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"All the Rage" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-fifty-seventh episode of The Loud House.


Tired of getting pummeled during dodgeball, Lincoln and the gang use Clyde's untapped rage without him knowing.


It's dodgeball week for gym class, and Mr. Bolhofner is coaching the class due to Coach Keck being at a teacher's conference. This, of course, is big trouble for Lincoln, Zach, Liam, Rusty and Stella, who don't stand a chance against Girl Jordan and her team. As they play, Clyde arrives to join alongside his friends. He explains to his friends that he was watching Dessert Storm last night and got angry over the fact that his favorite contestant, Zamir, got disqualified for using a non-regulated whisk. As Clyde vents about his favorite contestant getting eliminated over a trivial reason, his friends discover that Clyde's anger has allowed him to take out everyone on Girl Jordan's team effortlessly. Once Clyde leaves to calm himself down, the gang says that as long as they can harness Clyde's anger, they can get through dodgeball week painlessly.

Before long, the gang spends the week ticking off Clyde during their dodgeball matches so they can win.

  • Tuesday: Lincoln ticks off Clyde by asking him if the dodgeball he's holding is "non-regulation"
  • Wednesday: Rusty ticks off Clyde by arriving while wearing a chef's outfit and asks if he be disqualified by playing in it
  • Thursday: Stella ticks off Clyde by making a pre-game quiche, which she got the recipe from Zamir's blog
  • Friday: Liam ticks off Clyde by asking for help in scratching his back with a whisk

Later, as the gang eats lunch, they express their relief that dodgeball week is over. As they eat, they take note that Clyde is picking up litter, remembering that litter is one of his biggest pet peeves. Later, as Lincoln heads home, Mr. Bolhofner approaches him and expresses surprise at how much his team has improved. He says that because Coach Keck is stuck at the conference, he'll be taking over gym class again, says that they're going to do more dodgeball, and reveals that on Monday, they'll be playing against the eighth graders. The next day, Lincoln relays this news to his friends, but just when they state that they still have Clyde's anger in hand, Clyde arrives and tell his friends that Zamir was let back onto Dessert Storm after the show realized that he really was using a regulated whisk and has been offered a spin-off show as well. Realizing that their motivation to tick off Clyde is now gone, Lincoln proclaims that they need to do everything they can to make him angry again.

With the game in two hours, the gang attempts to make Clyde angry thorough any possible way but end up going in a different direction than hoped. First, they attempt to tick off Clyde by having Rusty chew gum with his mouth open right in front of him, but instead of Clyde getting angry, he instead becomes sick. Second, Lincoln attempts to tick off Clyde by showing him a picture of Cliff in a Santa Claus outfit made by Leni on Halloween. Clyde is initially angry at the fact that the outfit doesn't make sense, but then Meryl arrives and alleviates Clyde's anger by saying positive things about the image. In a last-ditch effort (and with only 15 minutes left until the game), Lincoln says they need to push Clyde's biggest button yet: littering. After dumping bags of garbage on the school's blacktop, Clyde arrives and notices the garbage on the ground. Clyde becomes angry as a result, but instead of heading to the gym, he instead marches over to Principal Ramirez's office to give her a piece of his mind, claiming that she's allowing the students to litter. Knowing that Clyde will get suspended should he lash out at their school principal, they approach him just before he can enter and admit that they littered the courtyard, saying that they only wanted to make him angry so that he can use that anger to help them out during dodgeball. As a result, Clyde expresses immense disappointment in his friends, not only because they littered, but because they used him. At that moment, the gang proceed to head to the gym to play their dodgeball match and tell Clyde to sit out, saying he doesn't deserve to be pummeled.

At the gym, the gang is ready to face the eighth graders. Before the game begins, one of the eighth graders eats a candy bar and proceeds to toss the wrapper on the ground. Clyde, sitting on the bleachers, witnesses this and, getting triggered by the sight of litter, immediately comes to his friends' defense and furiously takes out the eighth graders. With all the eighth graders out, Clyde's friends thank him for saving their butts and to make it up to him, offer to clean up their litter on the blacktop. The moment they're done cleaning up, Mr. Bolhofner arrives and says that a Viking dodgeball team from Iceland he told Lincoln of earlier has sailed over to the US to play against them. Intimidated by their hulking appearances, Rusty quickly litters, hoping to set off Clyde so he can help them out again.


Mollie, Girl Jordan, Boy Jordan, Amelia, Byron, Unnamed male student and Zamir have no lines in this episode.


  • This episode reveals that the one thing that pushes Clyde's buttons the most is people littering.
    • Other things that pushes his buttons include:
      • His favorite contestants getting kicked off competition shows for trivial reasons.
      • People chewing with their mouths open.
      • Certain costumes being worn on the wrong holiday (i.e., Cliff wearing a Santa Claus outfit on Halloween).
        • This might be a callback to "Absent Minded", as in that episode, it is briefly mentioned in Clyde's journal that he once dressed up as Santa Claus for Halloween and got a lot of negative reception.
  • Taylor, one of the school bus bullies from "No Bus No Fuss", reappears in this episode as one of the eighth graders playing against the gang, having gone through a redesign.
  • Boy Jordan appears in this episode in his Season 1-3 design.
  • According to Mr. Bolhofner, he went spelunking in Iceland one time.
  • Teams against Lincoln's gang:
    • Monday - Mollie, Amelia, Girl Jordan, 2 unnamed boys
    • Tuesday - Byron, 1 unnamed girl, 3 unnamed boys
    • Wednesday - 2 girls from the Royal Woods Kangaroos, 3 unnamed boys
    • Thursday - Boy Jordan (old design), Lincoln's overweight classmate, 3 unnamed girls
    • Friday - (Not shown)
    • Monday - Taylor, 4 unnamed boys
  • By the end of the episode, the girl and dark-skinned boy from the team the gang faced on Tuesday were among the audience watching the final match.
  • This and its sister episode are currently the lowest-viewed episodes of Season 6.
  • Cartoon physics: When angry, Clyde gains superhuman strength, allowing him to destroy the gym wall.
  • Irony: Throughout the week, Lincoln and his friends used Clyde's anger to beat strong opponents. Said opponents' strength would increase gradually every week, but the gang was still able to beat them.


  • All the Rage - The title of this episode is an expression that is used to describe something that is currently popular.


  • When the other team grab the dodgeballs in the first game, Girl Jordan's laugh is used in Grey Griffin's voice instead of Catherine Taber's.
    • The same laugh can be heard when Lincoln and his friends about to play the 8th graders.
  • Liam's line "Clyde can you get this itch for me?", is said in Zach's voice.
  • After Clyde sees that Liam is holding a whisk behind his back, part of his head is shaded red before he goes into his rage.
  • When Lincoln tells his friends of their plan on making Clyde angry, he mentions that their game against the eighth graders starts in two hours. Before the scene where he and the others dump garbage onto the ground, there is a timecard saying that the episode jumped to Monday.
    • The sequence would make more sense if it began with the Monday timecard, followed by Lincoln telling his friends on their plan about making Clyde angry.
  • When Clyde becomes angry at the thought of Lincoln's allusion to a non-regulation whisk, he throws five dodgeballs in two different directions. However, when the dodgeballs hit the opposing team members, they all travel in the same direction.

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