Ace Savvy on the Case is an online game based on The Loud House. It was released on on November 11, 2016.


Ace Savvy Case - Select a Case

The player helps Ace Savvy (Lincoln) and One-Eyed Jack (Clyde) solve multiple cases around Royal Woods by clicking on evidence and using it to eliminate suspects. In addition, clicking on additional items cause animations to occur, including three pets hiding in each level.


The Case of the Missing Sandwich

Someone has eaten Lincoln's sub sandwich.


Culprit: Lynn

Lynn got hungry after her Soccer game and ate Lincoln's sandwich by mistake.

The Case of the Shredded Pages

Lucy's latest poem has been torn up.


Culprit: Lucy

It turns out Lucy's new poem was so happy, she felt disappointed, and tore it up.

The Case of the Broken Bicycle

A soccer ball bounced onto and smashed a bicycle.


Culprit: Papa Wheelie

The ball hit Papa Wheelie in the face, and he hit the bike.

The Case of the Love-Lettered Locker

Ace Savvy Case - Love Letter Locker Suspects

Someone slipped a love letter into Lincoln's locker.


Culprit: Coach Pacowski

Coach Pacowski accidentally put the love letter meant for Mrs. Johnson in Lincoln's locker.

The Case of the Left Behind Tickets

Someone left two tickets back at the ticket counter at the mall.


Culprit: Lincoln

Lincoln forgot that he bought the tickets for the Ace Savvy movie he and Clyde were gonna go see.

Secret Ending

Ace Savvy Case Ending

Lincoln and Clyde attend an Ace Savvy Convention with everyone they suspected.

NOTE: This ending can only be achieved by solving the cases, finding the three pets, and making no mistakes in every level.

Connections to Show


  • If you click Pop-Pop's card, his surname is Loud.
    • This would imply that he is Lynn Sr.'s father instead of Rita's, or that Rita and Lynn Sr. both always had the same last name as each other (Lynn Sr. is shown to have had the surname Loud before he and Rita dated in "L is for Love").

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