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Not to be confused with Trend Game.
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"Away Game" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Abuela worries that Ronnie Anne and Bobby will want to live at their Dad's new apartment permanently.


Ronnie Anne and Bobby are prepared to have a sleepover at Arturo's place.

Ronnie Anne and Bobby are prepared to have a sleepover at Arturo's place. The moment they leave, Rosa fears that they'll have a horrible time, since she believes it's not as fun as the Casagrande apartment. Maria reassures her that they'll be fine. As Rosa begins to argue that she's still in disbelief of Ronnie Anne and Bobby like Arturo's place, it turns out that Ronnie Anne and Bobby are having the time of their lives with Arturo, as they proceed in making pizza and playing games.

The next day, Ronnie Anne and Bobby tell Rosa that they had an excellent time at Arturo's. However, instead of feeling relieved that they stayed safe, Rosa is instead more distressed, since she believes that Ronnie Anne and Bobby might want to move to Arturo's. Despite Maria's insistence to let it go, Rosa instead plans to have the apartment more fun than Arturo's.

Using Hector's help, Rosa attempts to appease to Ronnie Anne and Bobby in any way they can like doing the chores for them, making Ronnie Anne's bed into a bunk bed for her and Sid, and attempting to give them machines (only for Hector to find either a hand-me-down or a fake). Despite Rosa's generosity, Ronnie Anne and Bobby state that they made plans to spend time with Arturo for the weekend. Realizing her tricks didn't work, Rosa decides to take matters into her own hands and decides to sabotage Arturo's place.

Rosa hugging Bobby and Ronnie Anne.

Arriving to Arturo's place, Rosa gestures to Sergio to unlock the door, and once they enter, Rosa proceeds to cut off the cable, release crickets into the house and waste all of the hot water. At that moment, Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Arturo arrive back and Rosa quickly takes cover under the sofa cushions while Sergio flies out the window. Upon entering, the three take note of all the problems like the cut cable and no hot water. When Ronnie Anne says that Rosa knows how to fix problems like this, she promptly gives Rosa a call, and Rosa's ringing phone gives away her hiding spot. Rosa admits that she didn't want Ronnie Anne and Bobby to live with Arturo, but Arturo explains that the two are their happiest when at their real home, since it's where their family is.

The next day, Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Arturo are prepared for another day together. The second they leave, Arturo comes back, saying that his house has a cricket infestation, and Rosa immediately appoints Sergio to fix that.


Mr. Nakamura and Sid have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • This episode reveals that Rosa knows of a woman whose children moved in with her ex-husband due to preferring his house. However, it's unknown how much of this story is true, since Rosa got it from the woman's client's cousin's friend.
  • Cartoon physics: Rosa, a big woman, hid herself in Arturo's couch.


  • Away Game - The title of this episode is a term used to describe a sports team playing a game in the hometown of the team they're playing against.
  • PlayStation Move - The controllers that Ronnie Anne, Bobby, and Arturo are holding on the title card bear a strong resemblance to this gaming console hardware compatible with the Sony PlayStation 3.


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