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Adelaide Chang is a minor character in The Loud House and a supporting character in The Casagrandes. She is Sid Chang's younger sister.


In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", Adelaide moved with her family to Great Lakes City.

In "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes", Adelaide interrupts Sid and Ronnie Anne's dance practice, wanting Sid to play with her. Later, Sid takes Adelaide to the park and tells her that if she dug to the bottom of the sandbox she'd find a portal to Australia. Adelaide believes her and she digs very far into the sandbox.

She has her first major role in "Croaked". Sid and Ronnie Anne try to cheer her up after the loss of her pet frog. They tell her about Dia de los Muertos, but accidentally convince her that her frog will physically return from the dead. They later try to convince Adelaide that Froggy returned by using a fake. But then Adelaide assumes she can bring anyone back from the dead and tries to bring back her great-aunt, Abraham Lincoln, and someone named Mr. Woodford. Sid, Ronnie Anne, and Carlos try to keep the charade up, but Adelaide eventually finds out. She calls them liars and locks herself in her room to get away from them. Later, Rosa explains to Adelaide what Day of the Dead is really about, this made Adelaide feel better. Also, the frog Sid and Ronnie Anne used to trick Adelaide returns to her, having grown on Adelaide too. Sid convinces the pet store guy to let Adelaide keep the frog and Adelaide is happy to have a new friend.

In "How to Train Your Carl", Adelaide goes camping at the zoo with Sid, Ronnie Anne, Carl and CJ. She's the first to grow suspicious of Carl's decoy, and consistently tries to get him to respond to everything around the zoo.

In "Monster Cash", Adelaide is one of the victims of Carl's El Cucuy scam. When Carl is returning the money, she warns him not to throw the money at her.

In "Karma Chameleon", Adelaide goes on a weekend vacation with her family.

In "New Roomie", Adelaide is bothered by Vito's keeping the all up late.

In "Uptown Funk", Adelaide tries to get Carl to play with her, but when he refuses she doesn't get noticeably upset. Stanley asks her if she wanted to hang in the conductor's cabin with him, but she refuses due to having done it multiple times. When Carl suddenly grows interested in playing with her (because he wants to see the conductor's cabin) she's initially suspicious, but she happily goes along with it. Throughout the day, Adelaide plays all her favourite games with Carl; tea party, princesses, and her version of El Falcón de Fuego, putting him a little out of his comfort zone. She then has Carl pretend to be a married couple with her and takes him on the train. During the train ride she realizes Carl was just using her to get into the conductor's cabin and is very cross with Carl. She initially refuses to help Carl when he accidentally messes with the train's controls, but she eventually does help him, having been a two-time winner of the Junior GLART Award. When Stanley confronts Carl, Adelaide apologizes on Carl's behalf. In the end, Carl and Adelaide have a superhero tea party together, now really being friends.

In "Blunder Party", Adelaide and Carl crash Sid and Ronnie Anne's sleepover on the roof, and they convince Rosa to let them stay. Throughout the party they cause a bit of trouble' spoiling the scary stories, breaking the music player. When Sid and Ronnie Anne have had enough, they send her and Carl on a fake scavenger hunt, in which they get a head start, thinking everyone was participating. Adelaide and Carl have very little boundaries when collecting the scavenger hunt items, and even go as far as to jump into Par's delivery truck. When Sid and Ronnie Anne tell them that the scavenger hunt was to get rid of them, While Carl doesn't see why, she admits that they made a mess. In the end, she and Carl got the super s'more they wanted and everyone enjoys the party.

In "A Very Casagrandes Christmas", Adelaide and her family go to the Casagrandes' for help when their holiday plans get messed up. and join them for singing to their neighbours.


Adelaide is a small, light-skinned girl, with brunette hair tied into pigtails with red bands, and buck teeth. She wears a sleeveless red shirt with a white collar and a yellow button on the center, along with a purple skirt, and black sneakers. In The Loud House, she and Sid were animated without eyelashes; however, official artwork and artwork by crew members depicted them as having eyelashes. Since the debut of The Casagrandes, the two are depicted with eyelashes.


  • Adelaide was one of the few female characters who did not have eyelashes.
  • She has similarities to both Lana and Lola. Like Lana, she has a high affection for animals (especially frogs) and wears her hair in pigtails. But more like Lola, she takes part in girly activities like tea parties and Adelaide would be displeased to see something gross.
  • She has a lateral lisp, though it is not as noticeable as Lisa's.
  • She is a two-time winner of the Junior GLART Award.
  • "Karate Chops" reveals that she's good at karate and she's tougher than Carl.
  • "Uptown Funk" reveals that she has reservations about helping people who wronged her or aren't acquainted with her.
  • "Blunder Party" reveals that Adelaide has memorized many ghost stories.
  • "Zoo-mergency!" reveals that she has a closet in the Chang kitchen that she sits in to cry, which she calls her "crying cabinet".


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