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That was a fantastic report, Lincoln. I'm giving you an A.

—"Project Loud House"

Agnes Johnson (more commonly referred to as Mrs. Johnson) is a recurring character in The Loud House. She is the teacher of Lincoln and Clyde's fifth-grade class.


Mrs. Johnson is generally nice, but she can sometimes be selfish and egotistical, as seen in the episode "The Green House", when she reveals at the end that she named the baby polar bear after herself.

In "Along Came a Sister", it's shown that she tends to spend some of her weekends in a rather unusual manner when she refers that while Frank can't be left out of his cage, she says unlike her, and chuckles slyly, meaning she has a secret wild life that her students wouldn't understand at their age.

In "Dance, Dance Resolution", she acts as the chaperone for the Sadie Hawkins Dance, and holds a raffle drawing to see who spends lunchtime in the teachers' lounge with her, showing that she enjoys her students' company outside of class. She also enjoys dancing to the music.

Her wild life is brought up again in "Study Muffin", when she breaks her leg after riding a mechanical bull. With that, she hires Ms. DiMartino to substitute for her while she recovers. Later she is flattered that Lincoln calls her beauty meant to Ms. DiMartino who later become substitute for Coach Pacowski who had his foot been accidentally ran over by Mrs. Johnson's wheelchair.

As revealed in "Frog Wild" and "What Wood Lincoln Do?", Mrs. Johnson, like Luan, tends to tell mediocre jokes.


Agnes wears a light green turtleneck sweater, a dark green skirt with a black zigzag stripe, and a gold circle belt chain. She has dark pink hair, which is wrapped into a bun styled, and held together by a pencil. She also has light blue eye shadow, but in both "Frog Wild", and "Shell Shock" she doesn't have her eye shadow.


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