Amanda Jane Rynda (née Spalinski) is an art director and creative director on The Loud House. She previously served as a color stylist for Gravity Falls and Steven Universe, and is also a photographer for hire. She was also the colorist, and wrote one of the comics for "There Will Be Chaos".

It is confirmed on a recent production image, posted on both her Instagram and Twitter accounts, that she could (possibly) be the new director alongside Kyle Marshall for The Loud House after Chris Savino's termination.

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  • She is married to Phil Rynda, a former creative director for Nickelodeon, former character designer/creative director for Cartoon Network, and former production designer for Disney's Gravity Falls.
    • He also appears in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time as a caricature and as a running gag in the show, known as "PHIL FACE".
  • According to a recent Instagram post, Phil is currently working at Netflix.

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