The Loud House Aquabeads Made with Nickelodeon

Aquabeads Art is a brand of arts-and-crafts toy. Nickelodeon has had a partnership with Aquabeads since 2015.[citation needed] In November 2016, a set of Aquabeads templates based on The Loud House were advertised on the channel as part of the "Made with Nickelodeon" line.[citation needed] Reportedly, these templates will be temporarily included with the Aquabeads Ultimate Design Studio and made available on Aquabeads Art's social media accounts.[citation needed]

The designs do not come premade, and must be created with materials from the kit.

Available Designs

The below nine of the twelve main characters were made. It is unknown if Luan, Lola, or Lisa will be released/shown in the future.

Note: The example for Lucy's template on the commercials uses a peach/pink skin tone. White or gray beads can be substituted to make her actual skin color.


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