This page describes all of Arturo Santiago's relationships with his family and friends.

His family

Ronnie Anne

CS1E07 Ronnie Anne hugging Arturo

Ronnie Anne hugging her father.

Despite her parents being divorced, Ronnie Anne cares very much about her father and still maintains a good relationship with him while he is living in Peru and stays in touch via video chats.

In "Roll Model with the Casagrandes", he calls her to inform her the clinic in Peru is up and running. After being told about her situation with Carl, he tells her that she did the same thing with Bobby when she was Carl's age. Ronnie Anne finds it hard to believe, so Arturo tells her to confirm it with her brother.

In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", after being informed by Rosa that she's sick (when really she's faking it), he calls her to check and see how she's doing.

In "Snack Pact", Ronnie Anne calls him while he's in the middle of testing the healing powers of bat dung to ask if Sergio can stay with him in Peru for a while due to him blackmailing them.

In "Operation Dad", she becomes excited by his news of visiting the city for a while and intends to make his visit so worth it, Arturo would want to move to Great Lakes City. Ronnie Anne is the first to greet him at the airport and they arrive to the apartment where everyone but Hector greets him with warm welcomes. The next day, they travel the city while taking memorable pictures together. When Ronnie Anne asks her father to consider moving in the city, Arturo explains that as much as he would like to, he made a commitment to his patients in Peru. With some inspiration from Sid, Ronnie Anne comes up with a plan to pretend to be a punk rebel throwing her life away to convince Arturo that she needs his help and to stay. He sees through her facade however, leading Ronnie Anne to admit that she doesn't want him to go back to Peru. At first, Arturo decides to stay, but when she reads through a collection of thank you letters from all of his patients, Ronnie Anne decides to let her father leave. She makes him a scrapbook so he can remember their time together. And then, after looking through the scrapbook, he finally decides to take a job at his headquarters so he can stay for a while as his co-worker fills in for him in Peru.

In "Away Game", he lets his children sleepover at his apartment for the weekend, where they make pizza for dinner and play video games he bought for their visit. It is also mentioned by Ronnie Anne that he took them go-kart racing and indoor rock climbing. Later, he takes them to the batting cages, but had to take them home early after Bobby took a baseball to the head. After Rosa was caught in his apartment, she confesses that she didn't want Ronnie Anne and Bobby to live with Arturo, but Arturo explains that the two are their happiest when at their real home, since it's where their family is.



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