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S3E25A Hey Amy.png Hey, Amy, how'd you like to be with Turkey Jerkies?
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Not to be confused with the high school girl.

Amy is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appears in the episode "Net Gains".


Amy first appeared in "Net Gains" as a member of the Turkey Jerkies that is sponsored by Flip's Food & Fuel. When it comes to the Turkey Jerkies either training or playing in a basketball game, Amy has a tendency to be called up on her cell phone by her mother who checks in on her.


Amy is a short overweight girl with black hair that conceals her eyes. Her hair is braided with pigtails with red beads on it. She wears a red tracksuit along with her teammates with a name tag with her name on it, and white sneakers.


  • Her Polish name is Ala.
  • She is the only member in the team to appear without her eyes to show.

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