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Dr. Arturo Santiago (or just simply Dr. Santiago) is a minor character in The Loud House, and a supporting character in The Casagrandes. He is the father of Bobby and Ronnie Anne and the ex-husband of Maria Santiago.


In "A Tale of Two Tables", Lynn Sr. mentions that Arturo had a hernia operation.[2]

In "Friended!", Ronnie Anne explains to Sid that Arturo is separated from her mother and currently works in Peru, taking care of people there. He was only seen in a picture in this episode.

Arturo first appears in "Roll Model", face-timing with Ronnie Anne, who complains that Carl is driving her crazy by seeing her as a hero and imitating everything she does. Arturo explains that she acted the same way with Bobby when she was younger and she should see it as a compliment and enjoy it.

In "Lucha Fever", Arturo called Ronnie Anne after hearing she was sick. Ronnie Anne was only faking sick so she dumped a vase of water on her head and covered her face in rouge to make it look like she was sick. Her dad bought it but not wanting to continue the conversation with him, she hung up before he could say anything.

In "Vacation Daze", Arturo called Maria to tell her that while working at the clinic, he got a horrible rash on his hand that made it swell up. Maria promised Ronnie Anne that she would spend the entire day with her and not get distracted with anyone else so she hung up on Arturo without helping him.

In "Snack Pact", Ronnie Anne face timed Arturo, while he was testing the medicinal abilities of bat guano. Wanting Sergio out of the house, Ronnie Anne asked if he could stay with him and Arturo agreed. However, she could not get Sergio in the box to Peru.

In "Operation Dad", Arturo announced he was going to Great Lakes City for a business conference being held there and was excited to see Ronnie Anne in person again. Ronnie Anne wanted to convince Arturo to stay in Great Lakes City but didn't know how. The whole Casagrande family got ready for his arrival. Carlino adored Arturo for living in the jungle and working with animals and CJ thought he ruled. Carlota got an empty apartment room in the complex to get all decorated for Arturo to stay in. Everyone but Hector was excited about his arrival, as Hector was scowling the whole time, still upset with him for divorcing his daughter and CJ tried to make him look happy. Rosa cooked Arturo's favorite food for him, mole. Carlos was especially excited to see Arturo, having somewhat of a "guy crush" on him. When Arturo finally arrived, he had an awkward greeting with his ex-wife, Maria, who immediately left to go to the spa, as this would be Arturo's first time taking care of the kids, himself. Arturo said that he worked as an extra on an episode of Adios Ana, Adios, playing the role of a corpse. Carlos showed off his cool Peruvian manta to try and impress Arturo but Arturo said that it was women's clothing. Despite having a comfortable cozy room to sleep in, Arturo still chose to sleep in a hammock outside, being accustomed to the outdoorsy environment. Ronnie Anne had so much fun with Arturo. They ate pizza, played pinball, played soccer, got attacked by street cats, ate hot dogs, watched professional wrestling, got involved with professional wrestling, got sent to the hospital because of their involvement with professional wrestling, looked at the skyline during sunset, and played card games together. It was a pretty full day. Ronnie Anne asked Arturo to come and live in Great Lakes City but Arturo sadly told her that he couldn't. Ronnie Anne tried to convince him to come back by pretending to be a rebellious punk, who was in desperate need of fathering but Arturo saw right through her disguise. He was very mad but when he found out that Ronnie Anne was just doing this to make him come back from Peru, he decided to live in Great Lakes City because if she was willing to go through all that trouble to get him to come back, he should really just return. Ronnie Anne later found out that he couldn't lose his job because so many kids were happy that he was nursing their pets back to health, so Arturo took a taxi back to Peru but then he looked through his photo album of pictures with Ronnie Anne and changed his mind once again. He took a job at headquarters so he could still work as a veterinarian and spend time with his family and stay permanently with them.

In "Away Game", Bobby and Ronnie Anne slept over at Arturo's new apartment for the weekend and Rosa feared they were spending more time with him than with her. Arturo made pizza with, played VR with, and gave the kids tons of pillows to sleep on. When Bobby and Ronnie Anne returned, they were as happy as ever. Rosa tried to be as cool as Arturo but failed, miserably. Rosa tried to sabotage Arturo by ruining his apartment, while Arturo was away with the kids, skateboarding. When Arturo returned with the kids, he was very upset with Rosa and told her they could both share the kids.

In "Trend Game", Arturo was at the Casagrande apartment with the family. When Ronnie Anne complained that she did not know anything cool to do. Arturo said that the cool thing all the kids these days were doing was hanging out with him.

In "Miss Step", Arturo made a non-speaking cameo in the audience for Frida Puga's dance show.

In "What's Love Gato Do With It?", Arturo and Maria worked together to do medical research on Bobby's condition, where he thought he was a cat and couldn't find any information on it. As a curse that was bestowed on him by a magician, this simply did not exist in the scientific universe.

In "Dial M. for Mustard", Arturo watched Ronnie Anne do her new skateboarding trick, called "The Vertigo" and saw her crash into Bruno's hot dog cart. Arturo said that while watching her spin around didn't make him dizzy, watching her get hurt in the end worried him sick. Arturo worked as a judge for the hot dog contest and just before he declared the winner, Bruno came in with his late entry. He tried Bruno's dog dragged through the garden, and was so mesmerized by its taste, that he gave it a perfect 10/10 score and declared it the winner.

In "Bad Cluck", he comes to the Casagrande Apartment thinking the Casagrandes are eating chicken. However, Ronnie Anne tells him that they were referring to a chicken ghost and quickly takes cover behind the couch upon seeing it.

In "Teacher's Fret", he dates Mrs. Galiano his daughter's teacher and Ronnie Anne along with her friends tries to break them up. However, they break up towards the end of the episode due differences.

In "A Very Casagrandes Christmas", Rosa tells Arturo to run to Hi 'n' Buy to get some more masa in order to make more tostadas. At Hi 'n' Buy, Arturo is collecting the ingredients, but must deal with the slew of customers. After Arturo gets the ingredients, Rosa sends him a text informing him to get all the masa in the store. Along with the announcement that the store will be closing soon, Arturo proceeds to fight his way through the crowd to get what Rosa desires. After Ronnie Anne and Bobby fix everyone's plans (like Sergio eating moths at Mr. Nakamura and Corey's party, giving Vito a VR chat with his son while using a ski simulator and creating a Hawaii backdrop for Alexis and Mrs. Flores, etc.), Ronnie Anne calls Arturo to tell him to come home. As Arturo tries to haul his shopping cart with a tower of masa, he hears his phone ringing and sees it's Ronnie Anne. However, before he can answer, the tower of masa ends up falling over, trapping him in the store's fountain. To make matters worse, the announcer tells the shoppers that the store is now closed and ends up locked in the building. In the Casagrande apartment, Ronnie Anne, Bobby, CJ and Carl are waiting for Arturo to return. When Ronnie Anne discovers that Arturo is not responding to her calls and texts, she and Bobby decide to check up on him. Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Arturo attempt to shovel the snow out of the door, but the large amount of snow proves to be too difficult to get rid of. As Ronnie Anne and Bobby lament that their prefect Christmas Eve is ruined, they suddenly hear something coming from the other side. Embracing each other for what's about to come, it's revealed to be the Casagrandes and all of their neighbors. They explain that Rosa told them what was happening, and offered to drop everything they did to help them out, saying that because they saved their Christmases, they would return the favor. As the neighbors prepare to head back to their festivities, Ronnie Anne, seeing how much the neighbors wanted to help out, offers to let them join in their caroling. Moments later, the Casagrandes and all their neighbors go around town, singing a carol to all they encounter, like Mr. Hong, Bruno, Margarita, Greta the Great, Romeo, Casey, Sameer, Nikki and Alberto. Later, everyone is now celebrating in the Casagrande's apartment. As Ronnie Anne looks around to see everyone enjoying the festivities, Bobby, Maria and Arturo wish her a Merry Christmas. When the Louds arrive and request to spend Christmas at the bodega, Rosa reminds everyone that they need more masa, and everyone exclaims "dibs not" by touching their nose. Arturo, the last to react, is dismayed that he has to go back to the store, and everyone laughs it off.

In "Home Improvement", Laird uses his apartment as his own house while he is on vacation.

In "Date with Destiny", he goes with Maria in a non-romantic reunion.


He's a Mexican-American man with black shaggy hair, a mustache, and a beard. He wears a light green t-shirt, a stethoscope, blue jeans, white socks with orange horizontal stripes, and red sneakers.


Arturo is a very kind and loving father, who wholly supports his son and daughter no matter what, even if it is from a long distance away. As an animal doctor, he does a very swell job and leaves an impression on the owners of all the pets he cares for, getting letters from them every day, thanking him deeply for his heroism in saving the lives of their pets.


  • In the fourth season of The Loud House, it was revealed that Arturo used to live in Peru.[3] Nowadays, though, he lives in Great Lakes City.[4]
  • It was implied that despite being a doctor, he does not wash his hands much.[4]
  • In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", Arturo and Maria are confirmed to be split up, while "Operation Dad" further elaborates that they are indeed divorced.
    • It is unknown why he and Maria got divorced.
  • Despite the fact his voice actor, Eugenio Derbez, is Mexican, he does not also voice Arturo in the Latin American Spanish dub.
  • Some of his patients have cooked for him.[4]
  • He played a background villain who died in Adios Ana, Adios.[4]
  • He tends to send smiley-face and llama emojis over text.[5]
  • He has a soccer team which often loses.[6]
  • "Teacher's Fret" implies that Bobby got his tendency to get emotional and cry openly from Arturo, who in the same episode sobbed uncontrollably over his soccer team losing.
  • "What Goes Up" from Summer Special reveals that Arturo is afraid of heights and carnival rides and that Bobby got his scaredy-cat tendencies from him. It also reveals that he might be prone to motion sickness (since Ronnie Anne dissuades him from eating before riding a carnival ride) and that he has bad throwing aim.


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