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Ace Savvy (real name: Spade Nifty) is a fictional superhero created by Bill Buck, and a minor character in The Loud House. He is Lincoln's favorite comic book superhero.


Lincoln next to an Ace Savvy poster.

According to Lincoln in "Sleuth or Consequences", Ace is the world's savviest crime fighter ever. He is a man of few words, and fewer emotions, that fights for justice. It seems that he has super strength, and the ability to fly, but it's currently unknown if he has any other superpowers.

He uses a playing card theme, and his main weapon is a deck of playing cards, which he uses to call his entire deck of superfriends. His deck includes his trusty sidekick called One-Eyed Jack.


Ace is first mentioned in "Changing the Baby", where Lincoln tries to make Lily a fan of him by showing her a mobile with pictures of him, and reading her one of his comic books while in bed.

He is referenced many times in "Sleuth or Consequences". Lincoln cosplayed as him, since he was going to attend a comic book convention, but he is grounded after being accused of clogging the toilet. Although he said that because he wanted to protect Lucy (who was the real culprit behind the clogged toilet) from her sisters' teasing, therefore, he couldn't assist.

Deuces Wild!

Ace and Jack on the cover page of the mini-comic "Deuces Wild!".

Ace and his deck appears in the mini-comic "Deuces Wild!". In the comic, Lincoln and Clyde get the latest issue of the superhero, but before they can read it, they must change Lily's diaper. They do it in the style of Ace, imagining that they are Ace and his sidekick One-Eyed Jack respectively, Lincoln's sisters are Ace's complete deck, and the stinky gas monster is Lily's dirty diaper.


Ace is a very muscular man, with fair skin. He has short blond hair with a lock hanging on his forehead. His costume is like a typical superhero costume: a red sleeveless shirt and shorts, a yellow belt, and a blue coat. On his chest he has a black spade with an "A" inside of it, which is his symbol. He also has one black bracelet on each wrist.

In "Deuces Wild!", he is wearing a red long sleeved shirt and pants, and instead of being black, his bracelets are gold. Also, instead of having brown hair, he has blonde hair.



  • His physical appearance and superhero costume could be inspired by the DC Comics superhero Superman.
  • He also could be inspired by the other DC Comics superhero Batman, because of the following facts:
    • Both have similar personalities, and are supported by a sidekick.
    • Ace is considered the world's savviest crime fighter, while Batman is considered the world's greatest detective.
  • He also could be inspired by the other Marvel Comics superhero Gambit, because of his act of using cards as weapons.
  • He and his team's playing card theme are based on the DC Comics supervillain team Royal Flush Gang.
  • His surname, "Savvy", is a synonym of smart or clever.
  • In "Read Aloud", it is revealed that his real name is Spade Nifty.

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