the blame on Charles.
    • Lisa - Burnt the parents' bedspread with one of her experiments.
    • Lynn - Broke Rita's ironing board while practicing wrestling moves.
  • Tasks Lola forced her siblings to do:
    • Lincoln - Be her butler.
    • Lori - Scratch her head.
    • Luna - Play songs for her.
    • Luan - Tell jokes.
    • Lynn - Polish her nails.
    • Lucy - Drive her princess car.
    • Lana - Dress up and have a tea party with her.
    • Lisa - Do her homework and organize her cereal.
  • According to Instagram, Lola once stole Lincoln's diary and learned all his secrets.
  • It is shown that Lola knows how to play the harmonica.
  • In the Filipino dub, an instrumental version of the credits theme has been played along with the credits scene.
  • Lola breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode by telling the viewers that the reason why she's revealing her siblings' secrets to her dolls is because they're not alive.
  • Lola's secret, which is discovered by Lincoln and used against her, is never revealed in this episode.


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - When Lola is first seen getting pampered, the final movement from Eine kleine Nachtmusik is heard in the background.
  • Edgar Allan Poe - Lucy's first shown book is called "Edgar Allan Poetry", a pun on this 19th-century author.
  • H. P. Lovecraft - Lucy's second shown book is called "H.P. Love's Crafts", a pun on this 20th-century author.
  • Peanuts - When Lincoln lands on the cactus outside of Lola's window, the cactus' pot had zigzags on it, similar to Charlie Brown's shirt.


  • Lincoln is in his pajamas at the beginning of the episode, but the following morning, when he woke up to Lola right in front of him, he is in his underwear.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Luan is wearing her bunny slippers, but when Lola enters the room, the slippers are gone.

Lori's incorrect eyelid color.

  • During Lori's flashback of her scratching Vanzilla, her eyelids are the same color as her skin tone.
  • When Luna is getting ready to tell her story, her nightshirt has long sleeves, even though it's short sleeved.
  • Lucy claims she dyed Rita's wedding dress black for her dark betrothal to Edwin, but the dress she wore in the flashback looks nothing like Rita's wedding dress (seen in "Come Sale Away"). Also, the dress in the flashback is painted dark purple, not black.
  • As Luna discovers Lola's knowledge of the blackout, Lori looks at them. But in the following scene, she's looking at her phone again.
  • When Lincoln tells his sisters to stop fighting when he learns Lola was the true rat, Lisa's glasses are intact. But when Leni assumed that Lisa was the rat, Lisa's glasses are cracked and she appears to have a black eye.
  • Before the fight, Luna was holding her guitar, but after the fight, the guitar vanished.
  • When the siblings are leaving Lola after telling her they know her secret, Lily is walking slower than the rest. But when the camera zooms to Lola, Lily is walking as fast as the rest.

Uh Lily? You're "literally" floating in mid air.

  • When everyone is running to their parents' room, Leni is holding Lily, but when Lincoln ask why Lola is grounded for a month, Leni isn't holding Lily, in fact, Lily is floating in mid-air.

Lynn's hair texture is the same as Luna's.

  • After Luan tells the other kids that Lola might be ratting them out to their parents, the line "She wouldn't dare!", is heard in Lincoln's voice. However, if one looks close enough, it is Lucy's mouth that syncs with the dialogue.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub of the segment, one of Luan's dialogues, "Wait a second. Weren't those steel toe?", is muted.
  • When Lori facepalms after Lynn cracks a joke about her burger, her eyelashes are seen overlapping her arm.
  • When Lola is in her room playing the harmonica, we can see that her bed has no bed linen, but when Lincoln comes in and says that he and the rest of the sisters earned Lola's trust, Lola's bed linen has magically appeared.
  • In the end credits, John DiMaggio's name is misspelled as John DeMaggio.
  • When Lola says, "It's not fair! I never get included!", Lynn's hair is the same shade as Luna's, and Lisa's hair is darker than usual.
  • When the siblings leave Lola's room to go back to their respective rooms, Lana is among the siblings who are exiting the room, even though she shares Lola's room.
  • After Lola rips off her jail jumpsuit, she switches to her normal attire. Before doing so, her hands are bare and the only thing on her head is a bandana. In real life, Lola’s gloves and tiara would have been exposed the entire time, and if the latter was not true, her tiara would have been crushed.
  • Plot Hole:
    • It's strange that Lola didn't know her siblings discovered how she was overhearing them, if her microphone was on the whole time.
    • Lola couldn't have known about the secrets she knew, because she threw down her microphone after the others already discussed their secrets.
      • Though after throwing down her tiara (which had the mic), Lincoln summarized all the secrets his sisters revealed.

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