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"Appetite for Destruction" is the forty-sixth (forty-seventh in production order) episode of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-forty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


When Lily starts misbehaving at home, Mom and Dad think her new preschool friends might be the cause.


Lily with a bad attitude.

The Loud family is having dinner at Lynn's Table. As everyone eats their plates of spaghetti, Lynn Sr. arrives asking his family if they want more parmesan cheese, to which they agree. When Luna asks her father why he's so pushy with the cheese lately, Lynn Sr. states that his pen pal in Italy has sent him countless wheels of cheese and couldn't get over how good they taste.

As a delivery truck delivers another shipment of cheese wheels, the family suddenly hears noises coming from the kitchen. They enter and discover it's Lily, playing on one of the wheels. Rita approaches her to tell her not to play on the cheese, when Lily suddenly reacts by furiously growling at her and nearly biting her. None of the kids state that they're responsible for Lily's bad behavior (though Lynn admits that she taught Lily how to burp the alphabet).

In the middle of the night, Rita and Lynn Sr. are woken up from noises in the kitchen. When the two enter, they discover Lily struggling to pull out a wheel of cheese from the fridge. Lily says she wants a snack, but when Rita and Lynn Sr. tell her it's not that time, she attacks them to stay away. Regardless, the parents proceed to put Lily back into her crib, and at that moment, they theorize that Lily's bad behavior might because of her preschool friends, who might be a bad influence on her. Lynn Sr. suggests spying on her to see for themselves, but Rita, fearing that Lily might know, decides on a second plan.

The next day, Rita and Lynn Sr. send Leni to Royal Woods Preschool to spy on Lily. During Leni's stay, she discovers that Lily's bad behavior seemingly stems from each one of her classmates. After presenting her findings to her parents (all while Lily makes a mess in the kitchen), Rita and Lynn Sr. fear that Lily's bad behavior will last as long as her teenage years and declare that they need to find a playmate for Lily who is a good role model.

Later, Rita and Lynn Sr. begin scouting around Royal Woods trying to find a playmate for Lily. After rejecting a biter at the store and a diaper thrower at the park, the two eventually spot a toddler named Aidan who has all the mannerisms of an upper-class gentleman. Thinking he's perfect, Rita and Lynn Sr. arrange for Aidan to spend a playdate with Lily. Sometime later, Rita and Lynn Sr. introduce Aidan to Lily and leave the two alone so they can spend time together. However, after only a few minutes, the two are alarmed by loud noises from upstairs and upon checking up on the two, they discover that Lily has completely trashed the room and has started fighting with Aidan. Eventually, an injured Aidan is picked up by his parents and they quickly drive away, as well as refusing Lynn Sr.'s wheel of parmesan cheese as an apology.

As the parents pick out the sticks and dirt in the parmesan wheel, the two eventually declare that they themselves are the reason why Lily's behavior is so bad lately. Suddenly, they hear noises in the living room, and when they check it out, they discover Lily fighting with Luan over her wheel of cheese. When they witness her having a cramp, Rita realizes the true cause of Lily's bad behavior: because she has eaten so much cheese, she has become constipated. Realizing this is the case, Lynn Sr. promptly bakes up "triple-bran fiber blast" chocolate chip muffins that, once Lily digests, causes her digestive system to act up, forcing her to rush to the restroom. Upon exiting, Lily, now feeling better, returns to her sweet demeanor.

Now it's Leni who has a bad attitude.

Sometime later, as Lily has a nice calm playdate with Aidan and another classmate, Lynn Sr. tells Rita that he managed to convince Flip to take all the excess cheese off his hands (and made cheese flavored Flippees as a result). As Lily shows off a drawing of a horse she made, Leni, who is revealed to be playing alongside Lily, gets angry, as she was drawing a horse as well. Seeing her get angry, as well as her digestive system acting up while eating a cheese sandwich, the parents fear that Leni may too be constipated, prompting Lynn Sr. to run to the kitchen to make more muffins.


Unnamed Brunette Woman, Renee's sister, Renee's mother have no lines in this episode. Still Renne's sister is heard crying and Renne's mother is heard reacting on getting bitten.


  • This is the first episode to premiere in 2022.
  • The premise of the episode is similar to that of "Training Day"; in both cases, a small and (subjectively) cute character gets frustrated and causes massive destruction.
  • This, its sister episode, "Season's Cheatings"/"A Flipmas Carol", "Zach Attack"/"Flying Solo", "Camped!", and "How the Best Was Won" are the only Season 5 episodes to not premiere on a Friday.
  • This episode, along with its sister episode, premiered before Nickelodeon's airing of the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys wild card game.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as a small glop of cheese on the floor.
  • This episode reveals that Lynn Sr. has a pen pal in Italy named Furio, who is also a chef.
  • This is the first episode aside from "Schooled!" that focuses on Lily attending preschool.
    • As a callback to that episode, Leni returns to the preschool and even expresses excitement about bouncing on the trampoline.
  • Rita is implied to believe Lily is the politest of her kids, as she believes Lily is "the sweet one", and thinks her other kids are not fit to be role models to Lily.
    • Lily's siblings lash out at their mother whenever she does this, possibly referencing the house's thin walls established in "Homespun".
  • Lisa's glowing brain is shown once again in this episode.
  • Lily's classmates and their respective misdeed:
    • Audrey - making a mess by splattering paint
    • Jackson - squirting juice boxes at the other toddlers
    • Ellis - taping Dr. Shuttleworth to the wall
    • Flynn, Max, Tilly, Joey, Monti, Solley - not stated
  • This is the first penultimate episode in a season since "Snow Way Out" to not be written by Jeff Sayers.
  • Foreshadowing: The title of this episode foreshadows the revelation of Lily's bad behavior involving eating.
  • Innuendo: Rita euphemizes the term constipation as the "plumbing" being "backed up."
  • Cartoon physics: Lily lifts up an easy chair despite her size and age.
  • Irony: Although Aidan dresses nicely, he is barefoot like most toddlers in the show.


  • Appetite for Destruction - The title of this episode shares its name with Guns N' Roses' 1987 debut album.
    • It also shares the name of the song by N.W.A.


  • In the credits, Supermarket is misspelled as Superarket.
  • In the close up shot of Leni's drawing of her nightmare, her mouth isn't moving when she describes her nightmare.
  • The two preschoolers named Jackson and Ellis share the same character model.
  • After Lily is flung into the chair while trying to get cheese from Luan she has her shoes on, but when she lift the chair and threw it, she is barefoot.


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