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"Achy Breaky Art" (originally titled "The Real Art") is the second episode of the second season, and the fortieth episode of The Casagrandes.


Frida's art gets a bad review, so the kids try to stage a new auction to lift her spirits.


At Art Space Gallery, an art festival is being held, and the kids drop by to observe the art pieces Frida has on display. They run into Frida, where they hope that she'll raise a lot of money for a charity auction being held tomorrow. As the kids observe Frida's artwork, Romeo runs up to Frida to tell her that famed art critic Artemio Alcaraz of the Great Lakes City Chronicle is here and wants to meet her. Artemio arrives (running over people's feet with his Segway), and tells Frida that his reviews can make or break and artist, and gives her a sneak peek of the review he has planned for her, which include phrases like "a wonder", "a vision", and "truly breathtaking". This gives Frida and Romeo believe that Artemio likes her artwork.

The next day, Carlota and Sergio arrive, and tell the others that Artemio's review is actually a negative one. When they bring up the comments he made yesterday, they discover that what Artemio really means is the exact opposite of what he implied by commenting "I wonder how it could be so bad", "her sculptures are a vision of horror" and "her painting is breathtaking in its ability to make me feel disgust". Artemio ends his review by saying that Frida should give up being an artist. Knowing that his harsh criticisms will hurt Frida's feelings, Ronnie Anne says that they simply need to prevent Frida from seeing the review.

Throughout the day, the kids attempt to prevent Frida from seeing the review. Ronnie Anne tries to steal every newspaper she finds for a fake papier-mache project, Carlota tries to steal every electronic device in the building, Bobby has Lalo urinate on the mercado's newspaper stand (and later every newspaper in the city), and CJ, Carl and Sergio ask Frida to teach them about her interpretive dance. Later, as the kids converge in the living room, exhausted from all their efforts, Ronnie Anne assures that the important thing is that Frida didn't see the review. Suddenly, they hear Frida bawling from the other room. The kids enter the room and discover that Frida has read the review from a newspaper they failed to obtain or damage. As Frida cries her eyes out from the negative review, the kids question what to do now. Ronnie Anne says that they need to "unbreak" her, and when they question how to do that, Frida's tears, breaking through the cracks of the door, flings a flyer into Ronnie Anne's hands, showing that the art gallery's charity auction is tonight, and believes that if they can get Frida's artwork to sell, it would prove that the review doesn't matter.

At night, the art gallery's auction is being held. The kids arrive in fancy costumes, and try to pose as rich people in order to fool Artemio, one of the attendees, that Frida's artwork will sell. However, when Romeo presents Frida's art to the auctioneers, no one raises their paddles to bid. Realizing that no one is bidding, Carl and Lalo proceed to get the auction going by trying to make people raise their paddles unwillingly through various methods such as tickling them or grossing them out. The plan seems to be working, as artworks are being sold one by one, but then when Carl tricks Hector, who was sleeping, into raising his paddle, Hector wakes up and, after commenting that he doesn't need to buy an artwork if the artist lives with him, pulls on Carl's fishing wire, causing him to plummet to the ground, and make the crowd realize that he was responsible for them inexplicably raising their paddles. When Hector asks Bobby what he's doing, seeing through his disguise, Bobby accidentally falls over and causes the rest of their disguises to fall off. At that moment, Frida arrives and realizes the plan the kids had. The kids explain that they did this because they wanted to cheer her up to prevent her from quitting art. However, Frida laughs, saying that the review may have been hurtful, but she'll never give up her passion for art, saying that artists need to have thick skin. She also elaborates that all of her crying earlier was actually her channeling her pain into her new line of artworks. When she unveils them, the auctioneers love the artwork and promptly raise their paddles to buy them. Artemio, however, remains unimpressed with Frida's artwork, and Sergio, having had enough of his negativity, takes a fishing rod and flings him into a garbage can.


Maria, Rosa, Carlos, Miranda and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in the episode.


  • The premise of the episode is similar to the Loud House episode "No Laughing Matter" as a family tries to help a relative who apparently can't take criticism well by pretending to like their works. However, the end of the episode reveals that despite crying, Frida actually can take criticism. Both episodes also treat critics as wrong.
  • This is the first time Frida's full name is revealed in the series.
  • This episode reveals that Hector prefers reading the newspaper than talking to his family.
  • Cartoon physics: Frida cried so much that she flooded her room.
  • Irony:
    • Bobby and Carlota pretend to be a married couple; their voice actors are married.
    • Frida said that an artist must have a thick skin after she hysterically cried.
  • Ronnie Anne's disguise was similar to her Mr. Woodford costume.


  • Achy Breaky Art - The title of this episode is a reference to the 1992 Billy Ray Cyrus song "Achy Breaky Heart".
  • Super Mario - Carl leaping into a cloud prop and using a fishing rod from there is somewhat similar to the Fishing Lakitu species in this videogame franchise.


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