This page shows all of Albert's different attires he has used throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description

Season One

S1E15A Next time I must use my glasses
"Cover Girls" Albert is first seen wearing his glasses around his neck.

Season Two

S2E02B Pop-Pop on helper chair
"The Old and the Restless" Albert is first seen wearing red trunks.
S2E02B Pop-Pop plays paintball
Albert is then dressed up in a khaki military t-shirt, with matching trousers, black boots and a red headband.
S2E02B Albert gets shot
Albert is then later dressed up in a laser tag vest.
S2E02B Video of Albert on mechanical bull
Albert is then later seen wearing a brown cowboy hat with a hole.
S2E02B Pop Pop streaking at baseball game
Albert is then later dressed up in blue boxers only.
Skatboarder Albert
Albert is then later seen wearing a gold helmet.
S2E02B Albert hanging from a tree
Albert is then dressed up lastly in white goggles and has a red and yellow parachute.
S2E15B Pop-Pop wins
"Spell It Out" Albert wears a yellow headband added to his standard outfit.

Season Three

Insta-gran Albert and Myrtle
"Insta-gran" Albert wears a long sleeve button up white shirt, with a red tie.
Lisa and Albert relaxing
"Ruthless People" Albert is seen wearing an orange Hawaiian shirt, khaki pants, and white shoes.

Season Four

Albert's Training Outfit
"Leader of the Rack" Albert wears a pink and red training outfit.
Heart Monitor
"Geriantics" He wears a heart monitor.
S4E14B He asks Lisa to turn down the thermostat
Albert wears a blue sweatshirt, blue sweatpants, and a red beanie.
Albert's blue suit
He wears an aqua blue suit with a white collar shirt, yellow shirt and a white flower.

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