This page describes all of Albert's relationships with his family and friends.



He has a good relationship with his daughter.

In "Making the Grade", Albert told Rita that he has been waiting in the train station for an hour.

His grandchildren

S3E02B A good laugh

Albert and his grandchildren share a good laugh.

Albert loves his grandchildren, and enjoys talking to them. In "Spell It Out", they all, sans Lucy, came to his shuffleboard game to cheer him on. After he won, they lift him up as the winner.

In "Cover Girls", Albert wanted to talk to all of them.

In "Insta-gran", he gets a new girlfriend who smothers his grandchildren which they dislike, however after discovering that she does not really have a family they admit to Albert that the photo fake and him why they did it.


S2E02B Lincoln hugs Albert

Lincoln hugs Albert.

Albert is quite close to Lincoln, as they have a similar physical resemblance and the same white hair. He greeted him with a hug when they met in person. They both like having fun with each other. They both tried to jump into the pool and play twister. In the past, they also played paintball in the forest. Lincoln is convinced that his grandfather, despite his age, he's still fit and fun loving and he is grateful for this.

"The Old and the Restless" focused on their relationship. First, Lincoln wanted to have a fun day, but Albert lost control and his grandson had to take him back to Sunset Canyon Retirement Home.

In "Not a Loud", Lori reveals that he watched the older sisters the day Lincoln was born.


Albert loves Luna's music. In "Cover Girls", he wanted to hear a song from her.


Albert loves Luan's comedy. In "Cover Girls", he wanted to talk with her two times.


In "Ruthless People", when Lola discovers that there is no pudding lift in the machine she begins hitting the machine Albert come to stop from hitting the machine.

Love interests


S3E02B A tear out of her eye

Albert and Myrtle hugging.

She and Pop-Pop are currently dating as of "Insta-gran".



Albert and Sue don't have a very good relationship because of the latter's controlling nature.

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