Are You Naughty or Nice? is an online quiz game based on The Loud House. It was released on on November 22, 2016. This game is based on Christmas.


As the title of the game suggests, the player is given 12 decisions to make to determine whether they are nice or naughty. The choice made will factor in which one they are. After they have made a selection, a bar will rise up on both choices. The higher the percentage on one choice, the nicer they are. Inversely, the lower the percentage on the other, the naughtier they are. After all choices have been made, the results will determine if the player is either naughty or nice.


Your favorite show is on. You...

  • Share the remote
  • Hide the remote

Where's your favorite place to play?

  • A playground
  • A haunted house

When is your bedtime?

  • 8:00 PM
  • What's a bedtime?

How do you like to surprise someone?

When your parents tell you to turn your music down you...

  • Crank it up
  • Turn it down

Where's the perfect place to play football?

  • The dining room
  • The backyard

You do experiments for...?

  • Science class
  • World domination

You've got the car, now where do you drive?

What would you carve out of wood?

  • A snake
  • A horse

You have to poop. Where do you go?

Where do you go after playing in the mud?

  • The shower
  • The sofa



You're Naughty!

You play pranks on your family, you make such a mess,
Oh, who broke the lamp? Hmmm, let me guess.
Even though you can be a such a pain in the butt,
Your family will love you no matter what.

You're Nice!

You're sweet as sugar, and share all your toys,
When bedtime is near, you don't make much noise.
When it comes to being nice, you're the start of the show,
You're always so good, (as far as we know)!



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