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Got kicked out, Baby Steps?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Poland, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Arab world[note 1] due to the presence of Clyde's fathers, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Baby Steps" is the fourth episode of the second season and the fifty-sixth episode of The Loud House.


When Clyde thinks that his parents are having another baby, he seeks Lincoln's advice on how to be a great big brother.


Lincoln gets a call from Clyde at one o'clock in the morning with some news. After overhearing his dads having a conversation, he believes that they are going to have another baby, and asks for advice on how to be a great big brother. The next morning, Lincoln tells him the three C's on being a great big brother: Confidence, Caring, and Cookies.

With fanny packs full of snickerdoodle cookies, Lincoln begins training Clyde by showing how he cares for his younger sisters while Clyde is taking notes. Lincoln starts off with helping Lily after she injures her thumb. Next, he hears the twins arguing and enters their room. Lola wanted Lana to guard her castle, but she thought it was boring and attacked it instead. Lincoln resolves this conflict by pretending to be a troll. In the kitchen, Lincoln gets a bag of frozen peas from the freezer after hurting his eye from the twins and makes Lisa some PB&J sandwiches. He then gives Lucy rhyming words for "tomb". Feeling confident that he knows what to do, Clyde decides to fill in for Lincoln when he hears Lana and Lisa fighting upstairs. However, at the same time, Lucy tries asking advice on how he knows when he's found a soul mate, and then Lola comes to him asking to choreograph her ribbon performance. Lily then comes to him with a broken toy. Feeling overwhelmed, he throws them the whole fanny pack of cookies and tries to leave the house, only to find Lori at the front door and passes out.

Upon waking up in Lincoln's room, Clyde feels that he doesn't have confidence like Lincoln and gives up on learning to be a big brother. After Lincoln leaves the room, Clyde starts playing video games until Lisa comes in asking for him to tie her shoes. After that, she calls him a lifesaver and leaves. Lucy suddenly appears in the room and asks Clyde for words that rhyme with Lori. After giving her thousands of words, she thanks him, calls him a lifesaver and leaves. Lola then rolls in with her car and asks Clyde to show her how to buckle her seat belt. Once he gives her proper instructions and her seat belt is buckled, she also calls him a lifesaver and drives away. Lily crawls to him with a book and he reads her a story. Feeling more confident, he heads downstairs to search for Lincoln, only to catch him by staging the whole thing just to boost his confidence. Angered by this, Clyde hands him Lily and is about to leave until Lana calls out to him while stuck in a tree. At first, he believes it's also part of the act, but Lana tells him she's actually stuck and that she and her rat, Bitey are afraid of heights. Clyde then retrieves a ladder to get her down and once they are safely back down, she calls him a lifesaver and runs off.

Instead of a baby brother, Clyde got a kitten.

Lincoln finds him and tries to apologize, but Clyde reassures him that he is feeling confident enough and is going to tell his dads he is ready to be a big brother. However, later that evening during dinner, Clyde's dads tell him there's been a mix-up, and that they've adopted a new kitten from the animal shelter. The next day, when Clyde is about to be left home alone with the cats, he tells his dads he's got the three C's down, only this time the third C is cat treats.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Tirages de portraits", "Intégrale de la Saison 2", and "A Very Loud Christmas" DVDs.


  • Although this episode premiered in 2017, it was made in 2016 according to the credits.
  • Lincoln and Clyde are shown as babies on the title card. Lincoln's tooth is not chipped, implying that he had chipped it later in his life. Clyde is wearing his glasses, implying that he has needed them since he was a baby.
  • It is revealed that Lana and her rat Bitey are both afraid of heights.
  • Lucy's notebook has the initial L.L.L., meaning that her middle name may start with an "L".
  • When Clyde panics over fear of messing up Lola's ribbon dance choreography, he fears she will start holding up convenience stores, which is a callback to "Butterfly Effect" when she did it along with Lynn.
  • It is revealed that Lily knows how to say the word "cookie."
  • It’s actually not biologically possible for Clyde’s dads to have a baby given that they are a homosexual couple. He probably thought they were planning to adopt another baby.

International edits

  • The first and last parts of this episode were cut when it aired in Nickelodeon Philippines.
  • In the Italian dub of the episode, cookies are replaced with crackers, which was probably done so because they look more like crackers than cookies.
    • It was also to keep the three Cs ("Confidenza, Cura e Cracker").
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub of the episode, snickerdoodles are replaced with chocolate chips cookies.
    • This change was done because of the three Cs adaptation ("galletas con Chispas").
  • In the Dutch dub, dollars are localized as euros, despite the setting being specified as the U.S.
    • However, other episodes use dollars instead.


  • Baby Steps - The title of this episode means to make progress on something in small increments.
  • Mickey Mouse - When Lincoln opens his drawer to get his walkie-talkie, one of the toys he has resembles this cartoon character.
  • The Simpsons - Clyde's suggestions to Lucy on words that rhyme with Lori's name include "glory", "story", and "Montessori", the same words said by the Cory Hotline that rhyme with the name Cory in the episode Brother From the Same Planet.


  • With only one tooth, Lily can't bite a cookie.
  • When Lincoln says "Six year-olds can spell!" while Lana and Lola are attacking him for the cookies, Lincoln is missing his chipped tooth.
  • Lincoln made Lisa four peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped in triangles with the crusts cut off, but there are three of them.

The two girls' faces are broken. Better fire that animator soon.

  • Lola is shown with a full set of teeth, when Lincoln tried holding her back against Lana.
  • During Lana and Lola's fight, an unknown leg resembling Lucy's leg is seen popping out from the fight cloud.
    • In that same fight, Lola’s hand can be seen holding the sword that Lana had.
    • Also, when Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti were attacking Clyde for cat treats at the end of the episode, Lola's tiara is seen popping out from it despite the fact she wasn't there.
    • Clyde is seen throwing his fanny pack of cookies to Lincoln's younger sisters, but in the scene where Clyde starts to run off, the fanny pack is back on him.

There are only three sandwiches, even though Lincoln made four.

  • When Lincoln was talking for the first time with Lisa, in the fridge there were only two notes, but later when he was talking with Lucy, there were a lot of notes.
  • In the Swedish dub, Lincoln's line, "Love that enthusiasm, Night Owl, but it's 1:00 AM", is said in Lana's voice.
  • In the scene where Lincoln says "Okay, Clyde, allow me to introduce...", his tongue is missing.



  1. MBC 3 only. This episode was aired on Nickelodeon Arabia.
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