Adelaide Chang is a minor character in The Loud House and a supporting character in The Casagrandes. She is Sid Chang's younger sister.


Adelaide moved with her family to Great Lakes City.


Adelaide is a small, light-skinned girl, with brunette hair tied into pigtails with red bands, and buck teeth. She wears a sleeveless red shirt with a white collar and a yellow button on the center, along with a purple skirt, and black sneakers. Before The Casagrandes started airing, like Sid, she did not have eyelashes until the show was aired.


  • Adelaide was one of the few female characters who did not have eyelashes, along with Sid, before the animators gave both of them eyelashes in The Casagrandes.
  • She has similarities to Lana. They both have a high affection for animals (especially frogs), they both wear their hair in pigtails, and they are both six years old.
  • She has a lateral lisp, though it's not as noticeable as Lisa's.


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