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"A Very Casagrandes Christmas" is the eleventh episode of the second season, the forty-ninth episode, and the third full-length episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne is excited for the perfect Christmas, but visits from the neighbors put her dream Nochebuena on hold.


Act I

It's Christmas Eve in Great Lakes City, and Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Arturo are excited because it's the last night of Las Posadas. In the Casagrande apartment, the family is getting ready for Las Posadas, with Carlota making papel picado decorations, Carl making a piñata (which he clearly has rigged), CJ and Carlitos decorating the tree, and Rosa, Maria and Carlos making tostadas.

Later, the Casagrandes are prepared to go Christmas caroling as part of Las Posadas. However, the moment they open the door, the Changs arrive, where they explain that Nico and Cam have ruined their dinner plans and are in need of food. Feeling sympathetic, Rosa lets them stay in their apartment, and tells Arturo to run to Hi 'n' Buy to get some more masa in order to make more tostadas. At Hi 'n' Buy, Arturo is collecting the ingredients, but must deal with the slew of customers. Back at the apartment, as Ronnie Anne impatiently waits for Arturo to come back, there's a knock at the door. However, it turns out to be Mr. Nakamura and Cory, where they explain that they were going to a Christmas sweater party, but there was a moth infestation, and Rosa allows them to join. At that moment, Arturo, after having bought the ingredients, exits the building, but Rosa immediately calls him to tell him to get more ingredients as the Nakamuras are joining them, prompting Arturo to go back into the store. When Ronnie Anne and Bobby remind Rosa of their plans to go caroling, Rosa tells her that they should just go alone, because of needing to make tostadas and not wanting to leave the guests.

Entering the living room, Ronnie Anne and Bobby attempt to get the others to join them, but then there's another knock at the door. It turns out to be the rest of their neighbors like Vito, Mrs. Kernicky, Mrs. Flores, Alexis and Maybelle, who all have had their Christmas plans ruined for specific reasons. Rosa allows them to join her family, much to Ronnie Anne and Bobby's befuddlement. At Hi 'n' Buy, Arturo, having gotten more ingredients, is prepared to buy the stuff, but Rosa sends him a text saying to get all the masa at the store. Along with the announcement that the store will be closing soon, Arturo proceeds to fight his way through the crowd to get what Rosa desires.

In the now crowded apartment, a series of events causes Carlota, Carl, CJ and Carlitos to tell Ronnie Anne and Bobby that they can't go caroling because of their decorations being ruined. When Ronnie Anne complains to Rosa that the neighbors are ruining their plans, but Rosa tells her that she needs to feel more sympathetic for them because their plans for spending the holidays were ruined. Suddenly, Ronnie Anne comes up with the idea that they fix everyone's plans, so that they can leave as well as save their Christmas plans. After Ronnie Anne and Bobby fix everyone's plans (like Sergio eating moths at Mr. Nakamura and Corey's party, giving Vito a VR chat with his son while using a ski simulator and creating a Hawaii backdrop for Alexis and Mrs. Flores, etc.), Ronnie Anne calls Arturo to tell him to come home. As Arturo tries to haul his shopping cart with a tower of masa, he hears his phone ringing and sees it's Ronnie Anne. However, before he can answer, the tower of masa ends up falling over, trapping him in the store's fountain. To make matters worse, the announcer tells the shoppers that the store is now closed and ends up locked in the building.

Act II

In the Casagrande apartment, Ronnie Anne, Bobby, CJ and Carl are waiting for Arturo to return. When Ronnie Anne discovers that Arturo is not responding to her calls and texts, she and Bobby decide to check up on him.

Exiting the building, Ronnie Anne sees that the sidewalk has frozen over and become slippery. Bobby, unable to get his footing, ends up sliding down the sidewalk. Further ahead, Becky and his brother Ricky, have finished their "snowman house of horrors", when suddenly, Bobby slips by and ends up plowing through many of the snowmen they built. After crashing into a light pole, Ronnie Anne and Bobby look over to Hi 'n' Buy across the street, and notice a silhouette in the building. They attempt to enter the store, but the doors are locked. Bobby suggests they call Par to get the access code, as he does the store's deliveries, but before they can, Becky and Ricky, angry over the destruction of their snowman house of horrors, initiate a snowball fight with the two. While Bobby distracts the two, Ronnie Anne calls up Par and successfully gets the code. When Ronnie Anne tells Bobby she got it, they quickly run into the store to avoid Becky and Ricky's attack, leaving Bobby's phone behind, and just before Becky and Ricky pummel them with a giant snowman head, which crashes onto the door. Inside the store, Ronnie Anne and Bobby pull Arturo out of the masa, and they (along with a cricket Arturo befriended named Julio) are prepared to leave, but Bobby hears a loud rumbling outside. It turns out to be a snow plow, inadvertently causing a wall of snow to trap them inside. To make matters worse, none of them have a phone to call for help (Ronnie Anne's is dead, Arturo's is dead and damaged from masa, and Bobby's is still outside).

At the Casagrande apartment, the Casagrandes get themselves ready for the talamada, where they work together to make tamales. As they work, Maria and Rosa realize that Ronnie Anne and Bobby are still gone, and Rosa senses something wrong when Ronnie Anne doesn't pick up her phone. Back at Hi 'n' Buy, Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Arturo attempt to shovel the snow out of the door, but the large amount of snow proves to be too difficult to get rid of. As Ronnie Anne and Bobby lament that their prefect Christmas Eve is ruined, Arturo consoles Ronnie Anne telling they suddenly hear something coming from the other side. Embracing each other for what's about to come, it's revealed to be the Casagrandes and all of their neighbors. They explain that Rosa told them what was happening, and offered to drop everything they did to help them out, saying that because they saved their Christmases, they would return the favor. As the neighbors prepare to head back to their festivities, Ronnie Anne, seeing how much the neighbors wanted to help out, offers to let them join in their caroling.

Moments later, the Casagrandes and all their neighbors go around town, singing a carol to all they encounter, like Mr. Hong, Bruno, Margarita, Greta the Great, Romeo, Casey, Sameer, Nikki and Alberto. Later, everyone is now celebrating in the Casagrande's apartment. As Ronnie Anne looks around to see everyone enjoying the festivities, Bobby, Maria and Arturo wish her a Merry Christmas. Suddenly, one more set of guests knocks on the door: the Louds, with Lincoln asking if they can spend the holidays with the Casagrandes because Vanzilla had broken down while they were picking up Lori from college. When Rosa reminds everyone that they need more masa, everyone exclaims "dibs not" by touching their nose, but Arturo, the last one to react, hunches over, upset that he has to go back to the store, and everyone laughs this off.


Alexis, Mr. Hong, Bruno, Margarita, Greta the Great, Romeo, Nikki, Casey, Sameer, Alberto, Lynn Sr., Rita, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily have no lines in this episode.



  • This is the last Casagrandes episode aired in 2020.
  • "Nochebuena" is a Spanish word that refers to the night of Christmas Eve.
  • This is the second Casagrandes episode to feature the entire Loud family, after "Cursed!".
    • However, only Lincoln has dialogue.
    • Although Seasons 1 and 2 of The Casagrandes presumably take place before Season 5 of The Loud House, this episode explicitly takes place during Season 5, as Lincoln mentions Lori being picked up from college.
  • Like "Cursed!", this episode has more voice actors than "The Loudest Thanksgiving" and "Schooled!" from The Loud House, which both have 21. In this case, there are 23, while "Cursed!" still holds the top record with 26.
  • The reasons why the neighbors' Christmas plans were ruined:
    • The Chang Family - Nico and Cam ruined their Christmas dinner after playing with it
    • Mr. Nakamura and Cory - A moth infestation interrupted their Christmas sweater party
    • Vito - His son had a last-minute work emergency, so they can't go skiing
    • Mrs. Kernicky - She can't swim in the lake due to it freezing over
    • Mrs. Flores and Alexis - Their flight to Hawaii was cancelled due to a tropical storm
    • Maybelle - She forgot to make plans
      • Maybelle is the only neighbor whose Christmas plans weren't spoiled, since she didn't have any. She is also the only one who doesn't live in the apartment building, but rather near it.
      • The only occupants of the apartment building who didn't come over for Christmas were Margarita, Miranda, and Georgia.
  • This episode reveals that Sergio has a Christmas stocking while Lalo uses his bowl instead.
  • Rosa is revealed to not give messages on her cell phone, due to believing grandmothers shouldn't.
  • This episode reveals that Bobby likes oranges, but prefers ice cream.
  • Arturo is revealed to frequently use smiley face and llama emojis.
  • It's revealed that Carlos and Maria have fought in the kitchen since childhood.
  • This is the highest viewed episode of Season 2.
  • Cartoon biology: The moths that ate Mr. Nakamura and Cory's sweaters are shown to be adults. In real life, only the larvae of clothes moths eat cloth.


  • Art of Fighting - The scene where Bobby kicks away the snowball barrage is similar to the Gen'ei Kyaku by the eponymous fighting game's character Robert Garcia.


  • Lincoln mentions that the Louds came to pick Lori up from college in Vanzilla, even though Lori has her own car now.


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