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After Dark (originally titled The Man with the Plan) is the fifth installment of graphic novels featuring The Loud House published by Papercutz on November 27, 2018.

Official Description

A sleepwalking sister! Space dreams and scientific surveys! A sudden surge of songwriting inspiration! Slippery, silent worm hunting and the stealthy seeking of a warm bath! The search for a sticky ghost! There is no such thing as sweet slumber in the Loud House. Witness what kind of antics the Loud kids – Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, Lily, and Lincoln (plus best friend Clyde) can get up to in the wee hours! One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a long, long night!

An all-new, all-night adventure dreamt up by the creative team of Nickelodeon’s unstoppable, hit show!



10:55 PM: Ghost of the Town

Lucy tells Lincoln and Clyde a scary story that takes place in the Loud House.

11:00 PM: Drawing a Prank

Luan gets to work setting up pranks in the dark of night.

12:00 AM: Midnight Melody

  • Writer, Artist, Colorist: Hannah Watanabe-Rocco
  • Letterer: Ida Hem

Struck by inspiration in the middle of the night, Luna struggles with finding just the right words for a song for Sam.

1:00 AM: Goal-Oriented

  • Writer: Andrew Brooks
  • Artist, Colorist: Gabrielle Dolbey
  • Letterer: Ida Hem

Lynn tries to watch a European soccer game live without waking up the rest of the house.

1:55 AM: Ghost in the Basement

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist: Ari Castleton
  • Colorist: Gabrielle Dolbey
  • Letterer: Ida Hem

Lincoln and Clyde's search for the ghost Lucy told them about begins in the basement.

2:00 AM: The Early Birds and the Worms

Lana searches for worms to use as bait, but runs into a couple of unusual problems.

3:00 AM: Ships in the Night

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist, Colorist: Gizelle Orbino (Lisa's room), Marcus Velazquez (Dream sequence)
  • Letterer: Ida Hem

Lisa observes Lily's brainwaves while she sleeps, unaware of the "out of this world" adventure she's having in her dreams.

3:55 AM: Busted!

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist: Ari Castleton
  • Colorist: Gabrielle Dolbey
  • Letterer: Ida Hem

The search for the ghost is interrupted by an emergency false alarm thanks to Clyde.

4:00 AM: The Princess and the Plea

  • Writer: Hannah Watanabe-Rocco
  • Artist: Isaiah Kim
  • Colorist: Lauren Patterson
  • Letterer: Ida Hem

Unable to sleep, Lola asks Lori to search under her mattress for what's causing the problem.

5:00 AM: Tub Time

Lynn Sr. attempts to take a relaxing bath without anyone noticing... but a series of unforeseen circumstances may mean that he "blue" his chance.

5:55 AM: Boys in the Attic

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist: Ari Castleton
  • Colorist: Gabrielle Dolbey
  • Letterer: Ida Hem

Exhausted from their all-night search, Lincoln and Clyde check the last place in the house...

6:00 AM: Breakfast is Ready!

Morning has come and Rita is surprised to see the results of the wild night... but at least one member of the family was able to sleep well...


  • This is the first graphic novel where each of the stories are interconnected: the entire book takes place over a single night, and events from certain stories are mentioned in others.
  • The "Meet the Loud Family and Friends!" section was expanded and revised to include profiles for Fangs and Bitey, and has the Loud family and Clyde in sleepwear.
  • Lucy claims that the house was built by a settler named Gregory Garfunkel, who went to the basement to find the source of a squeak by laying sticky paper, only to get trapped in it and left to die. It is unknown if this is true or if she made it up.
  • Leni is revealed to be a sleepwalker.
  • Reasons the Louds were tired in the morning
    • Lincoln - He stayed up all night with Clyde ghost hunting.
    • Lori - Lola woke her up complaining of a lumpy bed.
    • Luna - She woke up at night to write a song.
    • Luan - She stayed up late pranking.
    • Lynn - She got up in the night to watch sports on TV.
    • Lucy - She stayed up late to tell Lincoln and Clyde a ghost story.
    • Lana - She got up at night to catch worms.
    • Lola - She woke up in the middle of the night, allegedly because her bed was lumpy.
    • Lisa - She got up at night to study Lily's brainwaves.
    • Lily - Unknown.
    • Lynn Sr. - He woke up too early and attempted to take a bath.
      • Leni and Rita were the only two Louds who got a full night's sleep.
      • Lily is the only Loud whose reason for her tiredness was unrevealed, since in her comic, Lisa did not wake her up.
  • Leni once owned a teddy bear named Mr. Winky Bear, which, as Luna points out, she hasn't played with since the age of five.
  • Sam reveals that when she can't think of a rhyme for her songs, she will write an inspirational lyric to compensate.


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