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Not to be confused with Aloha Beach.

Aloha Comrade is a Hawaiian/Russian-fusion restaurant located in Royal Woods. It first appeared in "Job Insecurity", and it's where Lynn Sr. worked as co-chef to the head chef before finally opening his own restaurant.


The Aloha Comrade is first seen in "Job Insecurity" when the kids find Lynn Sr. working there after thinking that he was fired from his IT job. They work to find him another IT job while Lola did an angry call to Sergei. After Lynn Sr. cleared things up with his kids, they take him to the Aloha Comrade where Sergei is overwhelmed by the breakfast rush. Although Sergei wasn't up to rehiring Lynn, he changes his mind when he sees how kind the kids are to their dad. When he recognized Lola's voice, Sergei injured himself causing the children to help their father operate the restaurant. Sergei then promotes Lynn Sr. to co-chef.

In "Roadie to Nowhere", Luna briefly worked there as a waitress. She lost her temper towards Scoots when she keep demanding things from her causing Lynn Sr. to intervene.

In "Cooked!", Lincoln and Clyde used the Aloha Comrade as a location in their commercial for Lynn's Table. The host tells Lincoln that it will be an hour wait for his family.

In "Much Ado About Noshing", Lincoln mentions that somebody left the restaurant a bad review.


The exterior of the restaurant is meant to resemble a Hawaiian straw house and Saint Basil's Cathedral.


  • The title is derived from two culturally distinct terms; "Aloha" being Hawaiian and meaning "love, peace, compassion and mercy" and is frequently used as a greeting; "Comrade" refers to a fellow socialist or communist (most often associated with Soviet-era Russia, despite the word "comrade" being derived from the Spanish language).
  • This is one of the multicultural restaurants shown in the show. The others are Jean Juan's French Mex, and Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro.


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