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The Loud House Back To School Supplies Guide! 📝 EXCLUSIVE Bonus Clip! Nick

Back to School Supplies Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on August 13, 2018.


The promotional video talks about The Loud Family on going back to school, but all of their supplies are in a big pile from the closet. The video talks about which supplies are best for each sibling.

  • A robot (Todd) is pulled out and is suggested to be Lisa's item, but the narrator suggests no robots in class.
  • A picture of Bobby is pulled out, and is given to Lori, which is perfect since Lori can't use her phone in class, if she ever misses Bobby, she can just look at the picture.
  • A nice blue dress is pulled out and is initially given to Leni, since she needs a new dress for the first day. However, that won't work out, since she and Lori can't wear the same dress on the same day. She is instead given a scarf.
  • A marker kit is pulled out and was initially going to Lola, since it can be used as an impromptu makeup kit, but the narrator realizes that it's not a good idea. Instead, she is given a pair of shades, since she and Lana were given hall monitor duties this year.
  • A pair of cymbals is pulled out and was meant to go to Luna, but the cymbals are too loud, even for band practice. Instead, Luna is given a pen and some paper to write letters to her crush.
  • A science kit is pulled out and is given to Lisa so she can do some cool science experiments in class, but only if she promises not to have any radioactive monsters in class.
  • Mr. Coconuts is pulled out and can't go to Luan, since he has disrupted classes before. She is instead given business cards for Funny Business Inc. to network for Funny Business and get performances at younger students birthday parties.
  • A new backpack is pulled out and seems perfect for Lincoln, since Charles ate his old one. He's also given comics to read during recess.
  • Lucy's coffin is pulled out and she definitely can't take it due to its size. Instead, she is given a notebook so she can write her poetry for English class.
  • A gym bag is pulled out, and inside is a tennis ball, a tennis racket, a soccer ball, a basketball, a baseball, a baseball mitt, and a baseball helmet. The narrator comments that listing all those items was a workout on its own, and gives the bag so Lynn, since she plays every single sport.
  • A socket wrench is pulled out and is given to Lana, since she has to repair Principal Huggins' car after the froggy fiasco last year.
  • All that's left is Lily, but she's not in school yet so she gets Fenton the Fox.

After everyone gets their supplies, an exclusive clip of the episode, "Be Stella My Heart", is shown.

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