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"An Udder Mess" is the twelfth episode of the second season, and the fiftieth episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne wins two tickets to Dairyland - but has to choose between her besties Sid and Lincoln for the day!


Ronnie Anne won two tickets to Dairyland.

In the mercado, Lori and Bobby are having a laptop conversation. As they two test out a website that envisions what their potential baby would look like, Ronnie Anne arrives for a bottle of milk. After drinking the milk, Ronnie Anne discovers the cap saying that she won two tickets to Dairyland, which immediately fall out the bottle. When Bobby tells of this announcement, Lincoln, walking in on Lori's side of the conversation, overhears this and says that he has been drinking numerous bottles of milk just to find tickets, saying that it's to promote their new ride, and asks if he can have the other one, to which Ronnie Anne agrees. After hanging up, Sid unexpectedly arrives, having sensed Ronnie Anne experiencing joy, and discovers she won two tickets to Dairyland. Sid believes that because Ronnie Anne is her bestie, she'll be sharing her ticket with her. When Ronnie Anne shakily confirms this, she realizes the dilemma she put herself in.

Approaching Rosa, Ronnie Anne asks her what she would do if she had to choose between two people. Rosa states that she simply looks at the universe for clues, and brings up an example by saying she married Hector after seeing his face on a burrito. Going around town, Ronnie Anne tries to find signs from the universe on who she should take to Dairyland (like a pizza looking like Lincoln's head, or hot dog toppings looking like Sid's head), but whenever she settles on one, the other would come up, making Ronnie Anne even more nervous. Going back to the mercado, Ronnie Anne tells Bobby of her dilemma and realizes that she could simply find another winning bottle of milk. Seeing that they're sold out, Par arrives and says that the final shipment of milk arrived, and that there's only one winning bottle left. Ronnie Anne asks for all the bottles, but then a crowd arrives for the same intention. Everyone fights over the milk, and Vito successfully wins the bottle. Under the suggestion from Par, Ronnie Anne tries to convince Vito to give her the other ticket.

Arriving to the park, Ronnie Anne runs into Vito, who seems to be facing a problem of his own: Big Tony and Little Sal stole the tickets. When Ronnie Anne says she can help get them back, Vito promises that if she can get them back, she can have one. Ronnie Anne attempts to get the tickets from the two dogs, but they manage to outsmart her every time. At Bruno's hot dog cart, Bruno successfully makes a deal with Big Tony and Little Sal by getting one of the tickets after being fed hot dogs on the house. At that moment, Ronnie Anne arrives, and discovers that her opportunity has been taken away. Suddenly, Carl arrives and says that he knows exactly how to solve Ronnie Anne's dilemma.

Later, at Dairyland, Ronnie Anne sees Lincoln and Sid arrive, and offers the two her tickets. The moment they enter, Carl arrives and reveals that they get into the park by posing at Tippy, the park's mascot. Although refusing at first, Ronnie Anne decides to go with the plan. However, the moment they enter, a security guard arrives and states that "Tippy" is late for their shift, which includes having to entertain the children, effectively taking away time to be with Lincoln and Sid. After enduring multiple activities, "Tippy" is informed by a man in a pig costume that it's time for the big show. The pig costume announces to the audience, which has Lincoln and Sid, that they plan on shooting Tippy from a cannon. As Ronnie Anne and Carl are put in the cannon, Lincoln and Sid question where Ronnie Anne is, and when they proceed to call her, they hear her ringtone in the Tippy costume, making them realize Ronnie Anne is Tippy. Running onto the stage, Lincoln and Sid pull Ronnie Anne out of the costume, but when they attempt to rescue Carl, the cannon fires, and Carl, inside Tippy's bottom half, flies into a bale of hay far away. Suddenly, the security guard arrives and catches the three.

They decide to ride on the park's new ride.

As the guard escorts the three to the entrance gates to kick them out, Ronnie Anne apologizes to Lincoln and Sid for ruining their day, saying that she won two tickets, but didn't want to play favorites with them. However, Sid tells Ronnie Anne that she wouldn't mind giving her ticket to Lincoln, and Lincoln reveals that Rusty actually won a couple of tickets as well, and says that if he had known, he would've brought him along. As the three hug it out, the security guard becomes emotional, saying that he's not a real guard. He explains that he won two tickets as well, but couldn't decide between his two friends. Out of sympathy, he decides to let the kids go back to the park, where they decide to ride on the park's new ride, alongside Rusty, Vito and Bruno.

Later, when the day ends, Ronnie Anne, Sid, Lincoln, Rusty, Vito and Bruno are ready to leave, when Ronnie Anne suddenly realizes they left Carl behind. It turns out that Carl, still in the bottom half of the Tippy costume, has landed a gig as a butt that can fly, which he seems to enjoy.


Rusty has no lines in the episode.


  • This is the first Casagrandes episode to have one of Lincoln's friends in it, Rusty.
  • This is the fourth Casagrandes episode where Lincoln appears, following "The Horror-Scope", "Cursed!", and "A Very Casagrandes Christmas".
    • However this is only his second major appearance following "The Horror-Scope".
  • This is the fifth Casagrandes episode where Lori appears, following "Flee Market", "This Bird Has Flown", "Cursed!", and "A Very Casagrandes Christmas".
  • Ronnie Anne's voice is noticeably deeper in this episode.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • When Lincoln spits out his chocolate milk, it splatters all over Bobby through the video chat.
    • Vito's dogs used shovels to dig a hole and used it as a trap on Ronnie.
  • Irony:
    • Ronnie Anne was afraid that Sid and Lincoln may think she plays favorites, if she chooses one of them as companion in Dairyland, but both of them never thought that.
    • The Guard that scolded Ronnie for pretending to be Tippy to get into Dairyland for free, he himself was an imposter guard for the same reason.


  • An Udder Mess - The title of this episode is a pun of the phrase "an utter mess".


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