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"Attention Deficit" is the thirty-first episode of the first season of The Loud House.


After his parents are too busy with his sisters, Lincoln spends more time at Clyde's house, when his dads give Lincoln more attention.


Lincoln is hard at work making a model volcano. He tries to ask his parents for assistance, but they're too preoccupied trying to help his sisters. Lincoln then tells the viewers that in a family as big as his, he can't get some assistance from his parents.

As Lincoln and Clyde head to school with their model volcanoes (with Lincoln's being messy and clumpy, while Clyde's is well detailed), Lincoln compliments on how well crafted Clyde's model volcano is. Clyde tells him that his dads assisted him in making it the entire weekend. He then suggests that Lincoln come by his house to help him, an offer he happily accepts.

After their day of school, Lincoln and Clyde head to the McBride house. The moment they enter, Clyde's dads, Howard and Harold, quickly pamper Lincoln, such as fixing a loose button on his polo, fixing the sole on his shoe, and evening out his sideburns. Later, they serve dinner, and Lincoln is amazed at the fact that they play classical music, and eat actual meat instead of foiled packages. After they're done eating, Lincoln, Clyde, Howard and Harold all relax on massaging chairs, with Lincoln telling the viewers that he's finally getting some attention.

Lincoln heads back home, but the moment he walks in Lynn bumps into him and suspiciously asks him what he's been up to. Lincoln tells her all about the excitements of hanging at Clyde's house and she wants to join him, wanting to improve her bat swings.

The next day, after Lincoln and Lynn leave the McBride residence, they arrive back home and encounter Luna who notices subtle changes on Lynn's appearance. Like Lynn yesterday, she gets suspicious about their activity and they tell Luna about their time at Clyde's. After they tell her, Luna promises to keep it a secret.

Lincoln enters Clyde's house and mentions that he can tolerate a couple sisters, when suddenly the other sisters come in one by one. Lincoln chastises Luna, believing that she spilled the beans on everyone else, but she said that she never did -- at least not technically. Through flashback, it is shown that while Luna was singing in the shower about all the attention and respect she got at Clyde's house, the other sisters eavesdropped on her and heard every word. With that, they all agreed to spend time at Clyde's house. With these turn of events, Lincoln is unable to get any attention and assistance into finishing his model volcano. When Lincoln tries to tell the sisters to quiet down, he's interrupted by his sisters who thank him for introducing them to Clyde's dads. At that moment, Lincoln realizes that all the sisters wanted was some attention but since he's unable to get some help, he heads back to his own house.

When Lincoln arrives back home, Rita and Lynn Sr. offer their assistance to Lincoln to help him with his project. At that exact moment, the other sisters arrive back home. Lori tells Mom and Dad that Clyde's dads snapped because of their antics, so the sisters are sent back home by the McBrides. Back at the McBride house, Howard and Harold are so exhausted that they're unable to behave like their normal selves for the night.

S1E16A Linc getting attention from parents

Lincoln finally gets attention from his parents.

As the sisters complain and ask for their assistance, Mom and Dad tell them to stop by saying that they want to help Lincoln first. After a few minutes (provided by a "Five Minutes Later" screen), Lincoln says that the volcano is ready and is prepared to press the button to ignite it. The moment he presses the button, the entire first floor of the house (and presumably everyone) is splattered with lava.


Flip has no lines in this episode.



  • This is the second appearance of Clyde's dads, the first being "Overnight Success", and the first episode where they play a major role in the story.
  • Much of the story takes place outside of the Loud House.
  • Lana drives Lola's princess car in this episode.
  • In the English version, Howard's cell phone ringtone is a chorus singing "Hallelujah!".
    • The Latin American version doesn't have the chorus singing, only the background music.
  • In 2017, the episode was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award in the "Outstanding Individual Episode (in a series without a regular LGBTQ character)" category.
  • This is the first episode to have the Loud parents be depicted on the title card.
  • Cliff threw a ball at Lynn Sr. without having hands.
  • This episode was skipped airing on Nickelodeon Philippines for unknown reasons.
  • The trophy case from "Making the Case" can be seen when the parents inform the sisters that they want to help out Lincoln first.
S1E16A Deleted Scene

Right before Lisa suggests the sleepover...

  • A moment where all the sisters keep asking Clyde's Dads for something and back them into a corner was removed from the final version of the episode. This could be before they send them home.
  • Irony: Lincoln came to Clyde's dads to get rid of the sisters hogging their attention, but in the end they did exactly what he wanted to avoid.


S1E16A Linc getting attention from parents

Dudley Puppy approves of this glue.

  • Attention Deficit - The title is a play on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a mental disability with symptoms such as inhibiting one's ability to pay attention or stand still.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy - The bottle of glue Lincoln used to make his model volcano is labeled "TUFF", which could possibly be a reference to the fellow Nick cartoon created by Butch Hartman.
  • Coppertone - At the beginning of the episode, Charles is seen tugging on Lily's diaper, this is a subtle reference to the Coppertone logo.


S1E16A Mom and Dad halts Loud sisters

Where's Luna?

  • After the sisters return from the McBrides, they all return, but when they try to ask their parents for attention, Luna is missing. Five minutes later, Luna is back.
  • Even though Clyde's dads claim Lincoln's sideburns are uneven, his sideburns aren't shown to be uneven, nor are they shown to be shaved a bit.
  • When Leni comes downstairs after another makeup malfunction, we see up past Rita's chin, but her face is blank.
    • The reason for that is revealed in "11 Louds a Leapin'" where it's shown that her chin is up higher than shown in the aforementioned scene.
  • Lisa calls Lola a "Salisbury steak stealer" when Lola snatches her fork, but the closed captioning misreads the line as "Her moving style is very safe here."
S1E16A Sisters overheard Luna

Did Lola get a growth spurt?

  • During the flashback where Luna sings in the shower and the rest of the girls eavesdrop, Lola looks a bit taller than she usually is.
  • Lana drives Lola's Princess Car without touching the gas pedal.
  • The sewing tools Howard used to fix Lincoln's shirt appear from nowhere in his hands.
  • In the last scene where everything is covered with fake lava, there's an open window which has lava floating in the air.
  • When Howard is telling Lincoln that he needs to help Lola with her double pageant wave, the closed captions misreads the line as "double pageant wings".
    • Possible: After she finally perfects it, she thanks Lincoln instead of Howard. She might be thanking Lincoln for knowing about Clyde's dads.
  • In the Brazilian dub, Howard's dubber, Airam Pinheiro, wasn't credited in the dub credits.
  • In the Latin American dub, Harold calls to Lincoln by his own name when he looks at his project.

Running Gags

  • Lincoln's sisters saying to him that he looks different.
  • Harold laughing after Lincoln said something about his house.
  • The Loud parents and McBride parents saying "Five minutes" or "Five more minutes".
  • The sisters getting attention from their parents and Clyde's dads.
  • Lincoln wanting attention for finishing his volcano project.
  • Howard's "hallelujah" ringtone going off whenever Lincoln gets a chance at attention.

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